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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 114: Fooling With Voice Mimicry, Konoha Intervenes Bahasa Indonesia

After everyone left, the Great Elder took a deep breath and said to Uchiha Tonan, “Tonan, Fugaku and I will continue to investigate this incident. Take Shisui back with you. I entrust you to take care of him tonight.”

Tonan nodded and picked up the sobbing Shisui. He patted his back, “Shisui, let’s go home.”

After a while, the ancestral hall was still brightly lit by candles. Fugaku lightly said, “Great Elder, they are very emotional now. Don’t worry about it too much.”

The Great Elder felt a headache. He waved his hand, “I understand, but the most important thing now is to find the murderer.” After speaking, he frowned as if he was thinking about something.

Tonan walked out of the ancestral hall carrying Shisui in his arms and looked at the parents carrying their children’s corpses in the front. Almost all mothers were crying while holding their children and their husbands were consoling them.

Perhaps, because of the sad atmosphere, Shisui also began to cry. Tonan patted his back with a distressed look and said, “Shisui, don’t be sad. It’ll be over after you sleep.”

Shisui laid his head on Tonan’s shoulder as he cried, “They’re all dead…”

How could a little child bear such grief? Tonan sighed deeply and hugged Shisui, “It’s alright, look into my eyes.”

He then used the hypnotic eye. “Sleep, you will be fine after a good night’s sleep.”

Shisui looked at three tomoe in Tonan’s eyes and gradually stopped crying and slowly fell asleep. Seeing he was asleep, Tonan carried him in his arms again.

After passing the intersection, Tonan’s lips moved. He began to use the voice transmission effect of the Wind Communication and vocal mimicry that he inexplicably obtained in the Fire Capital.

In the next moment, the parents who had just parted ways heard the whispers of other parents behind them.

“Wait, let’s go to the river and check. It’s impossible for us to not find any clues.”

“This incident is very strange, let’s go to the river.”

“Yes, let’s check upstream and downstream too.”


Late at night, the fathers of the seven children quietly set out and came to the approximate location beside the river to investigate.

“Did you find anything?”


“Let’s go upstream and downstream to take a look.”


Not long after, the parents gathered on the bank upstream. They activated their Sharingan and stared at the footprint on the ground. The mud beside the footprint looked wet. It was obvious that this footprint was created not long ago.

“This should be recent.”

“This footprint is a bit small, which proves that he is not tall. Don’t you think this size is similar to that person?”

“Great Elder…”

“For his genius grandson, he sacrificed our children…”

At this moment, several parents were squatting on the ground. Looking at each other, they saw hatred in each other’s eyes.

“I’ll go fight him.” After speaking, a man was about to rush over.

“Wait a minute, it’s just a footprint. It doesn’t mean anything.” The leading man grabbed him. “Also, think about it, with the Great Elder’s strength, would he leave footprints behind?”

“You mean…”

“I think someone may be trying to frame the Great Elder.”

“Then, how do you explain that the Great Elder suddenly took Shisui away?”


“Even if it wasn’t done by the Great Elder, he must know something. But he only cared about his grandson.”

“Yes, perhaps, the Great Elder was careless, so he left behind footprints. After all, he was just dealing with a bunch of children.”

“I think this matter is very suspicious. We shouldn’t be impulsive.”

“Have you ever thought that if this is truly done by the Great Elder, would we ever get justice?”

“Yes, in the eyes of the senior members of the clan, we are just useless people with no potential. No one will speak out for us.”

These people lowered their heads, ashamed of lacking abilities. But after a moment of silence, one person hastily said, “You guys, stay here. I’ll go to ask Hokage-sama.”

“Are you crazy?”

“I’m not crazy. I’m also a Konoha citizen. And since my child is dead, what’s wrong with me asking Hokage-sama for help?”

Now, these parents just wanted justice for their children.

“Hokage-sama might not necessarily care about this matter.”

“We have no other choice.”

“It’s Uchiha who has died, we must find out the truth. If it’s truly someone from the clan who has done it, then he should also die. That’s the clan rule.”

“Don’t you think that someone might be framing the Great Elder? Then, that’s perfect. Let Hokage-sama come and investigate and clear the Great Elder’s name in passing.”

After someone said this, all parents seemed to have made up their minds.

“Alright, I’ll go find my former classmate. I recall he seemed to have joined the Anbu. He might be able to think of a way for us.”

“I don’t know anyone. I’ll guard this place, lest someone will destroy the evidence.”

“I’ll also stay here.”


Soon, these parents passed the news to Konoha’s higher-ups through various channels. One of the parents asked his Anbu classmate for help. But he didn’t know that this classmate was not from Anbu but the Root.

The Konoha higher-ups seemed to feel this was a chance. They immediately sent a lot of people to the Uchiha clan district. After all, the Great Elder was a conservative member of the Uchiha clan. The Konoha’s higher-ups hoped that he would fall into trouble because of this incident.

As for Hiruzen and Danzo, they didn’t come. Because, given their intelligence, after they learned someone found the Great Elder’s footprints at the crime scene, they understood that someone was trying to frame him.

They were peers after all and they knew each other’s strengths. While killing a bunch of children, it was simply impossible for the Great Elder to leave the so-called footprints. Sending people to the Uchiha clan district was just to irritate him.

In addition, it was to test the Uchiha clan’s attitude. Because it was very likely that the real murderer would be found within two days. If they went in person now, they wouldn’t be able to step down from the stage without losing face at that time.


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