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Leveling through Lust – Chapter 29: Protection Payment Bahasa Indonesia

Watching the plethora of emotions dancing across Marianne’s face as Cornelia left was amusing, though her dazed expression was understandable. After all, just a few minutes ago, she had been walked in on during a very intimate moment, the one that walked in was the one she was cheating on her girlfriend with, then a fight broke out where her famously-intimidating girlfriend had lost with her most important secrets revealed, Marianne got blamed with almost deadly consequences so threatening that she had to seek sanctuary with the intruder, then said intruder stole her virginity without a warning…

Truly, her confusion was understandable, so I decided to take it a bit slow at first. I pulled out of her. She stood dazedly until I slowly led her to the fluffy carpet soft enough to substitute for a bed -as her bed was ruined due to the water attack from earlier- and directed her to lay on her back, her deliciously plump body present for my attention. I hovered above her, an unusually gentle smile on my lips as my shaft probed her entrance once more. “Don’t worry, you’re mine from now on, and I protect what’s mine,” I whispered.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 2%]

[+200 Experience] 50% Penalty!

I watched as my words took the intended effect, which wasn’t entirely shocking. From the beginning, it was obvious that Marianne was more of a follower than a leader, with a clear role in her relationship with Cornelia. Watching her leave defeated without even daring to retaliate even when she watched Marianne’s most precious location being taken left its impact on her. Combined with the endless joy our physical relationship had provided her, it wasn’t entirely shocking that she started to latch onto me. And I had every intention of leveraging the shift in attitude.

“Tell me what you want,” I whispered into her ear with the intimacy of a lover even as my shaft pressed against her entrance, but didn’t push forward. The blush that spread across her face was utterly delicious, but she was too shy to actually push forward, so I decided to give her a taste. I pushed forward, just enough for the crown to disappear in her entrance, which made her shiver in anticipation, which was quickly replaced with disappointment. “I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what you want,” I whispered once more, following my words with a gentle kiss on her lips.

She was even more dazed when I pulled back from the kiss, her arms wrapping around my back to pull me back into the kiss. I let her succeed, restarting our slow but delicious kiss, but when she tried to push her hips forward, I was careful to pull back. I wanted her verbal admission before the next step.

She whimpered.

“Come on Marianne,” I whispered even as I caressed her hair with surprising gentleness. “We both know what you want. You just need to admit it.” She was still silent. “Your shyness is the only thing that’s between you and an endless wave of pleasure.”

My little game lasted several minutes, where I caressed, kissed, and teased her until her arousal finally reached the point of overpowering her fear and shyness. “I want you … inside me,” she murmured, her voice fading into nothingness.

“Sorry, couldn’t hear you,” I said with a wide smile, though I made sure to place a fleeting kiss on her lips to soften the impact. “Can you repeat that louder?”

This time, my words managed to awaken a reaction in Marianne. “I want you inside me, you bastard,” she growled with a shocking display of passion. Before I could do anything, her legs wrapped around my waist, and using her grip as leverage, she pushed my shaft far into her depths .

[+500 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 3%]

Amused by her sudden initiative, I was preparing to let her lead our horizontal dance, but the fire behind her eyes sputtered and died just as easily as it arrived, leaving only her shyness behind. A pity, I thought even as I pushed forward, filling her insides deeply, enough to make her yelp in shock. It was becoming exceedingly clear that Marianne was going to be a very passive lover for the near future and an overnight improvement was an impossibility, so I decided to enjoy the experience instead. I could always teach her to be more proactive in the future.

With that thought in mind, I leaned forward and captured her lips once more, but this time, the effect was much stronger because my hips were moving back and forth, filling her insides repeatedly. Seeing her enjoyment, I waited a bit for her to get used to the level of pleasure before adding my hands into the mix, and not even a few minutes later, she was shuddering under a stiff orgasm.

[+750 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 5%]

I pulled out as the orgasm hit her, because I could see that after all the shocks, exhaustion was catching up with her. Of course, I had no intention of suffering from a full mast all night. Luckily, her amazing body gave me a few options. I placed my shaft between her impressive breasts, then started moving back and forth with the full intention of enjoying her jugs.

Marianne tried to avoid my gaze, but I had no intention of allowing that. I wanted her to fully process what was going on. “Keep your eyes on me, sweetie,” I said, the order behind my words clear despite my soft tone.

“It’s … shameful,” Marianne murmured, still keeping her eyes away. I flicked one of her nipples warningly, and with a pained gasp, her eyes met mine instantly.

“Really, you think that this is more shameful than the time I took your anal virginity during a massage, or what happened mere minutes ago?” I said as I picked up speed, enjoying her growing blush and shock as much as I enjoyed the way her hefty bosom wrapped around my shaft, giving me an entirely new pleasure, especially when I managed to modify a simple water spell into a lubricant, leveraging my new elemental abilities to a maximum.

“Um, no,” she murmured resignedly, her blush thickening to the point of drowning her, but underneath, her joy and desire were clear. Despite what was on the surface, she was one kinky woman.

