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Chapter 32: Underworld (5)


The entire cavity made of flesh shook.

A horrifying shriek like that of an ancient curse echoed out.


Ohjin’s mouth opened wide while he watched the flesh giant twist its body as if having a seizure.

‘Why is this bastard moving?’


His legs trembled.

The sound of a noisy warning alarm rang inside his head.

‘It can’t be. It’s just moving for a moment, right? It’s going to stop now, right?’

He looked at the flesh giant with desperate hope.

Bang! Bang! Bang!—

It moved around really fucking well.

‘Is there even a fucking seal?’

It moved around vigorously as if it had been run over by a truck on steroids.

‘You said it was sealed! You said you could prevent it if you knew in advance, you son of a bitch!!’

‘How were you going to stop that!!!”

A soundless outcry rang inside his head.

No matter how he thought of it, Lee Shinhyuk being able to stop that monster made no sense.

—A Bluff.

That’s right; when Lee Shinhyuk had said that he could have prevented it if he knew in advance, it was nothing but bullshit similar to saying, ‘I could’ve gotten full marks on my SAT if I returned back to when I was in high school’.

‘You useless bastard! How are you against me even in death?!’


The erratically shaking Flesh Giant looked in his direction.

‘Should I run?’

‘Should I just ditch?’


‘How do I ditch in this situation—’


‘—when she’s looking at me with those eyes full of suspicion.’

[What is going on here?]

“It’s fine.”

‘It’s not fine.’

“Well, I’ve already predicted this variable.”

‘I didn’t predict a fucking thing.’

“Wait right there, Vega.”

‘Save me.’

“I’ll end this… in an instant.”

‘My life, that is.’

[Fufu! Indeed, you have predicted this much! This lady will trust in you!]

Vega crossed her arms and continuously nodded her head.

The bright smile on her face was shining beautifully.



He calmly caught his breath and grasped his spear.

In a situation where he couldn’t run, he had no choice but to fight it head on.

Calming his racing heart, he observed the giant in a relaxed manner.

‘It’s small.’

The flesh giant he had seen through Lee Shinhyuk’s memories was approximately 20 meters—its overwhelming size was that of an entire small building.

Compared to that, the giant’s size was currently around 10 meters at best.

It was a size far smaller than what he had seen through Lee Shinhyuk’s memories.

‘Though, it’s still damn big.’

Although words would express it as ‘far smaller than back then’, a size of 10 meters would still be large enough to make a tactical tank seem like a mario kart.

‘It only has four arms instead of eight’


It was weaker than when it razed the entire Seoul Station to the ground.

‘Wait a minute, then…?’

Ohjin’s gaze locked onto the back starstone stuck onto the flesh giant’s forehead.

—It was certainly smaller.

The black starstone that used to be the size of a basketball was currently only the size of about three fists.

‘It’s a bit of a shame, but…’

It was something that should rather be welcomed with open arms in his current situation.

The smaller size of the starstone would also signify that the giant’s strength would differ that much compared to Lee Shinhyuk’s memories.

‘Of course, it’s still sufficiently monstrous right now, but…’

There was still a chance.


Taking deep breaths…

Raising his spear and lowering his hips…


An eardrum tearing shriek.

The flesh giant gripped the floor with its four arms.

It raised its butt high like a track runner and bent its knees.

‘It’s coming.’


Frightening vibrations resonated as the giant sprinted.


‘It’s fast!’

‘Unbelievably fast!’



Although he urgently raised his spear to block the attack, his body was sent flying back like a stepping stone from the overwhelming force.



Rolling on the floor, he scraped the dark red flesh covering the tunnel with his hands.

It was disgusting, but he could reduce the force thanks to the flesh.


Quickly increasing the distance, he aimed the wire shooter equipped on his right arm.

‘I can’t affect his body directly.’

As the difference in strength was abominable, the one getting pulled the moment the monster’s body was tied would be him.

‘If that’s the case…’

Bang! Bang!—

He fired two shots towards the wall.

After sticking the wire’s weight to the wall, he jumped while directing mana into the shooter.


His body shot into the air with a metallic sound.


