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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 81: Arranged Marriage (5) Bahasa Indonesia

In a sense, Billy was glad for Kate. She wasn’t just an unlucky girl who was incredibly sweet despite her condition. She wanted to hide it from most people, but she felt anger because her situation wasn’t fair and despair. After all, she wanted to live as much as the others. Just accepting everything easily for the sake of others would be too convenient for them… Still, she avoided causing trouble to others as much as possible.

After noticing all that, Billy didn’t offer her any words of comfort. He just stared at the ceiling while thinking about things. In his past life, he thought that many things were unfair to him, but seeing things from other, more misfortuned people made him realize that he was just spoiled. While some people are luckier than others, everyone has to carry some kind of burden at some point in their lives… In any case, Billy lost the notion of the time, and before he could notice it, Kate fell asleep. It seemed that long conversations were too much for her as well.

Kate (Virus) – Lv 04 – 0/50 EXP

HP: 04/22

MP: 22/22

SP: 03/22

Strength: 10

Speed: 10

Magic: 10

Endurance: 10

Dexterity: 10

Status Points: 00



Passive: Language Skill Lv 79

Skill Points: 20

“Oh, boy… it is worse than I thought,” Luke thought.

Kate was seriously under level for her age, and she was weaker than his five-year-old siblings… That wasn’t that surprising either since those two were like bags of energy and hyperactivity. Fortunately, Kate didn’t use her skill points, so maybe Billy could use those. In any case, Billy managed to see, thanks to Appraisal, that the cause of her disease was a virus… he didn’t know much about medicine. Still, he thought that a virus couldn’t be passed from mother to child… unless during the pregnancy of the breastfeeding period. Still, from what he heard, Kate hadn’t always been sick.

“I suppose it is a virus that only activates after a certain period of time… or when the body of the individual has developed a little,” Billy thought.


Decreases the effects of headaches, sore muscles, and the pain caused by wounds.

+ 05 HP

Effects of pain – 3 per hour.

Although the medicines looked different from each other, they were all painkillers. The medicine in that world was really… no, Billy couldn’t think like that because he only knew a small portion of the world. However, communications and transportation truly were underdeveloped, so that put all other things behind the age. Not to mention, the states were at war sometimes, so the exchange and development of things and technology were slow… in any case, someone can’t fight a virus with painkillers alone. Even if Billy increases their efficiency, it won’t solve the problem… but if he gives them other effects?

“Let’s find out.” Billy thought.

Billy had to hurry up because it would be weird to stay in a room where a girl was sleeping. That would be way too creepy… So, he didn’t waste time and began to level up one of the medicines, which was essentially a pill.

“I can’t use the points until I am sure the effects won’t cause more problems… but making it level up until five should give me some option,” Luke thought.

Painkillers Lv 05

Decreases the effects of headaches, sore muscles, and the pain caused by wounds.

+ 05 HP

Effects of pain – 3 per hour.

Status points: 25


+ 05 SP – 05 skill points.

Restoration – 10 skill points.

+ 05 MP – 15 skill points.

The restoration was an effect that doubled HP regeneration for twelve hours. That probably would help Kate, but it wouldn’t solve the problem… In any case, Luke probably could make the pill reach level eight. Still, he could only see real differences in the new effects once it reaches level ten… he couldn’t just take one of the painkillers home and then make it level up for a few days, either.

“I suppose if I add the Restoration level two effect, she will feel a lot better…” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Still, in this case, making her level up and learn Recovery probably will be the method with the best odds of succeeding. This virus is troublesome… but isn’t that strong since it takes years to kill someone. The real problem is the medicine in this world.”

The other problem was the fact that he would have to make Kate reach level forty to learn Recovery… it was impossible to gain skill points in any other way… or maybe it wasn’t. Still, Billy didn’t know such a method yet.

“I should make her level up and increase her endurance for the time being and then check things tomorrow,” Billy said. “I didn’t know if it was due to my genetics or magic, but I never got sick here.”

Once he did that, Luke left the room and then looked for Edward. He was in his room, as usual, making some drawings of the city and how he wanted to expand it.

“She fell asleep?” Edward asked. “It took longer than I expected. The conversation was good then.”

“Sure,” Billy said while hiding the fact that she fell asleep pretty early.”

“Did you make your decision?” Edward asked.

“Not yet,” Billy replied.

“I see…” Edward said. “You should… no, it is nothing. You can leave now.”

“I will return tomorrow,” Billy said.

“… All right,” Edward said, visibly surprised.

Billy didn’t have much free time, and in a week or two, he will have to return to work, so it was only natural that he wouldn’t come so often. Still, that caught Edward off guard… While Billy could sympathize with Kate’s situation, he couldn’t forget everything else and focus on healing her. He would try, but he wasn’t a god or a hero.. as of now, they were only acquaintances, after all.. Still, just like as planned, that situation was a good chance for him to see the limits of his power.


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