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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 130: Preparation, Part XV Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 130. Preparation, Part XV

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“I know Julietta is a very clever girl for a maid, but I think she’s not good enough for Your Highness. But I will try to make the decision that is the best choice for you, if Your Highness has decided it.”

“Good. Let not only Adam, but all of you here, show to Julietta loyalty equal to me.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Then was it decided for Adam to go to Tilia Territory? I think I can do better,” Oswald joked to lighten the mood.

“It has to be Adam. Your words will be considered a joke by the Duke, and Charles has no talking ability to contend with the Duke.”

“Your Highness, you’re too much. When I speak, does it all sound like a joke?”

Spencer spoke up as he looked at Oswald, who was wearing a new yellow jacket that matched his hair and a dark purple blouse, with more colorful cravats than ever before. “The Marquis, there’s no need to be aggrieved. You perform via the magic of your appearance; even before you say something, it sounds like a joke.”

When Oswald cried out over Spencer’s unsympathetic consolation, everyone burst into laughter, and Adam eventually smiled along.


After the meeting, Adam handed over the certificates of land and buildings purchased in Vicern to Oswald.

“You’re saying it’s appropriate here?”

“The only building that’s currently empty on the street of Leicesant in Cherasa is there. A chef of the Imperial Castle bought it to open a cake shop, but his retirement date was postponed, so he put it up for sale, and I bought it.”

Oswald nodded as he looked at the map of Leicesant Street.

“The location is very good. It is in the middle of the main street. But wouldn’t it be too big for a jewelry store?”

“It was big because it was supposed to be a restaurant. But there was no other empty building around. Well, let’s talk to His Highness. If he doesn’t like it, we can sell it off and get another place, even if it’s a little off the main street. I heard that building prices in Leicesant are going up day by day. Still, it’s not as expensive as Eloz Street.”

“I’ll have to talk to Princess Kiellini first. I want to know what she will think of this big jewelry store.”

At Oswald’s words, Adam stared at him. “The girl who was a maid, you naturally call her Princess Kiellini. I thought you’d call her Julietta in the absence of His Highness. Why are you discussing the jewelry store of His Highness with her?”

Oswald clicked his tongue pitifully at Adam’s hard words. He seemed to follow along, as it was the Prince’s will, but he still did not give up.

“I know why you’re nervous. Are you worried that the princess who will be the Queen might make a mistake and get caught in her identity or harm His Highness? No, no, no.”

Adam was irritated when Oswald waved his finger to say no. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“You’ll only make a mistake if you meet the Duke of Kiellini with that kind of mindset. Go see the princess with me tomorrow.”

“Why are we going to see the princess? What if there’s gossip going around?”

“Who said we’d meet privately? Let’s go to the new dressing shop of the princess. If you see the decor of the dressing shop and the appearance of the princess, your concerns will disappear. We shall go tomorrow.”

He added on as an afterthought, as his words still hadn’t made a good impression on Adam. “When you see her tomorrow, you will understand why I call her princess.”


The next day, Oswald stopped by the mansion of Duke Martin and headed to the Chartreu Dressing Shop with the reluctant Adam. Since it was the first day that Mrs. Sarasa the dollmaker was working, Julietta was looking around the studio on the second floor with her.

They intended to build employee workrooms on the second and third floors so that they wouldn’t need to come downstairs very often. She was worried that they might get into trouble for nothing by running into aristocrats.

The workshop, named the Doll Room, had a workstation like the main studio on the first floor, a storage area filled with various colors of threads, and a decoration cabinet to be put the finished dolls in.

There were a soft sofa and a table by the window, so they could take breaks during work. In addition, since it was a renovated bedroom, there was also a bathroom with a toilet and a shower facility. There was also a small sink, so everything, such as preparing tea and drinking, could be resolved in the studio without having to go outside.

“As you know, a designer doesn’t want to show up herself, so I, the owner of the dressing shop, will manage most of the work. You can ask Amelie and Sophie when I’m away. You may be lonely working alone, but down on the first floor, you could hardly concentrate on your work since guests are continuously coming and going, so I put your studio on the second floor. The cook will come to work starting tomorrow. You can eat your meals in the staff dining room.”

She didn’t think about the staff dining room when there were only Amelie and Sophie, who ate their meals in the separate house. However, Amelie and Sophie were now unable to eat lunch properly because the Prince often visited the annex as a safe house.

Julietta gave up at Killian’s actions, who didn’t care even if she rebuked him. She made a gesture to tell him not to come often, and converted the nursery room on the third floor into an employee’s dining room for the employees. Anyway, thanks to the support of the Prince, she was able to afford it, so it would be okay to build convenient facilities for her workers.

When the cook came to work starting tomorrow, she was going to run a cafe in earnest. Rather than spending boring time on the waiting couch, she wanted the guests who came to order dresses to have tea and snacks at the café, chatting, enjoying some friendly socializing, and waiting leisurely.

No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t charge for the tea or the snacks to the customers who came to order their clothes. Therefore, she planned to officially open the cafe in another place after presenting it in this way. The small cafe, operated purely on a service level, was a plan and a kind of trial run to differentiate itself from other dressing shops.

There were three chefs employed in the dressing shop: a pâtissier to make bread, cookies, cakes for the cafe; a chef for the staff’s meals; and an assistant to help them. As it seemed to be getting bigger in size, she had some anxiety, but she decided to push ahead with the plan in a bold manner, believing that a more pleasant working environment should bring better results.


She was so busy: she had to get someone to meet the guests in the hall, staff to work in the coach house, a seamstress, a tailor and a manager. Still, Julietta decided to start educating them so that they could deal with customers instead of herself, who could not show up, as she had previously suggested to Amelie and Sophie.

If the employees were hired, Amelie and Sophie would not have to run all the work in the dressing shop as before, allowing them to get away from personally cutting and sewing. They would manage and supervise the finished costumes and dolls made upstairs, and would deal with guests who came to discuss designs or to try clothes on.

While Julietta was explaining the main facilities to Martha Sarasa, and thought that she would ask Maribel to find a suitable courtesy educator, Oswald entered the dressing shop with Adam.

Seeing Julietta coming down from the second floor, Oswald quickly whispered quickly to Adam,

“Never make a mistake; the princess doesn’t know we know who she is. His Highness will try to skin your hair off.”

After Oswald gave Adam a quick warning, he smiled as he greeted Julietta. “You’re very beautiful today, the princess.”

“Mr. Marquis, come on in. I was going to send a message to you that you can drop by anytime when you are free.”

Adam opened his eyes wide, amazed by Julietta’s elegant appearance, with bright pink-blonde hair and green eyes that were completely different from those of her wild red hair as a maid.


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