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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 778: Attack Bahasa Indonesia

Around one day had passed since the rulers had been defeated, and since then, no other rulers or enemies from other planets had come to that planet. After checking things using Billy’s telescope, everyone saw the enemy planets moving away.

During that time, Uvish and Billy’s friends worked together to exterminate the enemy’s invaders. They couldn’t do much without anyone to lead them aside from being slaughtered. Hundreds of thousands died in a single day, but many more scattered across the area, and hunting them will be a pain. However, the war was pretty much won.

“It seems that we won this time,” Meryl said. “Still, Uvish had yet to show up, and we can’t drop out guard until we deal with that asshole… Oops, I am starting to talk like Billy.”

“… Yes, you are,” Uvish said while showing a frozen smile.

“You must be tired since you have been working for so long. It can’t be helped that such a smile is creeping me out,” Meryl said.

“You also are getting tired, Meryl,” Lucyna said. “Since you are being pretty rude. Well, I can understand the feeling after fighting for long, and there is no end in sight for this battle.”

Uvish barely started his plan of using Billy’s body and connections to create a powerful army, and he was already regretting it a bit. He didn’t recall himself being that impatient, and it was probably because he got a new body… Regardless, while he could make everyone become zombies, they would lose half of their power, and zombies can’t be loyal. As the supposed hero of that world, Uvish could make use of those guys’ loyalty and make them become even stronger.

“Let’s regroup and organize parties to hunt the enemies,” Uvish said. “I want Icarus to give support to those parties until nightfall. After that, Meryl and Lucyna will take their place. Don’t drop your guard because you won’t have assistance until tomorrow morning. Now, get moving.”

Uvish soon left the area, and those three looked at each other. They thought that Billy was pretty tired since it had been a while since he gave them orders. Since the fight with Zenis, he had been a lot more understanding and calm, and now he had become worse than before.

“He is really tired…” Icarus said while frowning. “Well, he pretty much destroyed the whole state with his attacks, after all.”

“Well, the spirits are tired as well since they stopped helping with their support magic,” Lucyna said. “There is no point in complaining about that. Let’s just endure it. Until… hey, do you think that the other planets are moving away? Shouldn’t that armored guy use this chance to take control over them? I am sure there is a way to do that.”

Meryl, who stayed quiet for a while, watched the capital of Hiloh state in the distance. She received her orders, and the soldiers and adventurers around wanted to be led by them even though only half of them were demi-humans. Alexander and the other group were also preparing to move in the distance.

“I guess I am overthinking it… let’s move on,” Meryl said.

While Meryl, Icarus, and Lucyna were moving, Uvish landed in the capital, and there some people greeted him, but he mostly ignored them. While he got Billy’s body, he didn’t have his memories. He only knew those closest to him, that caused him some trouble.

Eventually, he met with Billy’s wives and his friends. As usual, he smiled at them, but it was getting hard to do that every single time. Memories of his own family and friends that had faded away over the years were returning to Uvish’s mind, and that was annoying him. He was no longer a mere mortal, and he didn’t have time for such pesky feelings.

“Billy, I am going to borrow everyone’s help and then prevent the enemies from destroying other cities and leaving the state and hiding in other places to do some ambushes,” Alexander declared.

“Suit yourself,” Uvish said.

“Hmm, aren’t you going to come?” Alexander asked. “I thought you were just going to tell that to the girls.”

“I am a bit tired, so I will leave that in your hands,” Uvish said. “Using all that much power wore me out.”

“Can I borrow your dragon, then?” Alexander asked. “Where did you hide him?”

“… I don’t really remember. I am too tired to even think,” Uvish replied.

“Can’t you just summon him like you usually do with Blitz?” Kate asked.

“No, I am out of mana,” Uvish replied. “I am going to take a bath and then sleep for a while.”

“Hey, Billy…” Natalie said. “We already picked names for the kids. Do you want to hear them?”

“… Sure, why not?” Uvish asked after a sigh, and then he turned around only to get attacked by a drop kick.

Alexander’s attack sent him flying in the opposite direction, and then Uvish crossed the barrier and landed out of the city after creating a path of destruction.

“What was that for?” Uvish asked when he got up.

“We all remember when Billy said that he would let his wives pick the names of their first kids, and he would pick the name of the next ones,” Alexander said while he grabbed his spear. “Also, Billy is a stupid father who spoils his kids too much, and he would never sigh after hearing anything regarding his next kids…”

“You three stay back and alert everyone else that the enemy took over Billy’s body,” Lily said with an arrow already ready to be shot.

“You guys are too reckless. Can’t you see that you are just thinking too much?” Uvish asked. “We are all exhausted here, and that is why we aren’t acting like usual.”

“If that is the case, then you can give us some simple answers,” Sarah said. “Say the date of our kids’ birth…”

“… As I said, I am a bit fired, and I can’t remember,” Uvish said. “You can’t assume such a thing with only that.”


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