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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 58: Calen Castle, Part XIX Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 58. Calen Castle, Part XIX

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

‘Do you think it’s all covered if you just cover your head and face?’

Killian’s brow furrowed at once as the entrance was noisy even before he could appreciate enough of the big breasts, slender waist, and slim legs seen beyond the steam.

“Your Highness, are you all right?”

The front of the bedroom was buzzing with knights attracted by the screams from the Lord’s bedroom.

“Stop. Don’t move a step from the spot. I’m fine.”

“Your Highness, we can’t do that. We need to check your safety.”

Killian sighed at the stubborn request of the knights. Once again looking toward Julietta, he reluctantly headed for the bedroom door.

As soon as he opened the bedroom door, the knights checked his safety. Killian went to them with a naked body, and beckoned them to step back in an imposing manner.

“The maid just slipped in the bathroom. Don’t bother me.”

The knights hesitated just for a moment, as they had been on strict watch and only a maid with a strange figure had entered. However, they did not see any suspicious signs, and the monarch ordered them to step down as if nothing was wrong, so they made the decision to retreat at once.

When Killian saw they were leaving, he went back to the bathroom.

In the meantime, Julietta had quickly put on her dress. She grumbled a little at the return of the Prince.

“I thought you were going to eat…”

Killian, stunned by the nuances of why he came so fast, laughed. He felt sorry after being interrupted by them, but he was relieved to see her lively after she had been in prison for two days.

“Have you been waiting for my bath in a long time?”

“No, I was just cleaning the bathroom because it was too dirty. I took off my clothes for a while because I was afraid they would get dirty,” Julietta quickly lowered her eyes and replied politely. Killian’s mouth went up further when he saw her wet hair and noticed what she had done in the bathroom.

“Then I have nothing to do with that. Have you eaten?”

Her strangely smiling employer made Julietta nervous for some reason. She didn’t know if her excuse had worked, but she felt a shiver go down her spine to see him smiling.

It had been strange when he had visited the prison yesterday. But she had only thought that he had comforted her by rousing his sympathy from deep within when he had seen her poor situation. She had been crushed by the prison environment, so she had buried her face in her employer’s chest and cried.

But as the kindness remained to this day, Julietta began to feel uneasy.

‘Why did you. who used to make me sleep on the floor beside the bed in case of an assassin. become so friendly?’

“Oh, not yet.”

Killian’s eyes were more curved coquettishly as she replied astringently. ‘It came out; look at that coquettish smile.’

Once, not a long time ago, she remembered what had happened in the theater: a monster that had sprayed pheromones on her, who had been trembling in fear.

Even then, his voice had fallen so low that he had gazed at her, licking his lips slowly with his tongue as if he had a delicious prize in front of him.

‘Warning, Warning.’

Suddenly, she had an illusion that she had heard the voice of the manager of the dimensions, Manny. She wanted to get out of here quickly, but the man blocking the door seemed to have no intention of getting out of the way.

Killian smiled even more slowly at Julietta who sought a chance to escape with a great deal of strain. If he didn’t want to be taken away, he would have to make her his, and if the seat was in danger, he would have to make it cozy. He spoke in a softer voice to relax her, as if he was soothing a cat with her hair on end.

“Yes, then you must be very hungry. It must have been hard for you to go through such hardships as soon as you had arrived. Why don’t you have a nice meal and a good rest, I’ll have Albert bring you dinner?”

‘In my bed.’

Killian always condescended to the woman coming first, but he was seducing the woman in front of him for the first time. The problem was that he was coaxing her with food, as if soothing a hungry street cat.

Julietta hesitated for a moment when she saw Killian reaching out. ‘Are you really trying to feed me?’

When she had been inside the prison, food came that was hard to taste at ordinary times, but she could not have eaten. At the combination of hunger, fatigue from not sleeping properly, and languishing after a bath, she took a step unknowingly, forgetting the warning light that had been flashing above her head.

As Killian’s mouth went up to the limit, she heard a knocking at the bedroom door. The loud noise brought Julietta back to her senses. She slipped out like a lightning bolt past Killian, who was distracted by the knock, and threw open the bedroom door.

“Oh, Julietta. You are back.”

‘Why are you so friendly?’

Killian glared fiercely at Oswald’s colorful blonde hair over Julietta’s head.

“The Marquis, your concern has given me a safe return.”

Julietta welcomed the Marquis with as much of a smile as she could show for the one who had saved her from this dangerous employer. Alarmed by the maid’s exaggerated smile, Oswald’s eyes carefully moved into the room.

“Oh, Your Highness. Did I visit you while you were in trouble?”

Oswald alternately saw Killian staring at him naked at the bathroom door and the maid who opened the door with pleasure, and sounded rather sorry. He protested to Killian who didn’t release his face at all, despite his exaggerated gesture of appeasement.

“But it was really urgent. Sylvia Chaister has a problem with her body. The doctor is looking at it now, but it’s a total paralysis. She can only move her eyes, not even a finger.”

The matter of intruding on his personal time was disgraceful, but it was a matter of concern. Killian quickly gave some orders while donning the clothes he had taken off.

“From now on, tighten security for the entire area of Calen Castle and keep an eye out for any rat to come in and out. Assign an escort and watchman to the party of Marquis Anais in outer castle. Tell Valerian to go himself. Is Adam back?”

“Yes, Your Highness. I’m sure the Count has an update now.”

With a nod at Oswald’s answer, Killian finished dressing, and looked back at Julietta. “Albert’s going to bring a meal for you. Eat and rest well.”

Julietta looked at the back of her employer who had busily disappeared and mumbled, “How can his mood change as easily as that? It was really dangerous before. Is that the so-called devilish charm?”

She went back to her nest to dry her wet hair before the meal arrived, shuddering unknowingly.


“She can’t speak at all?”

“I wonder if her words as well as her mind are sound. She doesn’t respond at all. At this rate, she can’t eat food, so she’s going to starve to death soon.”

At the doctor’s words, Killian stared down at the prostrate Silvia.

“What about sending her to Vicern?”

“She won’t be able to hold on for the trip.”


“What is the cause? Is it poison?”

“It may or may not be so. If it’s poison, it’s the one I’ve never seen before. But it’s hard to say, as there’s never been such a case to say that a mental shock has caused a total paralysis. I’m so sorry.”

Killian looked back at his aides waiting for him. “What do you think?”

“There are only three people who have approached her. The maids and the Baroness who brought Sylvia Chaister to this room after she fell. But we can’t look into them without clear evidence,” Oswald replied after Adam said that it was not a natural paralysis.

“If she was dead, we could have interrogated them, but the doctor couldn’t conclude anything about the paralysis. I don’t know who she is, but she was clever.”

“You don’t know who she is, but I think everyone has the same person in mind, right?”

Killian left the room as he was saying this, as if he didn’t have to stay any longer. Oswald glared at the motionless Lady Chaister and hurried out after Killian.



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