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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 125: Meet Plot With Plot, Tricking Cloud Ninjas Bahasa Indonesia

Even though ‘A’ abducted two Leaf ninjas masquerading as their former classmate, Uchiha Tonan, who knew the route they were on, didn’t choose to stop them. Instead, he headed toward their destination.

The spy who stole the classified information couldn’t be ‘A’ and now that he knew the route, he should prioritize retrieving the information.

As for Uchiha Obito and Nohara Rin, since ‘A’ didn’t take action against them, they should be safe for the time being.

The next day, Tonan stood on the coast. The morning glow appeared in the east, and in a moment, the sky became a colorful, exceptionally beautiful world. The rosy clouds shone with a golden luster, resembling a huge carp covered in shiny scales lying across the horizon.

The waves on the sea were like a mighty force, baring their fierce teeth and roaring as if they were chasing something relentlessly.

Tonan had realized a problem at hand.

‘A’’s sense of direction was a bit poor. Judging from the straight line, the destination should have been here. But after using the white pigeons and Sharingan to observe for a long time, Tonan found no one within dozens of miles on this coast.

Helplessly, he could only spread the white pigeons and simultaneously activate the Sharingan to search along the coast.

It was already noon by the time he found a group of ninjas in a gulf. The distance was a bit outrageous. But this was exactly what he wanted. He smiled and disappeared into the forest. Making hand signs, he used the Reconstruction Technique.

Tonan’s body seemed to melt like a burning candle, and under the support of chakra, his figure gradually rose. His limbs became longer, and his facial features underwent a huge change. The original exquisite muscles began to bulge violently, and the clothes on his upper body burst open.

At the critical moment, Tonan took a kunai to cut his pants into strips, avoiding the embarrassment if they tore open. His hair gradually whitened, turning into sliver strands. His stature gradually became huger, and his skin became wheat-colored. He had long lost his appearance.

He took out the makeup items from his ninja bag and began to work in front of a mirror.

Darkened the skin a shade more…

Waxed the hair and swept it back.

Trimmed the beard.

Soon, a high quality imitation of ‘A’ appeared in the mirror. Tonan carefully checked at the reflection and after confirming there were no major flaws in his appearance, a crafty smile played on his lips.

As double measure and in order to avoid any oversight, he grabbed some dust from the ground and sprinkled it all over his body. He covered himself as much as possible to make himself look like a person who had fought for three days and three nights.

After doing all this, he packed up and walked to the opposite side of the gulf. Arriving not far from the cave, he slightly squatted down and with lightning flickering around his entire body, he jumped towards the cave at the gulf.

Mid-air, he attached earth-attributed chakra to his feet to increase gravity and resistance. In the cave, everyone saw a man covered in lightning in the sky at a glance.

“Look, ‘A’-sama is back!”

“Fortunately, he is fine.”

“I was worried to death.”


Tonan heavily landed on the beach, giving rise to dust and sand in the air. His entire body was covered in dust, but with lightning flickering around him, he looked very domineering.

A group of Cloud ninjas ran out from the cave and stood around him…

“‘A’-sama, you’re finally back.”

“We’ve already got the information. Let’s leave now.”

“Yes, yes, yes, it’ll be troublesome if we got tangled with Leaf ninjas.”

Tonan looked at this group of people and coughed, giving a fatigued look. Then he swayed a few times and fell to one knee on the ground.

“‘A’-sama, what’s wrong?” Several Cloud ninjas hastily supported him and asked with worried and anxious looks on their faces.

In their hearts, ‘A’ was an existence that could briefly confront a tailed beast. They had never seen him so weak, and for a moment, everyone was a little flustered. Tonan placed his hand on the ground for support and gasped, “I’m fine. On the way, I fought with a Konoha genius called Uchiha Tonan, and got slightly injured.”

Everyone looked confused

“Uchiha Tonan?”

“I’ve never heard of him. Is he a new genius that appeared after the Second Great Ninja War?”

“How’s that possible? A new genius can’t be much older, how can he be ‘A’-sama’s opponent? He definitely must be Konoha’s secret weapon.”

“Perhaps, it’s the Nine-Tail’s jinchuriki.”

“Isn’t Nine-Tail’s jinchuriki from the Uzumaki clan. When did it become an Uchiha? Has Konoha already changed the jinchuriki…”

“I heard something about him when I was in Konoha. He seems to be Sandaime Hokage’s new student. And Konoha’s White Fang died by his hands.”

Immediately after these words came out, everyone gasped.

“He killed Konoha’s White Fang… no wonder.”

“I haven’t finished speaking yet. Uchiha Tonan is not too old, it’s just that…”

Tonan didn’t come here to listen to them discussing his achievements. He immediately interrupted their conversation and solemnly said, “Stop speculating. He’s indeed strong and his lightning-style ninjutsu is almost comparable to mine. It seems that old man, Sarutobi Hiruzen, stole Kumo’s lightning-style secret technique and passed it to him. By the way, what about the things you brought from Konoha?”

The Cloud spy ninja who escaped successfully handed the scroll to Tonan and said respectfully, “Here it is, ‘A’-sama.”

Tonan took the scroll and nodded with a look of praise. “Good, you did well. But I need to take a break now. Also, you all shouldn’t fawn on that Uchiha Tonan. When he arrives here, stall him for time. After I finish restoring my energy, I’ll kill him with my own hands.”

One of the Cloud ninjas asked with a worried look, “Is Uchiha Tonan already chasing over?”

How could they deal with such a powerful person? The atmosphere turned solemn for a moment. Tonan stood up with difficulty and coughed, “Although I’ve shaken them off, I’ve also revealed the general direction. I guess they’ll search along the coastline and find us. But he has a weakness. He attaches great importance to his companions. There are two genin in his team. It would be best if you capture them first. Remember, they must be captured alive to threaten him.”

Seeing ‘A’-sama, who was always reckless, forced to the point where he had to use his brain, the Cloud ninjas team captain could see how terrifying the opponent was. He said with a solemn look, “‘A’-sama, you can rest assured. We’ll stop them, and get enough time for you to recover. You should go in and rest now.”


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