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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 17: Bertino Mansion on Harrods Street, Part VIII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 17. Bertino Mansion on Harrods Street, Part VIII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Most of the first people to see her disguise expressed disgust, frowning. But the Prince in front of her seemed to not care about the outward appearance. He only checked whether she could do the job properly without altering his expression.

“Yes, Your Highness. There was a recommendation from the head maid, Johanna, and when I watched for a while during education, she was quite a prudent and composed maid. I think she’ll be okay.”

Sir Albert thought inwardly, ‘How much can she know after only an hour?’ However, he praised Julietta, as he knew if he said he had no other maid prepared, the Prince would scold him severely.

Fortunately, with Albert sighing the Prince nodded without any word and lowered his head to the papers again. Julieta breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t think he would recognize her, but she couldn’t help feeling nervous.

She thought it was good to have prepared her glasses. She also liked the fact that the Prince’s appearance was not clear, as everything looked gray beyond the opaque lens as the cheap glasses were not processed with magic. Julietta was relieved to think that she could do it this much.


After a while, the Prince took the woman into the bedroom and it was midnight.

Julietta was dozing off slightly in spite of the embarrassing noises from beyond the curtains. Getting up early in the morning and going to the Eileen Theater and coming back was more exhausting than cleaning all day. Julietta, who had been promoted to the Prince’s maid, was tired and closed her eyes.

No matter how loud the noise was in the bedroom, it was not as exciting in contrast to her worry, since she had been schooled by all kinds of harmful media when she had lived as Jenna.

In fact, the room was too big for the excitement and the curtains of the bed on one side of the large room were thick. Although the moon’s glare reflected the nude scenes tossing about on the bed, it was boring because it was much less harsh than the mosaic of adult videos.

She was spending time dozing off like that, and all of a sudden she got an order from the Prince,

“Turn on the light and bring the water.”

Julietta, who had been told until her ears ached, ‘You should give a ready answer and take immediate action when you are called and ordered by the Prince,’ replied reflexively in the middle of dozing off.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Quickly taking a glass of water across the wide room, Julietta held it out through the drapery of the bed to the waiting Prince. But there was no response from the inside of the curtains. While Julietta thought about what to do for a while, fortunately, she could feel a hand inside holding the glass.

As she waited with her hand stretched out to take the glass back, suddenly the Prince, without anything on, appeared after opening the curtains.

“Wake her up and let her go out.”

Killian was briefly embarrassed by the glass of water sticking through the curtains, soon after he gave the order. This was the first time he’d ever been treated so rudely.

As he stared at the glass which appeared in the air, he felt the maid was embarrassed beyond the curtains, and the water in the glass was about to overflow. Even though Killian reluctantly accepted the glass, her hands stopped in midair as if she asked him to give it back when he drank it all.

Killian stared at the ill-mannered hand, emptied the glass, then sprang up and stepped out of bed. His sudden move was followed by a strange sound of “hi-i-ik” as he ran head-on into the maid who had not stepped back.

The main character of the sound hurried back, frightened as if she had met a monster. Killian’s eyebrows were raised by the unusual behavior of the maid that he had never seen before.

“What did you mean by that sound now?”

With his hands on the waist of his naked body and standing confidently, Julietta wanted to beat herself for not carrying a towel.

However, even if she had a towel, she wondered if he would accept it, as he was standing there confidently. Julietta, who had imagined the man with a statue-like body in front of her was wearing a white towel around the area he seemed most confident in, quickly came to her senses at the sight of the Prince, who was staring at her.

Having felt the danger of being fired on the first day, she thought for a moment about what to say.

‘Do I have to say that I was freaked out by your nakedness? Or is it because it was so grand that I was speechless?’

Having barely endured what she wanted to say, to be honest, Julietta said with deliberate wheezing of breath, “I’m sorry, Your Highness. When I am surprised, I get choked up because of my asthma, and a strange sound comes out. Please forgive me.”

The Prince’s face did not soften, though she deliberately stopped breathing once.

Killian looked at the maid with half-closed eyes, looked around the little eyes behind thick glasses, and she suddenly breathed as if she was having a hard time breathing. She was better than the ladies who were mesmerized when they saw him, but he was not happy to see her head turned to one side as if she had seen something she had not wanted to see.

“Really? That’s right. Good. But why are you looking elsewhere when you talk to me? You are very cheeky!”

At Killian’s reproach, Julietta turned her head reluctantly.

“I’m sorry. I heard I shouldn’t face them when I’m talking to someone high…”

Killian snorted at the maid in front of him, holding her head straight as if she should never look down.

“Really? That’s good. You can look at me straight from now on. I will let you.”

‘I heard the Prince doesn’t like to look at himself.’

Julietta was embarrassed by the order she had been given, different from the instructions she had received. Killian, who had already wiped away the fact that he had been angry at a maid because she had looked at him and been mesmerized a few months ago from his head, gave her instructions as he went to the bathroom.

“Wake her up before I come out and let her leave.”

Julietta stood still, her head drooping gently until she could not see the Prince, and then opened the curtains to wake up the woman sprawled on the bed.

“Lady, Lady, get up.”

Moira, who had fainted due to ecstasy after the enchanting act of the Prince, woke up from her sleep at the shaking of a hand.

“Uh, where is His Highness?”


Julietta, who hurriedly roused Moira, groped about her and forced her to don a gown. “He went into the bathroom. I have to wait on His Highness, so you have to wear this.”

Julietta called Jeff waiting in front of the door after she was forced to put a gown on Moira’s unconscious body. Jeff, who came in as soon as the door opened, asked urgently, “How long has he been in?”

“It’s been a while, the Lady couldn’t get up right away.”

“I’ll get another scolding again. Next time, please hurry up a bit.”

Jeff, who was disgusted by the fact that the maid he had to work with was a poor-looking woman, quickly let go of his expression when he saw the woman in bed who was half-dressed. He asked her to hurry, but he glanced over her by walking as slowly as he could from the front door along the short distance to the bathroom. When Julietta, displeased by his sultry eyes, stood to cover Moira’s loose outfit, only then did Jeff go into the bathroom.

Julietta helped Moira, who was still half-conscious, rise up and handed her over to her maid, who was waiting at the door. After that, she started to hurry up and clean up the bed.

The short impression that the work was easier than she thought passed.



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