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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 18: Hyuga Chiryo, Dinner Invitation Bahasa Indonesia

In the classroom, because of her father’s death, Hyuga Chiryo sat alone in her seat, looking depressed. There were several male classmates gathered at one side, playing boisterously, who would often peek at Chiryo.

These boys’ puppy love was secretive but obvious. In these students’ impressions, Chiryo was gentle and delicate, a temperament that stimulated the young boys’ protective desire.

Although she was sitting on her desk, feeling at a loss, her eyes often glanced towards the classroom door.

“I heard Tonan-kun’s parents also died on the battlefield. He is an orphan like me. We are the same…”


Two boys who were making a ruckus fell on the ground, one holding the other down.

“Do you give up or not?”


“Give up or not?”

“Chiryo, Asuma said he likes you.”

“I… no… I didn’t… I…”

Asuma immediately got up and looked at Chiryo, not knowing what to do. She gave him one glance and buried her head in her arms.

“She is shy… does she like me too?”

Asuma stood there in a daze, letting his imagination run wild.

“When our son grows up and awakens the Byakugan, should he belong to the Sarutobi clan or Hyuga?”

Just at this time, Tonan and Mina walked in, side by side. A sudden hush spread across the classroom, and after a short pause, erupted into roars. The boys were hooting as if the two had just gotten married.

Mina had no intention to refute. She just shyly lowered her head. This gave everyone, even the ones who were teasing casually, the impression that the two genuinely had an affair.

Tonan smiled warmly, neither admitting nor denying as well, and greeted everyone, “Good morning, everyone.”

Amid the hullabaloo, only Chiryo stared fixedly at the duo. Her hands clenched tightly, and she was screaming in her heart.

“No, Tonan-kun and I are the same. He can only be mine. He hasn’t admitted to anything, he doesn’t have any feelings for Mina. And Mina you, if you dare to rob my Tonan-kun…”

Ferociousness flashed in her eyes, and it just happened to be caught by Asuma, who had been staring at her.

“Chiryo, what’s wrong?” he asked with concern.

“Could it be that you don’t agree with our son belonging to the Sarutobi clan?”

The morning passed by quickly. In almost every break, Mina took the initiative to come over and chat with Tonan. Sitting at the back, Chiryo stared at them every time. It was as though someone was taking something that belonged with her.

Only in the break before the last afternoon class, Mina did not come over. Tonan was not interested in playing with his classmates. He would rather sit on his seat and study theory lessons of the higher grades.

Suddenly, a figure appeared beside him. Holding a book in her hands, Chiryo was nervously looking at Tonan, and said, “Tonan-kun, I didn’t understand what sensei taught in the previous class. Will you explain it to me, please?”

“Classmates are supposed to help each other. Come, sit down.” Tonan smiled and patted the seat beside him.

Chiryo nodded and took the place. Tonan slightly leaned over and helped her open the book. She could smell the faint soap scent coming from his shirt and her mind instantly buzzed.

“In the previous class, sensei talked about placement methods for explosive tags and how to activate them remotely. Tell me what part you didn’t understand?” Tonan’s gentle voice pulled her back to reality.

But she was completely distracted just now and had not heard a word of what he said. She stammered, “I… I…”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Don’t you understand any of it?” Tonan leaned closer, pointing at the book’s content, and said, “It doesn’t matter. I will tell you from the beginning. If you don’t understand, I can repeat it. Don’t worry about me. Just tell me if something is confusing.”

“Mmm,” Chiryo murmured an assent, her face red like a ripe persimmon.

“The essence of explosive tags… the effect of moisture on explosive tags…”

Behind those two, Mina watched this scene with anger, secretly clenching her fists.

“Despicable! This bitch pretends to be weak and delicate usually, but now, she dares to seduce Tonan-kun. He is pure-hearted. But if I create a fuss now, he will think I’m causing trouble. I have to stay calm. He doesn’t like violent and haughty girls. I almost fell into this bitch’s plot.”

After a while, the class bell rang.

Tonan turned his head slightly and said to Chiryo, “The last class is starting soon. I can only teach you tomorrow now.”

Chiryo looked at Tonan’s star-like bright eyes. Half-infatuated and half-intoxicated, she said, “Thank you, may I treat you to a meal to show my gratitude?”

Tonan paused, and said with a bright smile, “But I’m going to Kakashi’s house to train with him after school. I might be a little late for dinner.”

“No problem, I will wait for you.”

“Fine then, but even without this, you don’t need to feel you owe me anything.”

“I just want to thank you. What does Tonan-kun want to eat?”

“I eat everything. Why don’t we eat ramen? It’s economical and delicious.”

“Alright,” Chiryo nodded, took her books, and got up to leave.

Just as she turned around, she saw Mina standing behind. Mina had no expressions on her face but her gaze was one that only women could understand. Chiryo understood it instantly. Mina was warning her.

With Tonan present here, both of them had to keep their calm. But that did not stop them from silently clashing with their eyes.

Mina returned to her seat. She had heard Chiryo’s dinner invitation, and couldn’t wait to teach her a profound lesson.

After school, Mina wanted to ask Tonan to return home together but Kakashi destroyed her plans.

“Are you coming with me, or…” Kakashi gestured lazily with his head. Although he had not paid attention to what happened today, he had still observed a few things.

Kakashi felt Tonan was being amicable with his classmates. Those girls were pestering him on their own accord. Because he had his share of similar experience, which annoyed him very much, he felt Tonan should be in the same situation.

Therefore, the question was just rhetorical.

“Of course, I’ll come to your house to practice. Where else could I go?” Tonan pretended to be puzzled as he asked.

Kakashi nodded hearing this, and the two of them left the classroom, side by side.


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