“Good,” I murmured as I picked up speed, not resisting the rise of pleasure. Soon, I was ready to explode. “Open your mouth, and try not to spill any!” I said.

“Why?” she murmured, but she suddenly understood my aim when the crown pressed against her lips. “No-” she tried to say, but I just used it as an opportunity to slide into her mouth, and as a nice bonus, preventing her argument.

“Don’t forget to swallow it all,” I said even as I started filling her mouth with my seed, watching an expression of outrage spread on her face. It was amusing to see her anger triggered, even though it didn’t survive when I glanced at her with an amusement that was backed with the full might of my charisma. Her outrage evaporated in a second, leaving an obedient toy doing her best to gather my seed in her mouth -and failing rather spectacularly. And since she was failing, I pulled back and used the rest of the burst to cover her breasts. In a sense, it was yet another sign of my ownership.

[+500 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 6%]

“I’m sorry,” she murmured cutely, so much so that a chuckle escaped my lips despite my best efforts to look stern. The sight of a noble lady, her lips stained with my cum, apologizing for failing to swallow all of it was just too much. It was shocking just how far I came in just a few days.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said as I laid down next to her on the floor, enjoying the comfort of the fluffy carpet. It was much better than my bed! Luckily, after today, I had a better bed to sleep in. I gently pulled her to my chest, allowing her to listen to my heartbeat while I caressed her shoulder. And it wasn’t just to strengthen my hold over her. I actually enjoyed sharing the moment of intimacy with her.

Soon, Marianne’s breathing slowed down, her eyelids getting too heavy for her to keep them open. Soon, she was sleeping against my chest. I could have left her there, but I didn’t have anything else to do until morning, and her sexy bosom was definitely the superior blanket. With that, I closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep…


[+250 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 8%]

It was the notification that forced me out of my comfortable sleep, though it didn’t take long to notice the reason. I could feel the surprising -and very welcome- sensation of a pair of lips wrapped around my shaft, moving in a determined -and a bit mechanical- pace. The identity of my morning wake up service provider was obvious, but even then, I was still surprised to see Marianne leaning forward between my legs, her dark blonde hair sprawled forward to block the view of her face. A rare display of initiative from her, and an extremely welcome one.

She was too focused on her task to pay attention to me, and I was sufficiently entertained by her courage, so I let it continue. Her lips danced up and down over my shaft, determined to push me into a climax. To reward her initiative -and sate my curiosity about just how far she would push without any external source- I decided to continue acting like I was asleep, and I even decided not to fight the sensation when it was time to explode.

The next few minutes passed while her head danced up and down, focusing exclusively on the upper side, lacking the experience or courage to take it deeper into her throat. She still had too much to learn. She occasionally licked the side or wrapped her tongue around my girth, showing an instinct for experimentation that she hadn’t displayed during our previous encounters. Maybe thinking that she was lacking observers allowed her to act free from her supposed role, or maybe last night’s activities finally managed to break through her shell.

Regardless of the reason, I was happy with the service I was receiving, so I continued to feign sleep whenever she raised her head letting her work in comfortably. A simple illusion spell showed my eyelids as closed, allowing me to watch her every move, even when she turned to face me. And it proved useful when she decided to have a change of pace and brought her impressive tits into the deal, their warm caress enveloping the bottom of my shaft, while her lips still continued to work on the top.

Minutes passed while she worked without breaking her determination, until she got her reward, my seed started to fill her mouth. Once again, she failed to swallow it all, the rest spilling on her breasts, creating a rather interesting view in the process.

[+500 Experience] 50% Penalty!

I started clapping softly, and she jerked back, her stained lips stiffening in shock. Shame invaded her face soon after. “Come on, sweetie, you don’t have anything to be ashamed of, it was an amazing show,” I said as I righted myself, and presented my hand to her.

“It was?” she murmured, once again struggling to process the sudden change of her circumstances.

Instead of just nodding, I leaned forward to gently kiss her cheek before murmuring another compliment. Only then, I stood up, displaying my naked glory to her eyes, which she watched fascinatingly. Admittedly, it was a nice view. “I need to leave, as I have a full schedule of tasks to complete today,” I said, watching her expression suddenly fall. “But I have just enough time for a shower,” I added as I presented my hand to her, which she grabbed immediately with a giggle. I gently pulled her up before starting to walk toward the bathroom, still holding her hand. She stayed close enough that our bodies were rubbing together every step we took. I was glad for the unforced familiarity she was displaying, though it reinforced the fact that the companion process was a result of the increased intimacy.

I held the bathroom door open, gesturing for her to step inside in an exaggerated manner, like I was a guard greeting a princess to a high-class ball. “Please go ahead, princess,” I said, replicating the mannerism of an ideal guard perfectly. Subterfuge had surprisingly many fun applications as well. She giggled cutely, which was replaced by a needy moan when I used the opportunity to change mannerism and slapped her bottom suggestively. “A traitor in my palace lusting after my virtue!” she gasped in similarly exaggerated acting, though much less realistic, and dashed forward.

