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After the first blue raindrop landed on the green streaks of light outside Chi Yuyin’s body, there was a second, then a third, many more drops.

Just like the collapse of that heaven connecting giant stairway-like vine, the waterfall like juices and the rain of flesh, what appeared before their eyes was another unimaginable scene.

These drops of blue rain were like flying swords, carrying the power of a sacred level cultivator. When they landed on the green light the seven gemstones released, it was instead like a gentle spring rain, looking like it didn’t have any power at all.

The pure streaks of green light flowing outside Chi Yuyin’s body looked extremely sparse, but because of the dispersing of these blue raindrops, the green streaks of light instead looked even more dense, as if two arced umbrellas formed around Chi Yuyin’s body, one blue, one green.

After the initial shock, Chi Yuyin understood that Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang had made a gamble.

While looking at the even more concentrated blue raindrops that rushed over like a tide, she also understood what she needed to do right now.

While continuing to pour soul force into the gemstones, her body began to move faster.

Chi Yuyin became a giant shield that flew in Lin Xi and the others’ surroundings. Whenever there was a raindrop that might truly threaten Lin Xi and the others, it would all become scattered vital energy after making contact with this screen of light outside her body.

The ground around them, including the temple-like building behind them, instead continuously released chi chi noises. There were deep grooves and holes smashed apart by the blue raindrops, fragments continuously flying in all directions like fireworks.

“Can this be considered a spell formation?”

Lin Xi looked at the seven gemstones that carried mysterious power floating around Chi Yuyin’s body, unable to help but mutter to himself.

“Spell formation?”

Nangong Weiyang felt like the words Lin Xi used sounded a bit fresh, but they also seemed to contain some type of deeper reasoning. That was why she couldn’t help but lower her head to give Lin Xi a look, repeating these two words.

A breath ago, she was still a bit annoyed.

Her annoyance came from these seven gemstones not accepting her soul force, but they could accept the soul force of other Fiend Race cultivators.

When Chi Yuyin began to move as quickly as possible, the annoyance in her expression already disappeared. She already raised her head, looking at that descending aged Sea Fiend King with a serious expression.

The pure light wisps released by these seven gemstones, even though they could only barely surround Chi Yuyin alone, Chi Yuyin was still a cultivator close to the sacred level. Under her high speed movement, she already didn’t have to consider the issue of defense anymore, she only had to think about how they were going to kill this Sea Fiend King.

This aged Sea Fiend King that considered itself unexcelled in this world directly crushed the giant vine’s remains under its feet, also seeing this mutant Fiend Race young lady.

In this instant, because it finally defeated this giant vine, it felt a joy similar to that of killing a greatly hated enemy.

However, right at this time, under Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi’s gaze, it instead began to feel fear.

It was to the extent where it even wanted to jump back over the cliffs.

However, it already leapt out from the distant passage, its body also far heavier than any ordinary cultivator. Even if all of the soul force in its body erupted in this instant, it definitely couldn’t make it fly back like a flying sword.

That was why it could only descend.

The pain of post Devil Transformation was something no one who hadn’t experienced it could imagine.

Not only was there an aching and soreness like that of the entire body being crushed by a roller, there was also the extreme fatigue and weariness that accompanied large amounts of soul force disappearing from the body.

That was why many Purgatory Mountain cultivators, after Devil Transformation, would even make even greater cuts on their bodies or hammer in some nails, using these pure pain like methods to stimulate themselves, using this to eliminate other out of sorts feelings.

However, Lin Xi understood clearly that alone, Nangong Weiyang had no chance of winning against this Sea Fiend King. That was why he still placed his hands on Big Black’s three black strings.

Chi Shan was also already tired to the extreme.

Her complexion was pale to the point of almost being transparent.

However, this seemingly delicate and weak petite Fiend Race young lady still nodded to Chi Su next to her in a resolute manner.

Chi Su clenched his teeth. The wolf teeth club in his hands released a stream of air, supporting a dark green seed.

The aged Sea Fiend King descended.

It wanted to do everything it could to pull open a bit of distance between Nangong Weiyang and itself. However, when this thought appeared in its mind, its instinctive reaction was for it to firmly restrain its own soul force, to not crazily use it before it landed on the ground, not daring to waste even the slightest bit of its soul force.

Its body might be at least a few thousand jin of weight. The instant its soles made contact with the ground, as an extremely muffled sound wave spread in all directions, a crater of over ten meters in diameter appeared. Then, the ground was like ocean waves, rising and falling, spreading outwards.

The ground’s trembling even made Chi Su stagger, almost directly falling to the ground.

What accompanied the impact noise was the ear-piercing bone fracturing noise of the Sea Fiend King’s legs.

Its instincts already made it realize that when it landed, when its body suffered a great recoil, that was the best time for Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi to attack.

That was why all of the soul force it previously accumulated was purely for its body to land.

This type of thinking was undoubtedly without the slightest bit of error.

Only, when its ankles and knees completely shattered, the blood and energies within its body became chaotic, so this would still leave a bit of an effect on him after all.

Right at this time, Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi took action.

All of the remaining soul force in Lin Xi’s body poured into the three strings without any restraint. It formed a black streak of arrow radiance, silently breaking through the air in front of Big Black.

Nangong Weiyang also did everything she could without disregarding her condition at all, doing her all to deliver a vicious blow.

However, the instant Lin Xi’s arrow radiance flew out, drawing out a profound arc through the sky, she suddenly realized something.

