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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 187: Kidnapping, Part XXIII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 187. Kidnapping, Part XXIII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Killian and Julietta, each holding a dog and a cat with matching clothes, were a perfect match.

Killian glanced at the mirror on one side of the parlor, and smiled contentedly. “Let’s go.”


After dressing up their pets, they left for Eloz Street with a send-off from the people of the Kiellini mansion.

“Your Highness, Princess Kiellini, welcome.” When they arrived at Raefany, Lillian approached and greeted them in a friendly way. She admired the two of them as they held a cat and a puppy.

“Oh, my God, you look so good together.”

He didn’t know if it was a good match between the two or a good match for the pets, but Killian’s mouth was boosted by the compliments of Lillian and the clerks who greeted them. “Bring a necklace of the same style this dog is wearing.”

When he asked for a necklace with the same design, pointing to the one on Manny’s neck, one of the clerks hurried out.

When Lillian took the necklace from the clerk who returned shortly afterwards and approached, Lilly growled furiously.

“Give it to me, please. I’ll do it,” Julietta said.

Curiously, Lilly was calm as Julietta did it, as if she had not growled. Killian smiled satisfactorily as he watched it. “You must have gotten close to her.”

When Julietta tied the amethyst necklace under the ribbon on her neck, stepped back, and even the shoppers who had come to shop and had a good view expressed admiration.

“Oh, that’s so pretty. I should buy my cat a necklace, too.”

When a lady greeted Killian and praised the two pets, they even raised their heads as if they were trying to show off. Killian gazed at the scene, delighted, and said to Lillian before leaving Raefany’s, “Don’t sell the necklace of the style used by Lilly and Manny to anyone else in the future.”

After giving the order with a stern look, Killian turned his back, and Lillian whispered to Julietta as she watched, “I think His Highness somehow thinks that it’s very important to do something with you.”

“Eh? No way. He’s just trying it because he cherishes her so much. Ah, Lillian, I was forced out today, but I can’t go to the dress shop for a while because I have to stay in the mansion for a while. Would you like to come to the Kiellini mansion when you’re okay?”

Lillian asked, looking carefully at Julietta’s face. “Is it because of the wounds on your face?”

“It’s covered with makeup. Are they that obvious?” Julietta put down the veil even deeper if it was a problem.

“I’ve been using makeup for decades, so I can’t help but notice. Other people won’t notice. Don’t worry, go ahead. His Highness is waiting.”

“Yes, I’ll go. I’ll place an order at the jewelry shop in a few days and I’d like you to bring it yourself. See you later.”

Lillian said goodbye to Julietta as she walked into the carriage, after quickly whispering, “Come again, Princess Kiellini.”


Christine bit her lips with a pale face.

“You finally failed.”

Three days from the season’s final party, she was facing Francis at the mansion he had told her about.

“Do you have any other plans?” Christine shook her head at Francis’s sneering question. “Killian was granted an engagement to Princess Kiellini by my father yesterday.”

Christine just looked at the teacup without a word. The very next day after the kidnapping, she called Eva and Themes in the morning to spread a rumor about Princess Kiellini and Francis to try to escape the situation somehow. However, the rumor that Christine had spread was considered false and died soon after Prince Killian and Princess Kiellini appeared together at the Eileen Theater that afternoon.

What was more, instead of Princess Kiellini’s, it was Christine’s reputation that had begun to crack. The source of the rumor was from Princess Haint, who disliked Christine. She began to talk about what she had witnessed without missing a chance.

The capital had been rattled every day by rumors about Prince Killian and Princess Kiellini, and Prince Francis and Lady Anais. The difference was that Killian and Princess Kiellini were envious and admired as lovely, good-looking couples, while her ugly appearance coming out from Francis’s imperial palace was getting on the lips of people.

People were more excited because it could not have been done to a woman of virtue. The problem was that Princess Haint was at the center of it, and it could not be dismissed as a false rumor. She was scolded by the first Queen, Duke Dudley, and her mother, Marquise Anais, because of the rumors spreading in the capital.

She tried to get help from her father, Marquis Anais, but couldn’t. He didn’t pay much attention to her even though he must have heard the rumor about her, as if he’d been crazy about something these days. Now that she had just grown up, he seemed to think that there might be rumors just passing by.

Christine had no place to back down. She was the only granddaughter of Duke Dudley, the niece of the first Queen, and the daughter of Marquis Anais, and she had been supported and respected by all since she was a child. The eyes of people these days were almost unbearable.

“Is the promise you were going to accept me as the Queen valid?”

Francis deliberately delayed his answer at Christine’s look of desperation. “Didn’t you say you’d marry Killian? What happened to your ambition to have him, even though he is a cripple?”

Christine had to put up with what she wanted to shout, saying that it was all because of you. “Forget it, I’m ashamed of my once foolish heart.”

“It’s not hard to forget, but there’s one reason I can’t accept your request.” Francis clicked his tongue as if she was foolish, and Christine wondered what it was. “Have you forgotten the prophecy of the old astrologer? The next Empress was the one with the highest status of all the Queens. If Killian marries Princess Kiellini safely, then the next Emperor will be Killian.”

Christine kept her mouth tight. Princess Kiellini was already engaged to Prince Killian, so she wanted to scream that she couldn’t help it. “I was going to kidnap her and give her to you, but I failed. I’m so sorry.”

Francis spoke casually, looking down at Christine who bowed her head. “You can’t help it if you’ve already failed. But it’s not like there’s no other way.”

Christine recalled Francis saying he could give her the highest status among the Queens.

“I’ll find it.”

“Can you do it?”

“I have to. I have to do it.”


Francis smiled at Christine’s firm tone. “Yes, then I can’t stand still. I’ll give something good to my beloved future Empress.” Francis beckoned his waiting servant Havier. “She is the one I prepared for you. She’s the one who’ll do you completely as you say, so put her to good use.”

Christine looked back at Francis. A skinny, plain-looking maid came into her eyes and greeted Christine. “I see you for the first time, Lady Anais.”

“She’s going to work as a private maid for Princess Kiellini starting next week. I’ve given you a weapon. I believe you know how to use her well.”

“She is going to work as a maid for Princess Kiellini?” Christine looked back at Francis with astonished eyes.

“Yes, Christine. There’s nothing you can’t do if you want to. I look forward to what you’ll do in the future. I hope our wedding day will come soon.”

Christine looked at Francis after ordering the maid to leave. “If you have the maid of Princess Kiellini as your follower, wouldn’t it be best for you to give her an order without introducing to me?”

Francis laughed at Christine’s words. “In this situation, if Princess Kiellini dies in any way, the doubt will be on me. That’s why I’ve kept Killian alive. His Majesty will turn all those doubts on me and try to drive me away. The Austern Emperor’s seat should not have a speck of blotches. I have to get approval from more than half of the seats to be the Crown Prince.”

Francis clicked his tongue in irritation. “My power and Killian’s is too close. It’s a game that I can’t predict. That’s why I rely on the prophecy. The nobles who hold seats won’t completely ignore the prophecy. So, when they vote for the Crown Prince’s seat in this year’s last Congress, there should be no Princess Kiellini in the world.”


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