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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1063: First Job Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis returned home and told Stella and some of his other friends what he would be doing from now on. They were rather interested in his job and asked several questions.

Sadly, there wasn’t much Gravis could say. The entire thing was basically recounted in just half an hour.

Gravis felt a bit weird. After all, he had a job now, and he was technically working right now, but no work actually arrived. He knew that there were only a couple of Cultivators with an intensity of four or higher, but it still felt weird for some reason.

So, Gravis decided to check up on the others while he waited for something to do.

Mortis was still within Opposer City. He was spending most of his time with his father and mother. After all, the two of them had to get used to Mortis first. Mortis also contacted Joyce several times, and Joyce also enjoyed talking to him.

They were slowly getting closer to each other.

Gravis felt excited for Mortis. Gravis didn’t want to see Mortis fall into another hole so dark that he would decide to kill himself again.

Gravis’ other friends were still planning on how they should create the Myriad Sect. They had the roles assigned, but they still needed to get materials, a place to stay, a plan, and many other organizational things.

Yersi was comprehending Laws while Cera was nowhere to be found.

Gravis also talked with Arc for a while via the ring Arc had given him.

Arc was enjoying himself to the fullest. He was looking at a ton of Laws and learned as much as he could about the highest world. Everything was new, and he loved every second of it.


And that was when Gravis’ first job appeared.

For a second, Gravis was surprised by the sudden appearance of an emblem in front of him, but he quickly regained his faculties.

“Work calls!”

“Have fun!” Arc answered quickly with mirth.


Gravis destroyed the emblem and teleported away.

Gravis hadn’t even been able to see the spatial tunnel before he had already left it. The teleportation was instantaneous.


Gravis arrived in the sky above a dark castle. The dark castle was several kilometers tall, seemingly piercing the sky.

Gravis immediately knew that this was a Sect just based on the color of the emblem he had received.

What color was it?

What kind of emblem would someone with zero Karmic Luck get on their first job?

What would wait for Gravis?

The emblem was actually ridiculous.

What was it?

Black Six!

The highest grade that Gravis was permitted to take on!

Black meant that a significant amount of Cultivators were in danger.

An intensity of six meant that the Cultivators both knew level seven Laws and could reach the Star God Realm at any given moment.

It was ridiculous!

Hadn’t Eve said that an intensity of six only existed in theory? Why was his first job one!?

Gravis quickly saw the two combatants. Both of them were looking at each other with hatred.

Both of these people could become Star Gods if they so chose.

Yet, surprisingly, the two people didn’t immediately attack each other.

Instead, they focused on Gravis.

They felt Gravis’ power and took a deep breath. Sure enough, Gravis felt as powerful as a Star God!

Just as they had expected, The Heaven Company had sent a Star God!

They had succeeded!

Suddenly, Gravis narrowed his eyes.


A gigantic Formation Array surrounding the dark castle activated, blocking off the space. Time was thrown into disorder as everything slowed down to a quarter of its speed. The Elements became harder to gather as nearly all the Elemental Laws were hidden behind a grey layer. One could still feel them, but it was way harder to access them.

Even more, the Formation Array only affected the castle and Gravis.

The two combatants weren’t affected.


Two Avatars appeared beside the two humans. One of them looked like a coat of human skin just floating in emptiness.

This represented the True Law of the Composition of Skin, a level seven Law.

The other Avatar looked like a continually exploding piece of white ice.

This represented the True Law of Zero’s Power, also a level seven Law. Zero was the level six Law variant of the Ice Element, and the Law of Zero’s Power was a Battle-Law that increased the power of Zero to the power of a level seven Law.

In just a second, both of the Avatars lost their shape as they transformed into Stars, and they looked identical after their transformation.

All Stars looked the same.

Both of them had become Star Gods in an instant!


Both Stars activated their Domains.

The Star of Skin attacked Gravis’ skin. Since this Law was used as a Star, its power had increased by a level. This meant that someone tried to destroy Gravis’ skin with a level eight Law!

The Avatar of Zero’s Power hid all the fire and light Laws, making it impossible to use them. At the same time, it also slowed down time even more and solidified space, making it unbreakable.

Sure enough, those two were not enemies but companions. Their powers perfectly complemented each other.

Gravis looked at the castle below him, his Spirit easily breaking through several concealment Formation Arrays.

He saw a young woman with green hair happily operating the Formation Array with a smile.

Gravis had hidden his ability to see through the Formation Arrays with his Law of Perceived Reality. She hadn’t realized that Gravis had already seen her.

She didn’t directly attack Gravis, which meant that Gravis was not authorized to kill her. She knew that, and that was why she wasn’t worried. After all, she could just say that she wanted to protect her Sect from the fight.

This was obviously a plot to kill the Judge. These two people probably waited with their breakthrough so that they could kill a Judge and earn a ton of money. After all, Judges in the Star God Realm had to be rich!

It wasn’t forbidden from attacking the Judges. After all, that would just be another battle.

As long as the Judge had a chance of winning, everything would be fine.

The green-haired woman in the dark castle was a Star God, and she could perceive Gravis’ power.

She knew that Gravis was very powerful, which was why she activated the Formation Array. As long as her two brothers attacked him together with their combined power and under the effect of the Formation Array, they should win.

The two of them didn’t say anything as they attacked Gravis with their full power.

Gravis’ very first job was a trap to kill Judges.

Sure enough, Karmic Luck strikes again.

Gravis’ time was slowed down severely.

Space was frozen, making it difficult to move.

His skin was under the attack of a level eight Law.

Any normal Star God, maybe even a level two Star God, would have probably died.

Sure enough, this scheme had been planned thoroughly.

Then, Gravis took a casual step to the side.

The eyes of the three people scheming against him nearly fell out of their heads.

What was going on!?


Well, Gravis had the Law of Freedom, which was boosted to the power of a level eight Law.

But wait, didn’t he need Mortis to boost his Laws to such a level?

Well, as soon as Gravis got his job, Gravis and Mortis found a solution.

Both of them ate a ton of God Stones. In fact, they ate 110,000 God Stones.

Then, they split apart. Gravis would get a Mortis clone, and Mortis would get a Gravis clone.

The clones of the other person would simply reside inside the Life Ring of the other one, allowing both of them to release their full power.

So, all of these restraining effects were basically useless.

If they had used the Law of Time to slow him down, it would have worked. However, they used a Formation Array, and the Law of Freedom made Gravis immune to Formation Arrays. That was why his time was only slightly impacted.

‘I want to try something,’ Gravis thought calmly.

These three people were no danger to Gravis. Because of that, Gravis decided to test something.

Gravis took out his saber, which seemingly warped as reality broke down around it.

‘It will be boring as fuck, but I need to try it at some point.’

Gravis struck forward, his slash nearly unnoticeable to the eye.

The eyes of the two people widened, but they couldn’t evade.

“I think I’ll call you Skerl,” they heard a beautiful voice.

One of the two felt shocked beyond comparison as the other one became confused.

This was his mother!

‘Well, time to wait,’ Gravis thought. ‘I wonder what will happen if I hit two people at once with Samsara. Also, I want to see if I can resist the influence of Samsara after comprehending the Law of Emotions.’

‘The danger of Samsara towards myself has always been the destruction of my personality. However, with the Law of Sentience, Samsara should no longer have any effect on me. The only negative effect should be that it takes a ton of time and is boring.’

Gravis looked at the scene playing in front of him and leaned back.

What was the effect of hitting two people at once?

Both of them would go through both lives!

Was seeing one’s own life more damaging than seeing another one’s life?

Gravis wasn’t sure, but he was about to find out.


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