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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 781: Declaration Bahasa Indonesia

“Go on, do your last monologue,” Billy said. “After this, things for you will change forever, so this is the time for you to do the final act as ruler of that world.”

“Ah, I observed such things from your world… the villains of some histories that you liked did such a thing, no?” Uvish asked. “I remember now… Did you know what all of the humans that I brought to this world had in common?”

“They had two, yes, one nose and one mouth,” Billy replied.

“… They were all people unnecessary to that world,” Uvish replied. “People who would live their lives and wouldn’t change a single thing in that pathetic planet unable to host any mana. You are a product that didn’t have what it was necessary to change a single life… how pathetic can you be?”

“Are you done talking? I was expecting more of the monologue of a scaredy cat who got tired of fighting and began to work behind the scenes to obtain power easily,” Billy said. “If you had half of a brain, you would have understood that your plan was as stupid as it could be.”

Uvish sighed… it has been a while since someone annoyed him so much. It was a pity that the same person was the human who impressed him the most. Still, he was reasonable enough to understand why that was the case, and it was because Billy never took the things that he had and obtained for granted. From the very beginning, he understood that his power was a borrowed one and that he could lose it at any moment. So, he worked hard to obtain strength that didn’t rely on that.

Uvish, on the other hand, did the same for a while, but out of fear, he stopped working hard by himself or trusting the spirits. He created the system to fool some people and exploit them while he remained safe and away from all enemies. Their paths might have started the same, but then they ended up really far apart from each other.

Regardless, it wasn’t time for that, and it was time for Uvish to test his full power. With that in mind, he used a physical limit break, and then his body got a lot stronger. His physical parameters skyrocketed because he wanted to feel in his hands the feeling of breaking Billy’s bones and ripping apart his flesh…

Uvish charged at Billy and tried to impale him with his own glaive. However, Billy moved to the side at the same time and then prepared to hit his stomach. However, Uvish jumped backward. Billy was moving really fast, but he didn’t feel the time spirit doing anything… that was weird. Moreover, he couldn’t feel Billy’s martial presence… if he had returned now, then he should have managed to use his skills on that body.

While Uvish was confused, Billy decided to attack, and he didn’t have any more time to waste with him. In the next moment, he suddenly appeared in front of the enemy and then punched his stomach. Unfortunately, Uvish had some crazy reflexes and blocked the strike with his hands, but he still ended up being thrown to the distance.

Billy flew toward the enemy and then used Palm Cannon. Uvish used both arms to protect his face from the thunderous blast that made the atmosphere of that planet tremble. When Uvish recovered, he suddenly fell Billy’s presence behind him… and then disappeared again. Still, his legs still were grabbed by something and then thrown to the ground.

The impact created a massive crater which was impossible to see the bottom… despite that, Uvish was staring at the sky with his back against the ground. Billy got stronger with that body. It was weird because he didn’t look like he had gotten stronger, and his aura kept appearing and disappearing.

Uvish increased the intensity of his aura… he needed to see what was going on with his own eyes. Still, he was too prideful to use his magic now that he decided to break Billy’s bones with his hands. The red aura leaving his body got a lot more intense, and his parameters skyrocketed. However, there was no sign of his body suffering damage. During that single day, he also improved his Physical Limit Break.

While Billy was staring at the enemy through the darkness, he noticed that as well. As expected of someone who managed to create a system with so many skills on it. He was good at that, if anything…

Uvish flew toward Billy at supersonic speeds and once again tried to impale him with his glaive. However, as fluid as water, Billy moved to the side and dodged the attack while he also prepared a punch. Still, Uvish moved his left arm and managed to block the punch with his elbow. The enemy heard the sound of Billy’s bones cracking, and then he smirked, but then he was sent to the distance while spinning.

“You should take things more seriously, or you will die without understanding anything…” Billy said when he suddenly appeared above Uvish and then smacked his face with a rotating punch.

It was only for a moment, but Uvish saw it. Billy enhanced some parts of his body to move fast while kicking the air and the ground. It was insane that he could do something like that when he could just fly… Regardless, Uvish saw that his rotating punch was what made him spin… Added with the power of his fist enveloped in a dark and red Aura.

“That isn’t Physical Limit Break…” Uvish thought before he landed on the ground with his legs and caused an Earthquake.

“As expected, you were going easy,” Billy said. “How weird, I also thought of naming that technique like that, but I changed it… It is Final Aura now.”

“Eh, Final Aura, I like that,” Uvish said while smiling. “Is that what you obtained by using the power of those three? It is certainly impressive.”

“My eyes are pretty good, so how can you not see very well?” Billy asked while frowning. “I told you that I would defeat you without using magic and with magic alone, but it is a bit too soon for that.”


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