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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 8: Decision (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Calling the Hammersmith’s base a village wasn’t accurate. The place was so big and accommodated so many people that it would be better to call it a town. While the tribe was walking toward the center of the place, Billy had the chance to see many types of people. Some were wearing some pieces of armor like the guards. Still, others were working carrying water in buckets or other things while they were wearing clothes that were just a little better than Billy’s tribe.

“It seems the lord of this place invited people of other villages to offer them protection instead of becoming their servants…” Billy thought.

No wonder Drew, and the other members of the village didn’t accept that offer until now… from their perspective, it would be the same as becoming slaves of someone else. While life was hard in that forest, at least they had their freedom, but now they were forced to choose between their freedom and the existence of the entire tribe.

After crossing half of the town, the tribe arrived on a plaza, and they stopped to rest there. Meanwhile, Drew and some others warriors prepared to leave. They had to negotiate with the leader of the place if they wanted to stay there.

“I will return soon… this shouldn’t take long,” Drew said while showing a semi-annoyed expression.

“We can always start from scratch somewhere else…” Camilla said.

“Not this time,” Drew shook his head. “We lost half of forces and the other half is exhausted from the continuous battles. We will have to give up on freedom so that our tribe will have the chance to grow.”

Before he left, Drew patted Billy’s head. That was very unusual of him… while Billy watched his father moving away, he began to wonder what else he could do in such a situation aside from strengthening himself. That might help himself and the tribe in the long run, but it certainly didn’t work that well in preventing that reaching that situation…

“Don’t worry, Billy,” Camilla said. “Your daddy will make things work right this time.”

“… You didn’t lie when you said that he is a quiet child,” Anna said. “The others kids cried a lot and some of them are still crying since they know that they won’t see their old homes again.”

“I wouldn’t lie to you, mother,” Camilla frowned. “Do you want to hold him?”

“… No,” Anna said and then looked away.

Billy’s grandmother sure was a difficult person. Still, she was probably someone who had to see many close people to her die, so it seemed natural that she would become that cold. Since she decided to become a healer to prevent deaths, she had to abandon the frontlines, and because of that, she survived longer than most people she knew. Surviving when the odds were against her was indeed impressive, but one would start wondering about the point when they feel alone when they think that at some point, they will be the last to die…

Billy didn’t know what he could do for his grandmother, but living with that pessimism wasn’t supposed to be good… in the end, Billy stretched his arms toward Anna, and she opened her eyes in surprise. Trying to act cute wouldn’t work, but he could do at least that much without looking suspicious.

“Grandma,” Billy said.

“Do you see, mother?” Camilla asked while smiling. “Billy wants to hug you too.”

“How stupid… only for a short while,” Anna said while she looked away.

While she was a bit awkward in the beginning, Anna soon relaxed while she was holding Billy. Still, it was a bit troublesome that her daughter was grinning like an idiot in front of them. She couldn’t help it since it was such a heartwarming scene. Still, the atmosphere soon returned to normal since the place was getting cold due to the night, and the other villagers were starting to get even more depressed due to their situation.

After a couple of hours, Drew and the other warriors returned accompanied by some guards. It didn’t look like they would be banished from the town but Drew still looked a bit annoyed.

“These people will show us our new residences…” Drew said, and then he hesitated. “Tomorrow early in the morning each one of us will receive a new job… just like everyone else who decided to live here.”

After hearing those words, most of the villagers got depressed. They were a village of warriors. They basically only lost over the last few years, but they wanted to keep following the same path. However, things won’t be the same as before…

The guards guided everyone to the east side of the town, where they found a group of simple houses. It was pretty close to the walls, but pretty far away from the Lord’s mansion. The tallest building where Drew and some headed earlier. While it was a clear sign of distinction between the inhabitants of the town. The houses were basically brand new despite their simplicity. The interior was pretty simple since there was nothing inside. Still, it was definitely an improvement if compared to their previous home.

“Sorry, Anna,” Drew said. “The lord said that he build other houses soon, but for the time being, we can’t give a house to everyone, so you will have to stay with us.”

“… I suppose it can’t be helped,” Anna said as she tried really hard to hide her annoyance.

Meanwhile, Billy was checking his new home. It didn’t feel special or comfy like the other, but he had a feeling that he would stay there for quite a while.. So, he might as well get used to it.


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