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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 24: The Principality Of Bertino, Part V Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 24. The Principality Of Bertino, Part V

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Unlike the high-ranking aristocrats and the royal family, who stayed in the castle of the local lord and were treated well when they visited the area, Killian was very annoyed with such things. It was his way of traveling to clamp down on his subordinates, not informing the lord or the local nobility of his visit in advance, and instead reserving an inn like this.

But the Prince’s visit would have been carried to the ears of the lord from the moment the spectacular procession arrived, and the lord and his whole family, would soon visit the inn. Killian made a bluff as if he noticed Sir Albert’s idea.

“If this trip fails to prevent me being disturbed by Count Baden, you will really have to be ready for retirement.”

Sir Albert, who had been trained a butler and the grand chamberlain since he was a child, pretended not to hear the words the Prince often uttered, and opened his mouth to help him understand his plight. “But, Your Highness, since the noble royal family has visited, you have to understand the mind of the Count coming to say hello…”

“Stop. I’m willing to give a hundred concessions if he comes with his true heart, but I can’t forgive him for saying that they are proofs of loyalty, from his first daughter to the youngest, who has never even started her first monthly period.”

Albert kept his mouth shut when he tried to complain, thinking about what had happened when they had been on their way to the Principality of Bertino last time.

“How about Jeff?”

“The burns on the chin and neck are very painful. I don’t think he’ll be able to serve you for the time being, so my private servant will have to serve you. Will you be okay?”

“What for? Why should I use your servant when I have my own maid? Tell her to hurry up and make ready a bath.”

“Are you serious, Your Highness?”

“Do I look like I’m playing a joke?”

“But, but…” Albert looked back at the maid from Bertino mansion who he hastily procured, as the Prince walked away without looking back.

Julietta, who had been waiting quietly by Sir Albert’s side after getting off the wagon, was struck by the words to prepare a bath coming from the mouth of the Prince. Sir Albert’s order came as she tried to stand there, pretending not to know, and she wanted to believe that it would not be what she thought it was.

“What are you doing? Why don’t you go up there right now to prepare His Highness’s bath?!” At Sir Albert’s shout, Julietta again grumbled at Manny, who had sent her to this country.

‘No, should I curse the Prince, who must drink tea in the carriage?’

After sincerely cursing them both, she quickly adapted to the reality as usual.

‘I haven’t even seen him once or twice, so there’s nothing to do with him. Yeah, it’s not a big deal. It’s nothing. I’m just helping him take a bath. Julietta, you are the maid of Prince Bertino. You’re a professional woman. Be proud of your work as a professional.’

Again self-sufficient, Julietta looked back at Sir Albert.

“Mr. Grand Chamberlain, are you looking for a new maid? And when will Jeff get better?”

“Well, it is said that Mrs. Auguste is eagerly seeking a maid now, so she will follow if she is hired. I am actually not sure about Jeff. The burns are not a problem, but the problem is his broken leg when he fell off the wagon while he flung himself about in pain during the first aid. On all occasions, he rolled in front of a knight’s horse and was kicked, and his injury is so serious. The doctor advised him to go to Vicern and get a sacred treatment. I’m going to ask the Prince if he wants to get a new servant again or wait until Jeff returns, because even if he gets a sacred treatment, he’ll have to be stable for a few months.”

Julietta’s shoulders drooped. It seemed like there was no way out of this gloomy reality for the time being. Who knew a cup of hot tea would cause such a big accident? All she could hope for was a quick hiring of the new maid and a quick return to the cozy Harrods Street.

She wriggled up the stairs to the second floor, sad at her misfortune, her steps forced and heavy.

After a while, Julietta, standing in the bathroom, looked hopelessly down at the steaming tub and prayed for the time to come.

She sprinkled the bath powder the Prince loved so much with hope, but it was different from the one Julietta knew, and the bubbles didn’t happen at all. The clear, still water was silent. Julietta, who wanted to hide the Prince’s naked body with a lot of foam, was frustrated.

The refreshing scent of the bath powder, reminiscent of a green forest, was so thick and heavy that Julietta wanted to hold her nose, to such an extent as to expose an empty floor. Her head ached with the terrible smell of the bathroom, but it didn’t matter to her.

In the bedroom, even though the Prince was walking around naked, if she avoided eye contact, it would have been possible. But now there was no way to avoid it.

‘I have to help the Prince to take a bath in this small room, how can I avoid it?’

It was impossible to do with a sober mind. She would rather endure this time in a dazed state of mind under this strong, stinky bath powder. If he scolded her, she was going to beg him, “I didn’t know because it was the first time.”

Snap. At last the hour of fate had come. The tired Prince who had been waiting for the notice that it was ready came in through the door.

“What the hell! Why does it take so long to prepare a bath…? What the hell is this smell?”

Her face showed signs of hope, even as she feared she would be scolded, when Killian hated the smell in the bathroom.


“Your Highness, I’m sorry. My hands slipped and I spilled too much bath powder. It smells awful. Why don’t you wash your hands and feet today and take a bath tomorrow?”

Julietta, who held back what she wanted to say, ‘Because you didn’t move in the carriage anyway, you did not sweat,’ asked him softly, but the Prince simply ordered without pretending to be listening, “Bring the bathtub out.”

As expected, if it was inevitable anyway, she had to adapt nicely. Even if she avoided it today, it would be tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and if she avoided the fire that fell in front of her eyes, there would be all the more urgent things to do. As it was not worthwhile that she deliberately poured too much bath powder, and it happened that the bathtub should be dragged out, Julietta truly regretted it.

She secretly looked sideways at the Prince standing with his arms crossed, then opened the door to the corridor and spoke to the knights guarding the entrance.

“Well, knights, I’m sorry. His Highness needs a bath, and can you move the bathtub to the living room?”

When they went to call the servants who were doing chores, they didn’t know what else to hear before the water cooled down, so the knights were displeased with her as soon as they saw her, but she had to say sorry things to them. Her scary face was so flustered that she managed to speak out, but the knights turned their heads in silence.

“How much longer do I have to wait to take a bath now?”

As soon as the Prince’s disgruntled call came out of the bathroom, whether he knew the situation outside or not, the knights who pretended not to hear rushed into the room. Julietta pouted as she watched the knights put down the huge bathtub in front of the frowning Prince who walked out to the living room, her arms folded. This was the way things were supposed to be, he was this cheap.


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