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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 128: Preparation, Part XIII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 128. Preparation, Part XIII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“There will be a birth defect, but the Duke will have no choice but to accept the fact, because this is the only way for his daughter to succeed him. This work is a punishment and revenge for the ungrateful Duke and the princess I’m giving out in place of my woman. I would make her a bastard, just as they treated Julietta so poorly. I hope the two of them don’t give up and rebel to the end. I want to put an end to my troubles.”

Killian finished and called out to Ian, “Bring in what I have prepared.”

At the Prince’s command, Ian brought in the long black leather storage box he had prepared, put it down on the table and opened the lid. Killian looked down at the ten pocket watches lying side by side in the storage compartment and said, “Magician Coupe repaired Bertino’s Magic Square and was exhausted, but I inspired him to make these pocket watches.”

Coupe was a genius magician who had suddenly disappeared after serving as the best student of a great magician in the Austern Imperial Castle. Killian caught him as he was trying to escape due to the annoying customs and rules of the Imperial Castle, and put him in Bertino.

Coupe was also planning to run away from Bertino, but gradually began to like it when no one in the castle, including Killian, interfered with him. But, he soon realized that there was no money in studying magic instead of being free.

After a moment of thought, he offered a deal to Killian, the owner of the castle. In exchange for providing financial support to buy as many magical materials as he wanted, he would make what Killian wanted.

The pocket watches in the storage box that was now on the table were made because Killian thought he might need them one day. Coupe had been working on them for several years and finally completed them. After succeeding in making a pocket watch that perfectly met Killian’s request, Coupe’s confidence had soared.

“What is this?”

Robert took the pocket watch Ian was holding out. When Ian also gave Maribel and Simone a pocket watch and stepped down, Killian replied, “It is a bonding device. You are confident now that you’ll give your life to me, but people’s words can’t guarantee the future. I can’t take a risk if it costs Julietta her life. I like what’s certain.”

Killian took a pocket watch Ian handed over and looked at them all coldly.

“If you drop blood through the hole in your watch, it will activate. You will be under oath until you die. You belong to me. If you try to break the vow you’ve made to me, whether by yourself or by other means, if you try to convey our secrets to others in any form, whether in words or in writing, you’re going to explode and die.”

Robert nodded at Killian’s words.

“Your Highness, I’m Julietta’s father. I won’t do anything harmful to her. But if you feel comfortable doing this, I’ll be happy to accept it. I’m just deeply grateful for the grace of Your Highness for having set up this kind of device.”

Killian responded coldly to Robert’s words, “You are also the father of two children who have inherited the blood of the family of Dudley. So please understand that I can’t fully trust your fatherly love.”

At Killian’s comment, Robert paused for a moment. He had thought it was unnecessary to compare Julietta, born to his beloved Stella, to the two children of the despised daughter of Dudley. But when the Prince pointed that out, he was heartbroken. He thought that Stella and Julietta were going to die because of Ivana. He had tried to get revenge by not loving her children, but it wasn’t easy.

‘After all, wasn’t it all because of my own greed?’ His past self, who loved Stella, but didn’t have the courage to break her identity, was the main culprit of all this.

Robert looked at Killian, taking responsibility for his original sin. “Your Highness, please promise me one thing. Of course, for Julietta, I will give my allegiance to you. If I have been a father of Christine and Fjord so far, I will live as a father to Julietta from now on.”

Killian figured out what the Marquis was trying to say. “The family of Marquis Anais will be fine. So will Christine. Fjord will inherit the family. I will not include them in the fall of the family of Dudley, I promise.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

As Robert bowed deeply and gave his thanks, Killian added, “Also, keep in mind that if they interfere with my work or do harm to Julietta in any way, what I promised to the Marquis will not be done.”

“Yes, Your Highness. I will keep it in mind.”

Robert hoped that it would not happen. He was worried about Christine’s feelings toward Prince Killian, but he believed that she would eventually clear up her mind.

Killian confirmed Robert’s consent and looked at troupe leader Maribel, and Mrs. Raban.

“I’m sure both of you will agree with my proposal. There is no need to say something for you, because even Julietta’s father, the Marquis, did this.”

At Killian’s words, Simone nodded. In a situation where even the Marquis was suspect, they were naturally bound to be suspicious, as Maribel did not share a drop of family blood, and Simone was a member of the House of Kiellini. Rather, it was safer to be able to assure faith with these devices.

As Simone started to answer, Maribel, standing next to her, stepped in. “Your Highness, of course, I don’t intend to speak out about this, so I’ll take a vow as you said. However, I, a low-ranking aristocrat and the troupe leader of a theater who has no strong background, unlike Madame Raban, cannot hide my uneasiness about the future. I’m afraid I’m going to be constantly anxious about what I am not doing, or that you will get rid of me when you don’t need me.”

Even though she knew he couldn’t kill her recklessly as long as Julietta was there, she cheekily squeezed out her tears. Killian nodded generously. “I see. If I create a strong background to dispel your anxiety, will it be okay for you?”

“Forgive me for behaving disrespectfully by saying these worries.”

Killian promised Maribel who bowed deeply. “I promise that when everything goes smoothly and I get what I want, the troupe leader’s status will be raised to a new level.”

At Killian’s words, Maribel’s eyes curled up. “Thank you very much for your kindness.”

So, each of the three pledged allegiance to Killian and made a vow to keep silent about Julietta’s affairs until she died. Killian retrieved the pocket watches with each name on them and handed them to Ian.


The pocket watches containing the vows of the three were to be kept in a secret place of Coupe’s forever. He didn’t know if any of them might change their minds and do something to get back the watches. Killian decided to keep them in the safest place, in Bertino, as anyone with more magical power could nullify the magic if they could find them.

“Now, it’s almost time for the opera to end. I think you’d better hurry back. We’ll have our meetings here in the future, of course, behind Julietta’s back.”

Robert was anxious to find out more about how Julietta had been caught in the eyes of Prince Killian and what had happened in the meantime, but as the Prince said, it was time for the show to end soon. He had to leave now to get back to the theater without being seen.

Maribel recognized his thoughts and said, “Your Excellency, I’ll tell you more about Julietta’s work as soon as I get a chance. But first, you have to return.”

Robert accepted Maribel’s words, rose from his seat, and said goodbye to the Prince. Hesitantly stepping out and heading for the front door, he suddenly turned back, as if something had troubled his mind.

“But, Your Highness, what happens if the Duke of Kiellini rejects your offer? What if he draws in Julietta, saying he’d rather be punished all the way?”

Killian grinned at the Marquis. “They say the Duke has been in such bad health that he couldn’t even attend his successor’s debut party. He might die of a sudden illness. No one would doubt it. In the future, all the realms of Kiellini will be held by Madame Raban here.”

Simone bent her knees slightly to thank Killian for his words.


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