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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 106: Chartreu, Part IV Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 106. Chartreu, Part IV

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“Where was she going in and out?”

“It was a dressing shop on the outskirts of the Eloz Street.”

Killian was annoyed by Oswald’s answer. “What makes you think it’s suspicious for the princess to come in and out of a dressing shop, and report it?”

“It’s been a few days since she made her official debut in social circles. If she was an ordinary lady, it is time when she would be busy attending parties and meetings every day. By the way, Princess Kiellini attended the tea party hosted by the daughter of Count Patrick. As I know, she is weak; I feel it is strange that she doesn’t miss a day’s work in the dressing shop. Isn’t that strange?”

“Oh, that was the hot tea party.”

Oswald was delighted by Spencer’s pretense of knowing. “Did you hear that? The costume that the princess wore on that day is the hot talk. The hat on her forehead! Wasn’t that brilliant?”

Spencer opened his eyes surprisingly wide after Oswald, who didn’t see him there, went to a party yesterday, and expressed what he had heard.

“The hat on a forehead is terrible to hear.”

“Right? It’s great to have such a unique idea.”

When Oswald, who had a keen interest in fashion, was about to change the topic again, Killian raised his hand to restrain him. “Return to the point. You wouldn’t have come to report like this just because she has visited the dressing shop often.”

“Yes. It’s strange that the princess’s access to the dressing shop is frequent, but it’s not worth reporting to the Prince. But there was something strange in the report.”

“What’s strange about it?”

“The princess herself was putting a dress in a strange installation in the dressing shop.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I didn’t understand what the report meant even after thinking about it.”


“I decided to go there myself!” Oswald shouted excitedly, as Killian clasped his eyebrows and shook his head.

“They had no designer there.” Oswald looked at the two as if it was a great surprise, but the two men only blinked.

“She must have gone out.”

At Spencer’s answer, Oswald shook his head furiously. “No, no, no. Do you know what they said when I said I was impressed with the unusual clothes that the princess had worn and that I was going to meet the designer?”

“What did they say?”

“It’s hard for me to meet her because the designer doesn’t want to be in front of people.”

Killian managed to press down his seething thoughts. Oswald was talking so excitedly because he found something important, and Killian knew that no matter how much he tried to hurry him, Oswald wouldn’t come to the point until he said what he wanted to.

“Yes, but it’s great to go to the dressing shop myself.” Like Killian, Spencer knew Oswald’s character, and began to agree with him enthusiastically.

“This Oswald can’t stand when I’m curious.”

Spencer pressed down on what he wanted to say, “You’re such a character who likes to interfere,” and glanced at Killian. Killian might explode if he didn’t get to the point quickly.

“That’s why Killian trusts you. But maybe there’s a designer of that nature.”

“Yes, that could be. I thought it might be because he was a geeky designer. If I hadn’t seen the strange installation myself, I would have.”

“What the hell is that strange installation?” Killian was interested in the strange installation that came up over and over again.

“You’ll be surprised if you see it, too. They put many different types of clothes on the upper body, which has no arms or legs, like a corpse body. But how unusual the dresses were!”

“The upper body like a corpse body?”

Spencer also asked him questions quickly, preventing Oswald from falling into the other stories. No matter how much he imagined it, he was brought to mind only a grotesque figure, and he frowned. Oswald enjoyed looking at his confusion.

“You can’t imagine, can you? It’s even more strange to just say it in words. You have to see it for yourself. It was amazing.”

“The princess dressed the installation herself?”

“Yes, Your Highness. So, I investigated the owner of the building, because I felt something very suspicious.”

“Is it a building of the family of Kiellini?”

“That’s right, Your Highness. It’s confirmed that the family of Duke Kiellini just purchased it.”

“The princess is the owner of the dressing shop, isn’t she?”

“That’s right, Your Highness. Isn’t it really interesting? Of course, it could have been a new business for the family of the Duke, but now the new princess visits and manages the dressing shop herself every day.”

“You think the nameless designer is the princess.”

“Yes. That’s right, Your Highness, that’s what I want to say. I can’t believe the princess, who has been staying in the rural area for a long time, opened her dressing shop as soon as she came to Dublin. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t showed up? A princess who was interested in costumes learned to design by hiding herself. The Duke, who loved his daughter so much, offered to set up a dressing shop after her debut, and so the princess came back to Dublin.”

“It is plausible. It’s not an ordinary family, but Princess Kielini of a great family works as a designer. They’ll go crazy when they learn it in social circles.”

“Yes, Your Highness. The whole continent is going to be boisterous with this affair. And there’s one more strange thing. The entrance to the dressing shop was made of glass.”

“A glass door?”

“Yes, Your Highness. It was very similar to the door of the store we were preparing for. As soon as the Duke of Kiellini arrived, Julietta disappeared. And when Princess Kiellini came back to Dublin, Julietta was seen on the street of Eloz. Not long after that, there is a glass-door store that Julietta had told us about. Isn’t that a strange coincidence?”

Oswald rubbed his palms with excitement.

“Don’t I deserve to rush in to report to the Prince? Your Highness, I deserve praise.”

“That’s great, that’s great,” Spencer praised him on behalf of Killian, who was silent with thought.

“Yes. All we have to do is find Julietta, who is working for Duke Kiellini. I’ll take responsibility to figure out what the excuse will be.”

“But why did Julietta disappear from Bertino like that? Did she hate Killian so much?” Oswald blinked and signaled as Spencer tilted his head strangely.

Killian smiled at Oswald, who gave him a hard look, as if Killian blamed him for Spencer saying such a thing senselessly.

“I’m curious about the strange installation, so I’ll go see it first. We’ll try to go to the dressing shop when Princess Kiellini visits.”

“Will you go yourself? I don’t think that’s a good idea. Since your return from Bertino, you have not visited the Harrods’ mansion, nor did you see any of the women you’ve met in particular. In the meantime, you’re visiting a dressing shop… First, a suspicious arrow will head to the owner of the dressing shop. Then when it becomes known that the building is of the family of Duke Kiellini… Aha!” Oswald exclaimed as if he had only just realized it.


Embarrassed by his reaction, Spencer also hit his knee after a while. “What a surprise! You are a scary fellow. You think that you are going to tie Princess Kiellini with rumors, and naturally go in and out of the mansion of the Duke and find Julietta!”

Killian smiled meaningfully as the two were struck with blinking eyes, shot through with admiration. “Well, that’s one way, too. But that’s not what I think right now.”

“That’s not it?”

Spencer and Oswald attempted to get an explanation with a curious look, but Killian just laughed. “It’s a crazy idea, so I’m not telling you right now, but I’ll tell you when I’m sure. I’ll have to meet the princess first.”


“What brought you down at this important time?” The Duke of Kiellini had a hard face when he saw his younger sister suddenly descend into the Territory without any warning.

“What are you doing here at this critical time?!”

Simone stared at her brother beyond the desk in the Oval Office, stunned by the dry scolding. Looking at the papers and reports on the desk, he was probably getting reports of the work in Dublin.


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