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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 228: Crisis, Part VIII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 228. Crisis, Part VIII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“It’s been less than half an hour since the notice was posted. We don’t know about it yet.”

Francis, of course, would not believe it. However, he had no choice but to push ahead.

“If you and the Emperor buy time for us, we need as many hours as possible. That’s how much time Count Adam gets before the investigation team leaves the Imperial Castle.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Trust me. I’ll do my best.”

Killian got into the carriage, deposing the knights who were about to give him courtesy.

“Let’s go to the Kiellini mansion.”

“Aren’t you going to the princess?”

Killian shook his head at Ian’s question. “I’m sure we will be tailed. If I go to the dress shop, I’ll give them Julietta as it is. I have something to say to the Marquise. Head to the Kiellini mansion!”


After racing for a few minutes, the carriage passed the front door of the Kiellini mansion and stopped in front of the spacious mansion.

“Call in Mrs. Raban.”

Killian went up to the third floor without waiting for the butler’s guidance, as if the home were his own. The butler shook his head and headed for the Marquise’s bedroom on the second floor.

“Your Highness, are you here?” Marquise Raban greeted him as she entered the Julietta’s bedroom.

“Everyone else, step out. No one will enter the third floor until I allow it.”

From Killian’s bloody attitude, it was obvious that something had gone wrong. Simone pressed her trembling heart and had the butler and the maid who followed her leave.

“What’s going on?” She was afraid they had been caught, so she couldn’t speak in a normal voice.

“Francis put notices on the walls that the poison that was spread in the capital is from the Kiellini family.”

“What?” Simone staggered with astonishment.

“The Duke of Kiellini committed suicide yesterday, as he became pessimistic after hearing that. I’m here to tell Mrs. Marquise the sad news of the Duke’s death. Soon a letter will arrive from Tilia announcing the Duke’s death.”

It meant that he was not dead yet, but he was about to die. But Simone was not sad at all when he told her the Duke was about to die.

‘Is it because I knew it would happen one day? Or is it because it doesn’t feel real yet? Do I have any feelings left to feel sad?’

It wasn’t time for her to afford this wasteful leisure. First, she had to protect the Kiellini family, herself, and Julietta.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Upon hearing Simone’s answer, Killian went on to instruct her on what she had to do.

“I’m going to go to the dress shop right now and safeguard Julietta. I can’t go in my carriage, so make ready a carriage that the attendants ride.”

Killian paused. From now on, what he would say would be a great shock to a well-bred noblewoman. But there was no time to console Mrs. Marquise. She had to get through this work with strength and fortitude for Julietta.

“They will come from the Imperial Castle to arrest you and Julietta.”

At the word of arrest, Simone finally sank to the floor. Killian’s expression remained unchanged as he watched Ian assist her to a couch.

“If they ask you where Julietta is, tell them you don’t know. You have to say that she’s been doing volunteer work at the treatment center lately, but she hasn’t come back yet. Whatever threats they may have, you have to answer them. Do you understand?”

At Killian’s words, Simone nodded helplessly.

“I’ll take care of it as soon as possible. So, hang on until then. I believe you’re not going to betray my faith.”

“… Yes, Your Highness. Julietta is a precious child to me now. Don’t worry. I was just stunned for a moment.” As if nothing had happened to her, Simone rose from the sofa with a strong expression.

Killian was about to leave when he heard Simone’s answer, but Manny clung to his leg. Killian clicked his tongue when he saw the puppy looking up at him with a piteous look.

“Did this puppy really inherit the blood of the divine animal? It’s like it can understand me.”

Simone quickly hugged Manny, who behaved rudely. “I’m sorry, Your Highness. I guess it is nervous because its owner is not here.”

Killian thought for a moment and told Ian, “I’ll take Manny with me, too. Ian, I’m going to go alone, so you can wait here and pack Manny’s things. Mrs. Marquise, you should pack something important for Julietta. Don’t leave it to anyone, but take it yourself.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Don’t worry. I’ll prepare a carriage then.”

When Simone went out, Killian agonized for a while and said to Ian, “Take off your jacket.”


“Hurry up.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Killian donned the imperial servant’s jacket Ian took off, pulled his hair back neatly, and tied it decently together. He also put on Ian’s cravat, taking off the cravat of luxurious fabric that proved his high status. In the end, he also put away the ring of the royal family on his hand.

Even if he dressed up as a servant, he would not be able to hide his natural appearance, height, and the aura that exuded throughout his whole body, but he would not be considered a prince, at the least.

Killian disguised himself as an imperial servant, and quickly went down to the first floor. As he went down the hall, he saw Simone gathering the attendants. Killian heard the voice of Simone announcing the death of the head of the family as he passed the crowd and left the front door.

“The sad news has come to me… I think they got in touch with the Imperial Castle first. The twenty-third Duke of the Kiellini family, Nathan Roland P. Kiellini, died yesterday.”

A sigh of lament leaked from the mouths of those gathered in the hall.

“There was also a very unfortunate incident with the Kiellini family. It turns out that the Blue Blood Disease that spread in the capital is not an epidemic, but a poison found by the Kiellini family.”

Simone looked back at every one of the people who opened their mouths in surprise. It was a chance to learn if another spy was hiding here, other than the runaway maid.

“In fact, before this happened, there was a case in which the butler who had been serving the Duke ran away with valuables. His Excellency the Duke had suspected the butler for small items disappearing for a long time. The butler noticed the suspicion of His Excellency, stole important documents and jewelry from the family, and ran away.”


Simone paused when her trembling voice subsided. She saw Prince Killian, dressed in a servant’s clothes, walking out of the front door. Fortunately, all the eyes and ears of the attendants were focused on her when they heard the shocking news.

“His Excellency the Duke has asked Prince Killian to arrest the runaway butler because he had been badly sick. In order to solve this problem, the Prince’s cousin, the Marquis of Rhodius, went down to Tilia, and concluded that the butler had been abetted by someone and had stolen the secrets of the family.”

Simone looked at the eyes of the attendants, who were speaking noisily one by one. “If the epidemic in the capital and Bertino was poison, the princess was also poisoned by someone and collapsed a while ago. It’s likely someone reached out to the butler who had been serving the Duke for a long time.”

Simone last looked at the butler standing on the edge of the group of the attendants. “Can I trust you here?”

The butler nodded reflexively.

“His Excellency the Duke was pessimistic after learning that the loss of the important secrets of the family caused this unfortunate event to happen. He died yesterday, unable to overcome his guilt and suffering. People will be coming from the Imperial Castle soon. The Kiellini family will be in disarray for the time being, but I hope you will follow Mrs. Maribel Grayson’s instructions and get through this crisis without any agitation.”

She was saying that in her absence, they should follow Mrs. Grayson’s instructions, not the butler who managed the mansion, but a stranger who started to come and go one day.

It was as if the Marquise declared no trust in the butler. The butler’s face hardened. Simone looked closely at the butler, ordered only the butler to stay behind, and forced the attendants to leave.


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