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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 180: Kidnapping, Part XVI Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 180. Kidnapping, Part XVI

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“What is that poison?” Simone looked at Maribel suspiciously.

“I wanted to know why Phoebe survived. The Duke himself said that he would send poison to kill the girl who would replace Julietta. If there was a problem, no one would ever know that she was killed by poison. I didn’t think it would be a bad thing to know about, as the Duke was so confident about the poison.”

“Yes, you’re right. Ever since he was young, he has been very interested in herbal research. Maybe there was a secret to the family that has only come down to the heir. Your idea is very wise, considering Regina’s attempt to manipulate me with the tea causing a headache.”

“The tea causing a headache?”

When Julietta asked, Maribel explained about the tea Regina had been feeding Simone.

“Then, is the headache you have been suffering, all because you drank the tea the princess sent you? Why the hell did she do that? Is that because of me?” Julietta couldn’t understand why the princess had done such a thing to her aunt, who had taken care of her since she was a child.

“It’s been quite a while since she recommended the tea to me. Regina personally managed the tea in the house. She used to pick up and send tea every month to my brother in Dublin. I thought the weak Regina was so enthusiastic about it so that she would be recognized as the successor of title. Of course, there must also have been such a reason. But the bigger purpose was to make the tea necessary and to become a must-have for the other person by doing so.”

“She wouldn’t have thought it was a bad thing.”

Simone nodded at the cold reply of Maribel. “That’s right. That’s even scarier. She wouldn’t have thought what she was doing was wrong. It’s really creepy that I have eaten and drunk with her for years without suspecting. If I’d offended the child, she could’ve tried to kill me at any time.”

Julietta reflected how stupid and complacent she was when Simone and Maribel said all that. Despite the fact that it was her job, it was embarrassing that she was so preoccupied with the dress shop, without feeling any major sense of crisis. She sat still for a while and looked at Simone. “I think I’m going to do something very bad to the Duke and Miss Regina. Will my aunt be able to accept what I’m trying to do?”

Simone sighed because she had already heard from Marquis Anais that Prince Killian had locked the Duke and Regina in a separate house. “They declared war first. They were the ones who planned to kill me, even before I stood by you. We’ve already crossed a river where we can’t come back. I can’t give up my life for unrequited love of family.”

Maribel gently soothed Julietta, who had fierce eyes, fearing she might do something wrong. “What are you going to do? Leave it to Prince Killian, and you care about the dress shop.”

“Of course, I must ask His Highness to pressure the Duke of Kiellini. It’s something I can’t do. But I don’t want either of you to object to what I want to do after that.”

Julietta rose from her seat after saying so. “Aunt, let’s go return to the Kiellini mansion. Ah, I thought I’d go down to Tilia Territory, so I’ve been negligent in getting a private maid, but I think I’ll stay in Dublin, so I’ll have to hire one. Vera can’t go back and forth between you and me forever.”

Simone stood up and accepted, following Julietta. “Yes, I’m afraid I’ve been careful in many ways, but I’ll hurry up and get one.”

“Yes, please hurry. I’ll take Phoebe with me. I want her to be my maid and companion.”

“The woman? You want to use such a person with a bad leg as a maid?”

“Phoebe will be used as a maid who acts as a companion to a high-ranking aristocratic lady. Auntie, get a maid who will care for me. Since I am Prince Killian’s fiancée and the Princess Kiellini, I have to prepare my people before entering the Imperial castle.”

It wasn’t Julietta who was careful about Simone a while ago. She called her aunt proudly and changed the appellations for Duke Kiellini and his daughter.

Maribel dismissed her earlier concerns at the change. “Yes, baby. You have to make your seat. Fill your surroundings with your people. And don’t forget that behind you is this Maribel, Austern’s top informant. I don’t know anything else, but I’ll know everything you want to know.”

Julietta looked back at Maribel’s confident words. “Why don’t you get a separate mansion, Mrs. Grayson? If you want to go in and out of the Imperial Capital to meet me, I think it’s okay to just put down the leader’s seat and manage it as the owner of the theater.”

“That’s not what’s hard for me. I am still thinking about giving Liam the position of the troupe leader. Raphael in Tilia will now return to Dublin and take over the seat of Count Caden, and I can’t live underground forever.”

Maribel was thinking of leaving the theater to Liam, the theater manager who was her right-hand man. Even putting down the position of the troupe leader, she could not give up all control of the theater. Liam would take charge of all external affairs to avoid the public eye, but she would be behind them.

“Yes. Let’s think a little bit more about what I’m going to say about my relationship with you.”

It was difficult to explain the contact between Maribel, a low-ranking aristocrat and theater owner, and Princess Kiellini. It was a matter that should be dealt with carefully, as it could damage the reputation of the princess. But Maribel was a very useful person for Julietta. Despite worries about her reputation, she didn’t intend to stay away from a competent person.

As she left the bedroom, thinking she would have more to do in the future, she saw Phoebe, Sophie, and Amelie waiting in the hallway.

“Phoebe, I’ll ask for forgiveness first. I usually ask permission in advance, but I made a decision as I pleased. Would you trust me and follow my instructions?”

Phoebe didn’t know exactly what was going on, but when Julietta came out and spoke so seriously while asking for forgiveness, she quickly replied, “I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t think you would do anything bad to me. I’ll follow your orders.”

At Phoebe’s obedient answer, Julietta unwittingly held her hand. She was so sorry and guilty that she had nearly been murdered.


“You’re going to the Kiellini mansion with me now. Amelie will send your luggage later. Let’s leave right now.”

“To the Kiellini mansion?”

Julietta replied for bewildered Phoebe, Amelie and Sophie. “I want Phoebe to be my companion to talk with and a maid. I need someone I can trust to be closest to.”

When Julietta held Manny and said, Phoebe’s face glowed with joy and then darkened again. “But the people who kidnapped me a while ago will recognize me. They seemed to be very high-ranking aristocrats. You’ll be humiliated because of me.”

Julietta shook her head as if she were not to worry, at Phoebe’s words which were mixed with the fear that she might be hurt by the people again and it might damage Julietta. “It doesn’t matter. It will be okay if you are different from Phoebe now. If you change your gait, attitude, tone of speech, no one will recognize you.”

Maribel said to Phoebe who still had a worried look on her face at Julietta’s words. “You don’t have to worry about being seen in the house, even if you are a maid. So, don’t be scared in advance and follow her.”

Maribel thought Julietta was giving her useless sympathy when she said earlier that she would take Phoebe to the Kiellini mansion. She seemed to be sorry that she almost died because of her, but she saved her wandering around in her underwear on the street, so that was enough. But when she said she needed her own people, Maribel gave up her mind to oppose it. She knew Phoebe was a good-natured girl, so she would not do any harm if left by Julietta’s side.

“Thank you, thank you.” Phoebe burst into tears and uttered words of appreciation. She would be grateful if she would not be kicked out of the dressing shop, but she even gave her a job as a maid of the Kiellini mansion. She had been indebted to Julietta for the grace to not able to repay for her lifetime.


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