“Your fate is inevitable, princess,” I answered, following her. I caught her just in front of the tub, which, unfortunately, was still empty. Luckily, my mana was already full from the amazing rest I had, and I was looking for an opportunity to test my extended elemental capabilities. I waved my hand, and a huge wave of water was pulled from the reservoir, its cost barely in the double digits. A flash of fire natured mana ensured the water was sufficiently warm, and I stepped into the water. “Since you have been captured by the rebels, it’s your role to serve me in my bath,” I said as I turned my back to her.

“As my new lord commands,” she answered, but unlike the last time, her acting was much more sincere.

[+100 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 12%]

Apparently, it managed to trigger a real sentiment from her. And the system approved. A surprising but very welcome development. I closed my eyes, enjoying the way her hands caressed my body with surprising gentleness. She managed to learn some tricks after all the massages she had received. I kept my eyes closed as her soapy hands danced over my back, removing knots and dirt in an equal manner. After finishing my back, she started washing my hair, her service already surpassing the little roleplay we had, and moving into a servant’s role.

[+200 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 14%]

I said nothing, happy with the development. Who would have turned down a willing high-born maid, especially one so sexy? “It’s done, my lord,” she murmured obediently after finishing my back.

“Good, now, come wash my front,” I said. She tried to reach in from the outside, but I gestured for her to step into the water with me. She was rather excited as she stepped in the water, barely able to maintain her fake demure expression under the rush of excitement. She tried to stay away, but I grabbed her hips and pulled her down, skewering her deeply, earning a gasp in return. She continued to wash my front while her hips twisted on my lap, filling my heart with desire.

She took her time washing my front, an enjoyable feeling from my end as well. Therefore, it was understandable that all too late I realized I was about to be late for my meeting. I could have still caught them if I stopped at that moment and rushed to the meeting spot, but that was an impossible decision to make when I was buried deep in Marianne, and enjoying her treatment. Additionally, leaving her like that would have been a thoughtless move.

However, I didn’t have time to waste. “I’m about to be late for my meeting,” I informed her.

“Okay,” she murmured, but her expression fell immediately. That expression survived only for a moment, because the next one, after I wrapped my arms around her waist and stood up, keeping her impaled on my shaft. It was surprisingly difficult to balance myself in a slippery tub with a flailing girl on my lap, but agility was useful in many situations other than direct combat. I stepped out and walked toward the towels, each step pushing my shaft deeper into her. A little biomancy trick to enhance her pleasure, and when I arrived next to towels, she was already shuddering under a wave of orgasm, giving me the perfect opportunity to leave her without being too late.

[+500 Experience] 50% Penalty!

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 15%]

Of course, when she pressed her hands against the walls to balance herself on her trembling legs, her plump bottom was facing toward me, hitting me with a fresh temptation. Another biomancy trick made sure that her backdoor was lubricated and cleaned. A push later, I was in her tight grip, waves of pleasure filling both of us. “Gaius!” she moaned, not bothering to keep her voice down.

A slap making her skin ripple was her answer. And she must have liked the answer, because she replied with an even louder moan, enough to suppress the deafening sound of flesh hitting flesh. She was squeezed between the wall and my merciless assault, moaning louder with each push, helpless to resist against my merciless assault. The situation lasted several minutes longer than I had been planning for, but once gripped by Marianne’s tight hold, I found it hard to leave just because Aviada and Helga might be annoyed a bit. They were big girls, they could handle waiting a few minutes without a major crisis.

The cry that escaped from her lips mixed with my grunt as I released myself into her, triggering another climax from her as well, which fortunately triggered another power-up from my end, which had been a nice surprise. I had just leveled up last night, and since I had been too busy I hadn’t tracked the experience benefits of stealing Marianne in front of Cornelia.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 16%]

[+750 Experience] 50% Penalty!

Level UP!

[Select one of the following skills: Expert Biomancy, Advanced Elemental, Basic Meditation]

Biomancy was tempting, but I was going for an expedition, and additional magical damage wouldn’t have been amiss. And the pure damage potential of elemental was simply leagues above both biomancy and arcana, especially considering the area-effect abilities.

With the skill selection complete, I carried Marianne to her bed in a bridal hold, gently tucking her into bed. She had just woken up, but the chain orgasms she suffered worked quite well to exhaust her despite that. I placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 18%]

A three-point increase for a gentle kiss was a nice surprise, I decided as I quickly dressed. I still needed to meet with Aviada and Helga, after all…

[Level: 15 Experience: 105050 / 120000

Strength: 17 Charisma: 24

Precision: 12 Perception: 13

Agility: 14 Manipulation: 17

Speed: 12 Intelligence: 16

Endurance: 13 Wisdom: 18

HP: 1020 / 1020 Mana: 1264 / 1320 ]


Master Melee [68/100]

Expert Arcana [75/75]

Advanced Subterfuge [50/50]

Advanced Biomancy [50/50]

Advanced Elemental [25/50]

Basic Speech [25/25]


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