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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 135: Preparation, Part XX Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 135. Preparation, Part XX

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Despite Christine’s question, the woman only shook her head with her mouth tight.

“If you don’t want to reveal your name, shall I call you a gift? I’m going to send you as a gift to someone.”

“It’s Phoe~, Tina, lady.” At Christine’s words, Phoebe hesitated for a moment and gave a different name. Because she didn’t want to give them her name.

“Tina, don’t be so scared. I’m not trying to do anything bad. I’m just sending you to someone with a very high status to appreciate you.” Christine said that and laughed with great satisfaction.

After sending Francis the woman in front of her with blond hair and green eyes similar to Princess Kiellini, he would be able to feel a vicarious satisfaction. Before long, Princess Kielini would also be Francis’s.

Christine whispered affectionately to the woman shaking her head with tears in her eyes,

“If you’re good, you’ll be able to grab enough money to make a living for the rest of your life.”

‘Certainly, you will die before then.’

Christine smiled pleasantly for the first time in a long time, feeling a soothing sensation inside as she sat back.


Upon arriving at the Tilia Territory, Adam was guided immediately to the Duke of Kiellini, who had already received his message to visit in advance.

“Your Excellency, I haven’t seen you in a long time. It’s been almost two months since we met in Bertino.”

“Welcome, the Count. I was surprised and wondered about what had happened when you said you would visit all of a sudden.”

On the surface, he greeted him with a relaxed smile, but the sharp eyes of the Duke of Kiellini constantly watched Adam. Watching as if he had noticed something, Adam smiled and sat down at the Duke’s recommendation.

“I have been worried because you are sick, and so I came to visit you. My father is also worried a lot.”

Kiellini replied with a reassuring smile that he had left the capital and recalled that Simone had made an excuse that he was sick. “As I’m old enough, it’s different from day to day. I think the visit to Bertino was a little too much.”

“Well, that’s why you weren’t able to join the princess’s debut party.”

“Yes, have you met my child?”

“I came back from Vicern the day before yesterday. I didn’t have a chance to meet her.”

Adam said he had never met the princess because no one would know that he had met her in the dressing shop. Watching the Duke relax at the remark, Adam began to talk about the reason for his visit.

“I heard that the princess opened the dressing shop this time. Is the family of Kiellini now looking elsewhere besides the tea business?”

The Duke of Kiellini managed to hide his frown. “My child is weak, and she doesn’t know what the world is like. She’ll be back in Tilia after the social season anyway, and in the meantime, I’m letting her do whatever she wants to do.”

“She’s not staying in Dublin, she is coming back to Tilia? She is at the age of a newly debuted marriageable age; it is surprising.”

“She is a child who will inherit the duchy, so marriage is not so important. I’m going to get her married to a proper retainer who belongs to the family. She is in a hurry to take her successor’s classes, as she has never been taught.”

“I see. His Highness Killian seems to think that his jewelry business and her dressing shop business are in good harmony.”

Kiellini reacted sharply to the word Killian. It was hard to overlook the fact that Julietta had been the maid of the Prince.

“His Highness?”

“Yes, but it’s embarrassing to suggest that she is doing it for her experience while she’s in Dublin. Never mind.”

At Adam’s words, the Duke of Kiellini’s expression visibly loosened.

“If the princess plans to continue her business after she comes down to Tilia…”

“That’s not going to happen. She’s going to take her successor’s lessons. I don’t think there’s going to be enough idle time to be playing with dolls.”

“I see. By the way, Your Excellency, while I am here, I’d like to ask you about the part where you said you’d support His Highness Killian. His Majesty said that he would make a formal announcement about the Crown Prince at the New Year’s Eve party. I think the battle will begin as soon as the season is over, and I expect you to help us.”

Adam thought that the Duke’s answer today would determine Killian’s handling of the Duke. Indeed, he paid strict attention to what dice the Duke would throw in his future.

“I went all the way to Bertino and told the Prince my decision, and I have felt sorry for my poor health ever since.”

“You mean you’ll withdraw your decision at that time?”

The Duke of Kiellini replied that he was sorry about what Count Adam had said. “Withdraw? It doesn’t have to be said like that. It’s just that my situation isn’t working right now. My daughter’s education as a successor is on my mind because of her poor health. She hasn’t started it at all under the pretext of being weak. I trust you will understand.”

The Duke’s face looked better than ever, though he said he was in poor health with every word. His daughter made her debut in society safely, and as he thought he could bring his daughter back to Tilia after the season was over and get rid of her, he deserved to have a good face.

Adam nodded understandingly. “I see. His Highness will understand your situation. Then I’ll have to go back. But I’m relieved that you look better than I thought.”

Adam said goodbye, adding as he was about to get up from his seat. “It’s my first time coming to Tilia; it’s quite beautiful. What’s more, it’s amazing that unlike the capital, it’s neither hot nor humid. I can see why the tea produced here is so famous. I guess the princess has become so healthy because she has been recuperating in this air and scenery.”

Duke Kiellini felt uneasy as Adam praised Tilia, unlike his usual image. When it came to the idea that he might come to Tilia on business later, the Duke coldly opened his mouth to block the deed in advance.

“The Count, you have received the count title from His Highness Killian. You know you are just a bastard, right? As the son of a friend, I have been getting along with you in the meantime, but it will be a problem if you keep doing this. Especially since you are single. You’re worried about me and you’re here for business, but it will seem to others that a single young man is coming to visit the father of a lady of marriageable age. I don’t want my precious daughter to be talked about with an illegitimate child, so I want you to be careful.”


Adam smile fell away and his face hardened at the words of the Duke of Kiellini.

“I didn’t know you thought so. Even though I was adopted by my father, I’m sure I’ll be labeled a bastard forever. But neither I nor anyone else knows what’s going to happen in the future. How do you know if there won’t be a surprising change in identity.”

The Duke of Kiellini clicked his tongue at Adam’s words.

“No one knows yet whether Prince Killian will be Emperor or not. In fact, I regret that I said in Bertino that I would stand by the Prince. There’s nothing good against Duke Dudley. So, throw away your dream of becoming prime minister because of the Prince who would be Emperor. Even if His Highness were to become Emperor, you don’t know what you’d hear if an illegitimate child were to ascend to the prime minister’s seat.”

Adam looked straight at the revealing Duke of Kiellini. “Yes, Your Excellency. I’ll keep it in mind. I don’t want to be a prime minister, either. I don’t want to bother His Highness. What’s more, my title is Bertino’s. It’s a title that can’t be the prime minister of Austern.”

“I’m glad you know that. Don’t be so careless; because you are the son of a friend, I told you about the hard things.”

The Duke of Kiellini loosened his fierce eyes and patted Adam’s back in a friendly manner. Adam left the Duke’s office, responding to the pretentious Duke’s words with equal pretense.



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