Flying behind the giant, he thrusted down his spear.

Blood splattered out as the flesh was pierced.

‘Blue Lightning!’


The foul smell of burning flesh stabbed his nose.


The giant’s swinging arm split apart the air.

He changed direction mid-air by pulling on the wire.


An eardrum-shaking shriek.

Over the arm that had split the air, the other arms fiercely swung towards him.

The wave of compressed air shook his shirt.



After shooting a wire towards the ground, he poured mana into the shooter with his all.


His body shot straight to the ground in an instant.

The giant’s arm faintly brushed against his hair.



A groan came out on its own from the force of hitting the ground.

[M-My child!!!]

The urgent voice of Vega could be heard.

“I’m alright!”

‘I’m not alright.’


‘Even so, I’ll just need to power through!’

—An electrifying thrill spread from his spine.

Thump, thump—

The sensation of dancing on top of a sharply forged blade.

His heart thumped explosively.


“Huu, huu!”

Bang! Bang!!—

The giant struck down its four arms like hammers.

Using the wire shooter for vertical maneuvering, he avoided the giant’s attack.

And then—



—he precisely hopped onto the giant’s arm.



He sprinted up the giant’s arm.

His goal was the forehead.

—Where the black starstone was stuck.

Crack!! Crackleee!!!—

Blue lightning blazed up.

The fingers that grasped the spear lightly trembled.



He kicked his feet off the ground while letting out a roar.

His body flew up, drawing a parabola.

Holding the spear above his head—

“Die, you bastaaaaaaard!!!”

—he stabbed down with all his might.

《Thunder Fall Lv1》 has increased to 《Thunder Fall Lv2》


A blinding Blue Lightning powerfully struck down on the giant’s forehead.

The flesh was burned black as lightning sparked out.




The monster shook its head widely while letting out a shriek.

Ohjin, who was on top of its head, rolled down to the ground.

He urgently stretched out his arm to shoot another wire, but…



Before he was able to shoot the wire, he was caught by the giant’s grip.


Its bestial eyes lingered on him.



The giant put strength in its grip, causing his body to crush under the overwhelming pressure reminiscent of a massive metal press.

At the crisis of a last-ditch effort.

[My child!!!!]

Vega’s urgent voice could be heard.

He thought about forgetting about the act and requesting her help, but…

‘Not yet.’

‘This amount of danger.’

‘I can handle it on my own.’

‘Blue Lightning!!!’


He wrapped lightning around his body and exploded it.


The giant’s grip that was gripping his body tight was slightly loosened.

Although it still wasn’t enough to be able to escape…

“Eat this, you fuck!”

He took out the two flares held on his belt and threw them towards the giant’s eye.


A radiant light exploded right in front of the giant’s pupil.


Clutching its eye, the giant twisted its body.


The body caught in the giant’s grip was chucked towards the ground.


Blood flowed out of his mouth from the powerful impact.

‘Damn it!!’

He couldn’t concentrate because of the pain.

* * *

‘I need time to catch my breath and organize my thoughts.’


During the time the giant was struggling, he took out the smokescreens and threw them towards the ground.

As the white smoke explosively poured out, the entire cavity was soon covered in smoke.

‘Black Curtain.’

He hid his body inside the smoke after hiding his presence by using the Black Heaven’s trait.


Although the roar of the furious giant could be heard, his location was thankfully undiscovered.

‘Using this gap.’

After taking out and drinking a potion, he caught his breath.

His head that had heated up from the combat cooled at a fast pace.

‘I don’t have enough firepower.’

He had somehow succeeded in getting an effective hit in.

However, he was way too lacking in absolute firepower.

Judging from the fact the giant was up and running even after he used Blue Lightning on the spear dug into its forehead, it meant that there was no way to bring down that giant with his current firepower.

‘I need an attack more powerful than Blue Lighting.’

Ohjin grasped his spear with deeply sunken eyes.

The maximum firepower he could currently attain was piercing a vital point with his spear and then proceeding to use Blue Lightning.

If that wasn’t enough, he had no option but to use a skill more powerful than Blue Lightning.