This was a rare flash of realization for a powerful cultivator.

It was also a flash of realization that could only be obtained through this type of true life and death battle, when facing a powerful opponent like this.

She gave the aged Sea Fiend King a look. Her flying sword rapidly accelerated, carrying a white streak of air as it descended towards the aged Sea Fiend King.

The aged Sea Fiend King’s originally needle thin pupils suddenly became even thinner.

Three waves of blue soul force rushed out from its head at the same time, actually condensing a certain type of vital energy in this canyon, instantly producing a trident-like figure by its head.

This was a method it had never used before, as well as power even greater than the blue tidal rain.

After all, its perception and soul force were above Nangong Weiyang’s. That was why even though its movements were slowed a bit, it could still sense that Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword was aimed at its head.

It confidently sent a strike towards Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword.

However, its power didn’t strike anything.

That trident-like figure didn’t even make contact with the flying sword.

The gentle flying sword didn’t fly towards its neck, but rather moved toward its throat. At that moment, an expression of disbelief flooded its body.

The flying sword rushed an inch into its body.

Similar Sacred Expert level power and frigid sword intent stabbed into its neck like countless needles.

It didn’t utter any sounds, its neck becoming rigid. However, its right hand was instead moving with the same speed as the flying sword, rising up, pressing towards Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword.

However, right at this time, that black arrow radiance arrived before its palm, smashing into Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword.

This was originally an archery skill from Great Mang’s number one archer Gongsun Yang[1].

A later arrow smashing into an earlier arrow, displaying even greater destructive force in this way.

What was different was that Lin Xi’s first arrow was Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword.

Nangong Weiyang released a light cough. She didn’t pull out her flying sword, instead pouring her soul force into the flying sword in a crazy manner, coordinating with Lin Xi’s attack, sending the flying sword deeper.

The flying sword entered another two inches!

Powerful vital energy rushed into this aged Sea Fiend King’s body, to the extent where even its eyeballs began to bulge outwards uncontrollably.

Its right hand actually couldn’t grab this flying sword because there were these two inches of a difference!

A lot of the damage towards the neck and brain also made it feel numb, its body starting to sway uncontrollably.

Fear and disbelief flooded its brain like a tide.

This streak of black arrow radiance actually spun around in the air for that long… it was actually able to grasp the timing this accurately!

The flying sword’s power began to fade.

Its right hand finally grabbed this flying sword.

While in a deadlocked state with the remaining power of the flying sword, it couldn’t utter any sounds and it began to tremble all over, its body swaying as it ran crazily towards the temple-like building where Nangong Weiyang, Lin Xi and the others were.

The previous battle against the giant vine also made it so that it already didn’t have much soul force left.

That was why it understood that in this situation where it was already so heavily wounded, only by getting close, by using its powerful flesh power, could it have a chance of killing Lin Xi, Nangong Weiyang and the others.

Chi Shan took action precisely at this time.

The dark green seeds formed a dark green grassland in front of her.

Stalks of dark green grass frantically surged about like the hair of a witch, actually cutting out countless injuries on the aged Sea Fiend King’s legs. These injuries even reached its bones.

One could imagine that if it was an ordinary cultivator, even if it was a heavy armored cavalry, in this type of grassland, they might be cut into countless chunks of flesh.

Chi Mang also made his move.

One after another, the green arrows turned into warped burning ‘octopi’, tangling about this aged Sea Fiend King’s body.

Even though he knew that his arrows wouldn’t be able to inflict much visible damage to this aged Sea Fiend King, he still used the fastest speed to fire all of his precious arrows.

It was because all of them knew that right now, it was completely a battle of attrition, to see which side fell first.

The upper body burning, lower body badly mangled aged Sea Fiend King still rushed up to Lin Xi and the others with unimaginable speed.

Its hands carried wisps of blue light, smashing down onto the green barrier outside Chi Yuyin’s body layer upon layer.

The green barrier of light clearly caved inward, the seven gemstones suddenly moving backwards, sticking to Chi Yuyin’s body.

Chi Yuyin’s breathing suddenly stopped, her entire body was flung out together with these seven gemstones, fiercely smashing into the temple’s walls.

Right at this moment, that full bearded Fiend Race cultivator who, apart from taking Chi He’s place in infusing soul force, didn’t really fight decisively stood next to Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang who had already exhausted all of their soul force.

A massive man-eating flower whose lower body was like a scorpion’s, its upper body like a giant crocodile head followed him like a fiend beast companion, suddenly appearing a foot in front of his body.

The already completely crazy aged Sea Fiend King brandished its fists again, smashing open two basin-sized holes in this man-eating flower that charged at him.

The juices this man-eating flower released were purple red, releasing a strong sour smell, just like that of old wine.

This type of juice didn’t show any effects when it splashed onto the body of the full bearded Fiend Race cultivator in the back, but when it splattered on this aged Sea Fiend King’s arms and body, there was strong white smoke that was produced. The Sea Fiend King’s skin and flesh were just like that old vine, rotting and falling chunk by chunk.

The aged Sea Fiend King’s body suddenly stopped.

At this time, a small black claw appeared in front of its body.

A blast of white cold frost condensed into an icicle, fiercely thrusting through its chest.

The aged Sea Fiend King’s body completely stopped.

A wave of white frost sprayed out from its mouth.

“This really is a true gang up beating…”

When he saw this scene, Lin Xi chuckled inwardly, and then said in a bit of a worried manner, “Don’t die on me just like that now…”

1. Redoubled Waves B13C36


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