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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 170: Kidnapping, Part VI Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 170. Kidnapping, Part VI

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

She had no intention of acting as naive as before and going up and down in the mouths of people, and she ordered Penny to give her a mirror. As she was checking to see if there was anything in disorder as before, a servant in a dark red uniform came in.

“Hello, Lady Anais. His Highness has told me to obey your command.”

Christine stood up and left the waiting room after receiving greetings with as calm a look as possible. She took Penny and the servant out of Francis’s palace and got into the carriage.

“Penny, stand by near Prince Killian’s lounge, and bring her as soon as the princess comes out.”

“Do you think she is with Prince Killian?” Penny’s eyes widened when Christine on the carriage gave her an instruction.

Christine turned her head to the servant without any answer. “Tell Marquise Raban that Princess Kiellini was sick and went back to the mansion of the Duke. The Marquise will be in the card room. A chaperone, a woman who follows and takes care of a married lady, usually doesn’t stay in the party hall for long. If she’s not in the card room, look for a lounge or a terrace. Please come to the Anais family lounge after confirming Mrs. Raban has left.”

When she arrived at the outer palace where the banquet hall was located, Christine got out of the carriage at the end of her words.

“Oh, and…”

As she tried to ask the servant not to draw useless attention, a clear, confident voice came from her side. “Oh! Who is this? Aren’t you Lady Anais?”

She didn’t want to run into anyone at the moment, but because the speaker was someone she couldn’t ignore, Christine turned around. “Princess Haint, I haven’t seen you in a long time. How have you been?”

At Christine’s greeting, Haint’s head tilted slightly to one side. “I haven’t seen Lady Anais lately. It’s already been three months since we met before you went to Bertino.” Jayna had no intention of revealing that she had just seen her way out at the palace of Francis, smiled refreshingly and glanced at the servant in a royal uniform standing behind Christine.

Christine noticed that Jayna’s gaze was behind her and said quickly, “Are you going to the banquet hall? I’m not feeling well, so I’m thinking of going to the lounge, so excuse me.”

“Well, apparently you’re coming from Prince Francis’ palace. What happened?” Unlike when she had come out of Francis’s palace a week ago, Christine was perfect without a single hair out of place.

But frightened beforehand, she reacted sharply to Jayna’s question. “You’re being very intrusive. What do you think happened to me?”

Jayna took a step backward in surprise at the sharp reaction. “Lady Anais, why are you so angry? You said you weren’t feeling well, so I just asked you what happened, but I’m very embarrassed that you are so sensitive.”

Christine said with a quick change on her face, thinking that she might have overreacted. “I guess I was nervous because I wasn’t feeling well. Thank you for your concern. Nothing unusual happened, and I haven’t been feeling well lately.”

Jayna raised her fan over Christine’s excuse, covering her mocking smile. “I see. If you’re not feeling well, you should go home. I don’t know why you’re going to the lounge. Is there anything you shouldn’t have done?”

“There can’t be such a thing. I’m just going out for a long time, so if I don’t feel any better, I’m going to go back.”

Jayna nodded as she watched Christine glance at Francis’s attendant with a nervous face. “I see. His Highness Francis must have been worried about you. I can’t believe he sent you with his servant. I envy you your strong friendship with him. I guess I’ve been holding on to someone who’s not been feeling well for a long time. I’m out to get some air, too, and I’ll have to go in.”

Christine saw Jayna heading toward the banquet hall and told the servant to finish up. “Hurry up and call out Mrs. Raban. Make sure the Marquise returns to the mansion of the Duke and return to me. Be careful not to attract people’s attention.”

Christine finished speaking and turned to go to the Anais family lounge.


“Well, Your Highness!” As he touched her, Julietta looked blankly at Killian, thinking her identity had been exposed. Then, she was sobered by the delicate stroke on her side, and pushed Killian away to protest. “What are you doing?”

Killian then slowly pulled his hand off.

As soon as his hand was removed, Julietta quickly put her lowered dress back up to cover her chest.

Killian, looking at the scene with regret, pulled back the waist of Julietta who stared at him boldly after arranging her clothes. “My question is still valid. Why are you pretending to be Princess Kielini this way?”

Julietta stared at Killian, only breathing without reply, and glanced away at his question.

“Huh? Julietta?” Killian grabbed Julietta’s chin and raised her head. “Do you know how great of a sin a noble impersonation is?”

The green eyes which had been avoiding eye contact finally returned to Killian. He smiled satisfactorily at the gaze focused on him.

Encouraged by the smile, Julietta managed to open her mouth. “I’ve been offered a big paycheck for playing the role of the ailing Princess Kiellini. I just needed a place to hide…” She went so far as to say, but her mouth closed again.

“Why did you have to hide?”

Killian’s impudent question made Julietta look at him again without realizing it. “Your Highness, I know I’m guilty of death now, but I have to say what I want to say and then die.”

There was nothing to be afraid of even she was sitting on the lap of a man questioning her guilt. In fact, she believed that the Prince would not do anything about her right away. Before she knew it, Killian was the one who she had faith in.

Julieta spoke bluntly to the Prince, who nodded for her to keep speaking. “Your Highness, have you forgotten that I worked as your bedroom maid? I’ve seen you do that before my eyes. But you were going to take me as a concubine. There was no way I could do that with you.”

Killian was silent for a while at Julietta’s words.

“I see.” Killian answered after a long time, He grabbed Julietta by the waist, lifted her off his lap, and put her down right next to him.

She thought he would be angry about being arrogant or what mattered, but he didn’t respond much, and she felt embarrassed. Moreover, he turned her away calmly, and then began to pick out the string of the broken corset.

“Why aren’t you angry?” Julietta asked Killian as she tried to look back.

Killian turned her back, making her look ahead, and released the cravat tied on her neck. “How angry would I get if you ran away because you didn’t like it?” Killian pulled out the corset and removed the top of the dress which Julietta held as a lifeline.

“Your Highness!” Julietta screamed with fright.


However, Killian merely bound the open cravat around her chest without any reaction. He wrapped her whole chest in the cravat and turned it around, then brought both ends back and tied them together strongly. “I can’t explain how you are dressed to fetch your maid. As a temporary measure, try to wear the dress like this and go to your lounge.”

Killian pressed her chest as hard as he could and secured it flat with the cravat, then helped her put on the dress again. The cravat’s knot popped out of the dress, but it was completely covered when Killian brought Julieta’s hair which had been hanging over one shoulder, behind her back.

“Now, it’s completely covered. Go back to the Kiellini family lounge.” Killian went to the door and unlocked the door he had locked.

Julieta hesitated for a moment seeing him act that way. “Your Highness, uh…”

“I forgot what I heard here today. Do you remember anything?”

“Your Highness?”

“The princess, I hope you will return safely to Tilia Territory. I trust that our partnership will continue to thrive. You can leave here.”

At the end of his words, Killian opened the door himself and waited for Julietta to leave. As Julietta hesitated again at his strangely distant manner, Killian shook his head as if asking her to leave again. Julietta hesitated, not knowing what to do, but ended up leaving the room after giving her courtesy. The closing of the door made her heart feel like it was skipping.


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