He didn’t have the leisure to ask Vega.

Instincts and senses.

Relying not on reason but instincts.

‘Can I do it?’

His thoughts didn’t last long.

He grasped his spear with his body hidden inside the smoke.

‘I can do it because it’s me.’

He honestly couldn’t feel it, but…

According to Vega’s words, he was said to possess incredible talent, even to the point of being strange.

‘If that’s the case, I should be able to do it.’


Even if it wasn’t Vega’s words.

From somewhere deep inside his mind, a subconscious beyond the dark clouds.

It was whispering, ‘This much is nothing’.

That he was more than capable.


Taking in a deep breath—


—he caught the giant’s attention with a fierce shout.


He kicked his feet and sprinted.

He could see the flesh giant clenching its fist menacingly.



He fired the wire shooter toward the giant’s arm.

It was an extremely dangerous gamble that could potentially cause his body to get dragged instead, but…

‘If I can use that power!’



His body was shot upwards with frightening momentum as the giant raised its arms up high.


After lengthening the wire to the limit, he used the dragging momentum and slid between the giant’s legs.


His body narrowly passed through.

As the wire was pulled tight, his body shot up towards the giant’s back.


A golden opportunity.

He aimed his silver spear towards the clearly exposed nape of the giant.


He wildly stabbed out his spear.

Blood poured out as the flesh ripped apart.

The blazing blue lightning burned the flesh.

‘—This isn’t enough.’

A more powerful… More certain…

He needed a single strike powerful enough to end the giant’s life in an instant.


‘I have enough mana.’

‘I’ll finish this with this blow.’

Efficiency wasn’t needed.

Efficiency didn’t matter.

A single, powerful blow.

Pouring everything for that.

‘Simply gathering mana isn’t enough.’

Imagining an arrow.

With the arm that grasped the spear as the starting point, pulling mana up to his shoulders.

‘More power!’

He pulled his mana tight until it was close to the limit.

And then.

‘In one blow!!!’


As if letting go of the string of a bow stretched to its limit, he released the pent-up mana.

C R A C K L E E E ! ! ! ! ! ! —

All of the mana condensed to its limits released all at once at the spear’s tip and exploded!


[《Thunder&Lightning Lv3》has increased to 《Thunder&Lightning Lv4》!]

[ You have acquired the skill《Lightning Charge Lv1》!]

Lightning Charge.

Fitting to the name, the compressed blue lightning caused a powerful explosion.

Blood poured out like a waterfall as the giant’s flesh spurted out.

‘It’s fin…!’

When a radiant smile was about to be placed on his face.


The flesh giant twisted its body as if throwing a fit.

“Holy shit!”

‘It’s still not dead?’


“Hey, hey, hey!!!”

‘The fuck is this dickhead doing this time?!’

Having a crazy fit, the giant started to run all around the place.

Ohjin took out a knife and dug it into the giant’s back, trying desperately to avoid falling off.

‘I’m fucked the moment I fall.’

As he was tied to the wire, the moment he fell, Ohjin would get dragged all over the place like a hammer throw and eventually turn into a puddle of blood.

“Uaaaaaaaahhh!!!! Stop!! Stop you bitch!!!”

He couldn’t concentrate, as he was on top of a giant that shook like crazy.

Boom!! Boom! Bang! Bang! Bang!—

With explosive sounds, the flesh giant started to sprint towards somewhere.

The place he was sprinting towards wasn’t forwards, backward, left, or right, but—


‘No way.’

Ohjin’s eyes opened wide.


As the dark red flesh covering the tunnel split apart—


—A beautiful blue sky spread over his head.


“W-What’s that!!!”

“Ahhhhhhh! M-Monster!!!! A monster has appeared!!!”

Screaming, people ran away.


Ohjin looked at the surroundings with a dumbfounded expression.

The memories of Lee Shinhyuk naturally floated up inside his head.

“Huh? T-There…!”

“It’s a person… right?”

In the middle of Seoul Station.

In the middle of the heart of the city where hundreds, thousands of people passed by.

The flesh giant made its appearance—

‘What do I do about this…’

—with Ohjin on his back.


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