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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 110: Chartreu, Part VIII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 110. Chartreu, Part VIII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

As soon as the small, delicate hand was placed in his large one hand, Killian clutched it tightly like an eagle that snatched the prey. His mouth crept up as Julietta looked up in surprise.

“Do you want to lose a hard-earned acquisition?”

It was meant to imply a double meaning, but Julietta couldn’t understand it, so she only blinked at him. Killian gazed merrily at the way she tilted her head, raising her small hand that entered her hand to her eyes. He observed the white hands carefully.

“The princess, the ownership of this building is under the family of Kiellini.”

Julietta felt her heart fall to her feet at Killian’s words. As he stared at her eyes, wide with surprise, Killian lowered his face to the back of her hand.

Unlike the ceremonial kisses, the noble Prince’s head did not move from the back of her hand, and Julietta who was holding her breath, blurted out as she couldn’t bear it, “Your Highness, I’d like you to let go of my hand.”

Killian finally raised his head, pretending to be unaware of Julietta, who was twisting her hand.

“I think Princess Kiellini, who’s had a bad body since she was a child, has had a strange hobby to relieve her boredom. Your hand is so rough.”

The Prince’s hand groped slightly at the tip of Julietta’s finger.

Her hands were exposed to Killian’s eyes, since she took off her gloves while sewing. She had been taking care of her hands for two and a half months, so they looked pretty and beautiful at first glance, but the palms were still rough and there were fine little cuts at the fingertips. They were not the hands that the princess of the family of Kiellini, a great noble family, had.

Killian asked her, staring closer into her bewildered green eyes, “Or is there another reason?”

Julietta’s heart, which had gone through the floor, was now pounding even harder. As her breath became very rough, Killian grabbed her hand tightly once more and put it down. If she really fainted, he would be in trouble.

With Julietta’s hands down, Killian slowly walked through the studio, seemingly not interested in the answers to his questions. He absentmindedly walked around one time, through the bundles of fabric standing in one corner and the clothes hanging on the workbench, and then back to Julietta in front of the mirror in the fitting room.

“You sewed the clothes yourself, no matter how boring it was. If this is known, the princess will be buried right away. A bunch of mean-spirited people will against you, saying that you are undermining the dignity of the nobility.”

“I didn’t make clothes. I couldn’t do that, could I? I went down to a rural area for recuperation and came up with a business idea to appease my boredom. As soon as I recovered my health, I opened the costume shop that I planned with my debut. It’s just that, so please clear up the misunderstanding.”

Trying to make her face as calm as possible, she even smiled at the corners of her mouth, but Killian jiggled as he pointed to her chest and sleeve.

“Just take the stitches off your clothes and say it. And, princess, I wonder if you know there’s a needle in your sleeve.”

There was a habit of sewing on the sleeve while working chores in the prop room. She was surprised at the appearance of the Prince, and forgot that she had left it there for a while after making the doll hat, in case she needed to modify it.

When Julietta raised her arm in embarrassment, Killian held it and pulled the needle out personally, and said, “It’s dangerous, so I think you’d better get rid of this habit right now.”

Handing the flashing needle over to Sophie next to him, Killian added, “I think you’ve gained weight in the last few days. You look healthy. It looks great.”

Julietta didn’t want to box in her chest with a corset until the day she came to the dressing shop, had worn an out-of-the-box dress with a rich ruffle from shoulders to chest to cover up her ample breasts. Hurling abuses inside to the Prince who immediately noticed the fine difference, she turned her head slightly to hide her irritated expression.

“I think it’s because I feel better after finishing my debut. It’s a shame to be pointed out in the face like this.”

‘That arrogant and spoiled nature seems to be exercised regardless of who it is. How can you ask if I gained weight?’

She had been breathtakingly surprised for a while, but Julietta, stunned by the Prince’s words and actions, wanted to end the unexpected encounter.

Killian’s mouth became more sulky when she purposely sniffed at the rude remarks, as if she was hurt. He spoke in a friendly soothing way, unlike his sneering mouth, “I think it’s a mistake to say that, but it looks much better than your pale complexion at the party. I think you are beautiful to everyone’s eyes.”

Julietta gave an unappealing look to him at his way of speaking. His pretending to be kind was even more suspicious. The arrogant man tried to appease her by paying lip service, as the background of the family of Kiellini was great.

“I have come to ask you something. I’ve been looking for the princess, but I think there are too many interrupters here.”

When he said some words women would like best, as Oswald had once told him, Julietta’s face got even worse. Killian thought he’d better get to the point as soon as possible. His escorts dragged out Sophie and Amelia at his command.

Julietta was genuinely annoyed to see Sophie and Amelie being dragged away from them, and looked after them in worry. She had accepted this dangerous task to hide herself after hearing that he was going to take her in as a concubine, and she was furious with the Prince, who was trying to render all her efforts vain.

Although she could not even speak for herself when a maid, she was the princess of the family of Kiellini, whose rank was now the first or second in the aristocratic hierarchy. Julietta, determined to knock him off his pedestal today where he thought that all women would love him, gave a nod to Killian, as if to tell him to hurry things up.

She was sure he would think he had found her weak spot and would try to marry into the family of Kiellini on the pretext of it. So, no matter how much he threatened, she had to find a way not to succumb to him.

‘Since his arrogance pierces the sky, shouldn’t I just say no by mentioning his behavior so far?’

It was clear that he would not cling to a woman who disliked him. Julietta waited for Killian to speak out, pondering how to hurt the pride of the noble Prince most.

“I’d like to propose a partnership to the princess.”

“… a partnership?”

Ignoring Julietta’s surprise and being thrown off her guard by the unexpected remark, Killian looked back at Oswald, who stood beside him, his eyes shining at the exciting development of the two.

“Why do you want from me, Your Highness?” Oswald asked, as if he had no intention of leaving.

“The Marquis, I saw a lot of things in the hall.”

“It’s all I’ve already seen before, Your Highness.”


The eye fighting between Oswald with a smile on his face, and Killian who was staring at him, lasted for a while. In the end, Killian sighed in surrender to Oswald, who seemed to have no intention of backing down.

“Yes. This is the information you brought anyway, so I will tolerate you this time.”

Killian neatly gave up on kicking Oswald out, grabbed Julietta’s hand and led her to the terrace.

“Let’s sit down and discuss it slowly, because it will take longer.”

Killian sat Julietta in a chair that lay on the terrace with perfect politeness.

Oswald’s eyes reddened at the polite manners that the Prince rarely showed. There was no comparison between his current attitude of treating the princess and the hard and cold appearance he had when meeting with other royal princesses or ladies from all over the world.

Seeing his passion and sincerity, he really wanted to get the information about Julietta from Princess Kiellini. Oswald even had a sad thought, and decided to do his best to help.

When the determined Oswald sat next to the Prince as if invited, Killian said stiffly, “The Marquis, it’s stuffy. I think the table is too small for the two of us to sit down.”


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