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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 7: Dress-up, Part VI Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 7. Dress-up, Part VI

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“You’re talking shit! Are you crazy? No way! If I say a person is more beautiful than me, he or she is going to disappear from the world? You are trying to turn a good person into a murderer. I would be a serial killer!” Jenna jumped out of bed and shouted, running around the room to catch the screen floating in the air.

“And you! When I woke up and looked into my memory, I was a bastard. I’m not a noble or a royal, but beauty is a sin to a bastard! Oh my God, I should’ve checked the word ‘random!’ No, it’s my fault, I thought it was a dream and was swayed by that shit dog. Who’s to blame? Ah, what a ridiculous situation!”

Jenna, who opened her eyes as five-year-old Julietta Anais burned with her gloomy pronunciation for a long time before falling asleep.

Whether it was the aftereffects of crossing the dimension or adapting to another body, Julietta continued to sleep in a half-conscious state. It was only after a memoryless week that she could recover her sense of self, but before she could get used to her new life, the Marquise invaded her house on Harrods Street, and her arduous journey began.


“Have you got a place to work? You’re not saying you’re going out there unconditionally, are you?”

When Amelie’s question continued, Julietta, who had been thinking about the exasperation of the past, returned to reality.

“Lillian introduced me to the Bertino mansion as a maid.”

“Lillian? Ah, Lillian’s current lover is Marquis Rhodius. The Marquis must have connected you.”

“Yes. I can work as a cleaning maid in the mansion where the prince visits from time to time, rather than the Bertino main house.”

“Ah, it must be a house for women to call in.”


“The sex life of Prince Bertino is famous. I heard this through Moira’s maid.”

“Moira?” Sophie, who had been listening to both of them and sewing, asked curiously.

Moira was one of the new actresses in the Eileen Theater, and played a fairly significant role in comparison to her ability. She used to curry favor with Lillian and follow her to the banquets of high-ranking aristocrats she had met.

“Yes. I heard recently that Moira has just taken the place of Prince Bertino’s girlfriend, as she intended.”

“Oh, really? But how many months will it go? The prince is famous for his sexual life.”

“Well, Moira said she was confident in her job as a concubine. Her nose was so high that I couldn’t see it with my eyes open.”

“What a maid’s seat in such a mansion! It’s not a good place for a virgin to work.”

The friendly Sophie looked at Julietta as if she was worried about her.

“Well, it’s a cleaning maid’s position. You don’t have to worry about me. Besides, they won’t place a beginner like me in the owner’s bedroom or in his own private room.”

“Yes, I suppose so. Anyway, you have to be very careful. I’m afraid what will unfold in front of you if your disguise is removed.”

“Yes.” Julietta grinned with her fist clenched as if she was confident.


The Austern Empire was a country located in the western part of the Lenaid continent, divided it into two, ruled by the Vicern Empire in the east.

The Austern Empire, which led all the trends within the continent, had a luxurious and hedonistic atmosphere. Its capital Dublin was the continent’s best cultural center, where art, poetry, literature, and opera developed.

In Dublin, there was the Eileen Theater, where Julietta grew up on Eloz Street, famous for entertainment and shopping all over the continent. The five-story opera house was bustling early in the morning, preparing to greet the Empire’s greatest guest in a long time.

Actors visited the dressing room for today’s performance in person, checked meticulously, and were fretful.

The five-story opera house was bustling early in the morning, preparing to greet the Empire’s greatest guest in a long time. Actors visited the dressing room for today’s performance in person, checked meticulously, and were fretful. The owner of the theater, Maribel, who usually didn’t come out of her living quarters, also made a rare stroll around the theater for inspection in the afternoon.

Julietta, who had negotiated with Maribel a few days ago and filled out a promissory note with two witnesses, was due to leave the theater a week later. With the help of Lillian, who loved her wit, she was able to get a recommendation letter from Marquis Rhodius.

Going out to the outside world for the first time in a decade, she was far from the chaos going on, making special underclothes to wear for the job in her own small room next to the prop room. Julietta, who was making two sets out of the fabric that Amelia had given her, hummed for about a new future, thinking that she would soon get out of this dark room.

“I’m going to have to put on these thick clothes for a while, but now I can plan and move on to my future. A life without a penny given is over!”

Though she had not had her coming-of-age ceremony, her breasts showed a satisfactory development, unlike the old days of Jenna. They were a hindrance to her now. Julietta had not noticed the sound of anyone calling her while she adding cotton to the waist of her thin chemise, a women’s garment that ran from shoulder to her thigh, to hide her voluptuous breasts.

“Julie, didn’t you hear me calling? The owner of the theater is calling, so get out of here.”

Sophie, who was in the prop room, came over and urged Julietta, who did not move even after she called for a while.

“The owner of the theater? Why me?” Julietta complained. She wanted to enjoy her vacation for a while until she started working as a maid, as she was not allowed to work in the theater until she left. She frowned without realizing it.

“Well, I don’t know. Come on, hurry. She doesn’t like to be kept waiting. Be careful not to look hateful until you get out of the theater.”

At Sophie’s urging, as Julietta hurried out into the dark hallway, Maribel was standing in front of the small room.

“What did you do, and why did you pretend not to hear me?”

Julietta replied quickly at the shrill voice. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear you calling because I was concentrating on preparing my clothes to wear at work.”


After Julietta apologized politely as Sophie advised, Maribel said in a slightly softer voice, “I told you to not work until you leave, but you should help out today. If you don’t want to do it, I can’t help it, because you are in a situation with a promissory note, but I think it’s okay to help me for a day if you think of the affection which I raised you with.”

“What’s going on? You don’t have any other conspiracy, right?”

Maribel snorted as she thought, ‘Look before you leap.’ “I’m not mean enough to use other means for the story that’s already finished, baby. I’m literally short-handed, so don’t doubt me. I came and said it myself because I think you’ll rebel against someone if I had someone else manage you. Do you understand?”

Julietta eased her doubts at Maribel’s unassuming remark, shrugged, and accepted. “I’m sorry, but it’s not a bad thing to be careful about everything, so please understand. What do I do?”

“His Highness and Marquis Rhodius will be visiting the opera today. When they’re watching, we need someone to run errands next to them, but women fight pulling the hair off one another over the job. I think you’re the right person who doesn’t have a different mind. You are the only one who’ll go and do things that won’t stand out.”

The place to work for a week was Prince Killian’s private mansion. Julietta asked with a quivering voice, “What a coincidence…”

“Do I have to go? I heard that the Prince likes women very much, so wouldn’t it be okay for another one to go?”

“The Prince may have a lot of female bias, but he doesn’t like women enough to forgive anyone being rash. They don’t know who they are and might arouse his anger, so I can’t send fire moths to a place where they might die, can I, baby?”


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