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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 254: The Proof of Blood, Part X Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 254. The Proof of Blood, Part X

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

She anxiously tried to catch Regina’s eye, then realized the situation. She had been deceived. Regina’s saying that she would make Dian the daughter of the Kiellini family was a lie to take advantage of her.

Dian’s terrified eyes turned to Julietta and Prince Killian. ‘What did I do?’

She was blinded by greed and jealousy, and fell for a fool’s errand. Regina’s voice rumbled in her ear, saying that all those who took part in this work would die. She seemed to have caught Julietta’s gaze as she faltered in her desire to escape. The friendly and amiable lady was nowhere to be found. A look of cold anger glared at her, as if she wanted to tear her to death. She realized that she would never be safe, even if she ran away from here.

While staring at Dian, Julietta slowly took a deep breath before turning to Regina.

“You’re still out of your mind. Where is the end of your delusion? Did you envy me like that?” Julietta said softly, but in a cool voice, without a hint of agitation.

When the whispers of those agitated by the woman who appeared out of nowhere and detonated the bomb began to grow louder, Killian stepped forward. “Duke Dudley, you act ugly to the end. Where did you get her?”

Even at the angry words of the Prince, the Duke of Dudley merely smiled sarcastically.

“Duke Dudley, what the hell are you doing? Do you still think Princess Kiellini is a fake? The Proof of Blood has already been completed.” The Duke of Miguel was embarrassed and stopped the Duke of Dudley.

“The fake Princess Kiellini standing in front of us was the illegitimate child of the Marquis, and of course, she would have passed the Proof of Blood.”

People alternately looked at the princess and the Marquis who were picturesquely similar. “Oh, my God!”

Regina looked at Julietta with triumphant and malicious eyes. The fever rose and blurred vision, but her body was lighter than ever. Now the girl would be dragged down from her high position and killed miserably. The gorgeous blonde would be messed up, and her good-natured face would turn pale with fear. Her only wish was to see the end of that girl with her own eyes before she died. ‘So I have to hurry. I have to hurry.’

Julietta saw Regina was about to open her mouth to say something, and quickly jumped forward. Her gut told her that Regina should not be allowed to say anything anymore. In an instant, Julietta, approaching Regina and hit her mercilessly.

Regina, who was barely holding out, fell to the floor. She shook her head a few times, dizzy.

When Regina got up under the support of the nanny and tried to say something again, Julietta stopped her by attacking the Duke of Dudley. “Your Excellency Duke Dudley, this will end the Dudley family. There was a misunderstanding until just before, and I thought if I came to Vicern and got the Proof of Blood, everything would be solved.”

Julietta looked at the Duke of Miguel and the people standing behind him, one by one, as if to keep in mind. “But it wasn’t that simple. Am I a fake Princess Kiellini? The reason I’ve completed the Proof of Blood today is that I am the illegitimate child of the Marquis? I’ll return this insult to you. I promise you that the Dudley family and the families involved in this will surely disappear into history. Your Highness!” Julietta called Killian.

“Speak, the princess.”

“Please call my aunt. I need to get the Proof of Blood with my aunt again. I need to find out what this delusional patient said and what Duke Dudley did wrong.”

The Duke of Dudley felt uneasy at the sight of Julietta staring at him with venomous eyes, as if she would not forgive him. He looked back at the woman staring at Julietta next to him.

‘Was it really a delusional patient’s nonsense? No, it was too specific for nonsense.’

She said that in order to make her debut in the social world on behalf of her sick self, the Duke of Kiellini had turned the illegitimate child of the Marquis into Princess Kiellini. It was too elaborate for a ruse.

The Duke of Dudley looked back at Julietta. After being caught, it was clear that she was trying to get away somehow. ‘Are you trying to kill Marquise Raban?’

“All right, let’s call Mrs. Raban and get her through the Proof of Blood again. However, we’ll bring Mrs. Marquise. If there’s an accident, we’ll be in trouble,” the Duke of Dudley said to the Duke of Miguel who was far from him.

“The Duke, take Mrs. Raban directly with you.”

After seeing the Duke of Miguel reluctantly accept it, Julietta told the archbishop. “I’m sorry, Archbishop, but I think we need to ask for another ceremony for the Proof of Blood.”

Archbishop Paulo nodded at her words. “We’ll be ready to start the ceremony as soon as Mrs. Raban arrives.”

“Are you going to get the Proof of Blood with my aunt? What the hell are you doing?… Kuck!” Regina screamed at Julietta, and suddenly threw up blood. After she coughed so violently that others around her, including the Duke of Dudley, avoided her in surprise, she eventually lost consciousness and collapsed.

Julietta glared at Dian, who was standing next to her in a daze, having returned her kindness with a betrayal. First of all, she had to finish another Proof of Blood safely tomorrow, and now she had to think about what to do with those two.

Dian watched the Duke of Dudley’s servant carry Regina out, and Dudley roared. “What are you doing, not following your master? You must serve her with utmost care!”

Your master! Unlike an ordinary maid, she was wearing a luxurious dress, but no one saw her as an aristocrat. Because of a moment’s mistake, she missed the noble lady’s seat which she had been dreaming of.

Dian looked back at Julietta. She wanted to beg forgiveness, give her another chance, beg for the seat of a noble lady, but the cold green eyes were shining as if she would not let her go.

The scornful glare struck her with a sudden rage. She was a fake. Dian also glared at Julietta. She was no different from herself, just a thief who took someone’s seat. ‘How dare you look at me like that?’

She jerked away at the gaze of Julietta, who looked at her as though only she had committed a wrong. It was better to persuade Regina than ask for forgiveness over there.

Dian ran out of the hall to browbeat Regina, and ask her to keep what she had promised.

“I gave Dian a chance because she thought you were admirable, but she betrayed you like this.”

The betrayal of a trusted person was painful. Killian could not contain his anger, and she could understand him as he constantly paced the room.

Calming down after a long time, Killian sighed, sitting down next to Julietta as she empathized with him. Now that the Proof of Blood was over safely, he thought he could go back to Austern and get rid of the Duke of Dudley and Francis, but he was caught off guard. “I’ll see if Sir Caden is involved.”


At Killian’s words, Julietta nodded. “What are you going to do to Dian?”

“She is a girl who knows all our circumstances, so I have to kill her.”

Julietta couldn’t forget how Dian looked at her earlier. She stared at her as if daring her for being so proud.

‘What kind of candy did Regina put out? Or was that what Dian really was? Did she feel sympathy for Regina? Was the cause of the trouble that we put them together?’

She realized something when she was looking for an answer to questions that came to mind in a row. “Your Highness, did Dian know that Phoebe would be the illegitimate child of the Duke of Kiellini?”

“Valerian said that when he ordered Regina to move, he told Dian about Phoebe’s situation.”

‘That’s it. Dian couldn’t stand it. The apples on the other side of the wall are the sweetest. Dian might have been jealous because it seemed great to be part of the Kiellini family, even if Phoebe was an illegitimate child. Regina would have a sense of Dian’s feelings and aimed for that point.’

Julietta thought she figured out Dian’s change, and grabbed Killian’s arm sitting next to her in a sudden thought. “I didn’t think of Regina and the Duke of Kiellini coming to the Vicern Temple to get the Proof of Blood.”


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