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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 770: Annoying trio Bahasa Indonesia

Once Billy realized that he stopped moving and sending mana to his brain. It took a short while, but eventually, he was back to normal. That was a good thing, but it was just the start of a bigger problem.

“Show yourselves; I know that you are here,” Billy said. “You no longer can hide from me, spirits.”

“You have finally realized this?”

“Took you long enough, human.”

“As someone who had our powers once, you certainly are slow. No wonder you fell so easily for Uvish’s trap.”

Billy heard the voice of three different spirits. As expected, that tower probably had been built by them. Considering that Billy’s notion of time had deviated, it wouldn’t surprise him if they were in a place not bound by space and time. That would explain how he never reached the top of the tower.

“Your friends sent me here. I demand to be sent back to that world,” Billy said.

“You demand?”

“You have no power over us, and you can’t even find us. Why do you think you have the power to give us orders?”

“While you had their help, they have been too close to humans since the beginning. We are different from them and learned from our mistakes.”

“Stop talking one after the other. It is annoying,” Billy said. “Don’t make me laugh, learn from your past mistakes? That is good and all, but why don’t you try to clean up your mess as well? Also, this whole situation was created for your complacency and giving so much power to a single human, and you guys have the obligation of making me return.”

“Human arrogance, as usual, knows no limits.”

“Your own incompetence was also what brought you here. You didn’t plan ahead and even refused to use the power to see the future and prepare for all possible outcomes.”

“You easily accepted your second chance in life. Therefore, you are also to be blamed for this. If you truly had refused such a convenience, Uvish would have never managed to manipulate you for his own gains.”

“I told you to stop talking like that…” Billy said while massaging his forehead. “It is clear that I don’t count on you to stop him since you have stayed here for a long time, apparently. Still, you can’t get in my way, either. You don’t want to make another enemy, do you?”

“Someone who can’t even reach us can’t expect to become our enemy,”

“The elephant can’t see a single ant as its enemy.”

“Your power is lacking now that you lost it. He obtained the techniques that you developed to defeat him. Your attitude, thoughts, and wishes are irrelevant, and you can’t hope to defeat him now. We have no obligation to help a man in their journey to their death.”

“That is it, and I am going to kick your asses,” Billy said.

Billy was almost certain that such a place was not bound by time and space and had been created by those three. Considering the powers of Order that he once had, Billy imagined that one could make such a place with a stupidly high amount of mana. With the power of the spirit of the time, he probably could do the same as well… with also a stupid amount of mana. As for the power of Chaos, Billy assumed that the spirit could bend space and make such a place exist without existing in the physical realm… like in the space between the exit and entrance of portals. Again, it probably would consume a shit ton of mana.

If that all was made of mana, then Billy could absorb it. It would be a lot faster than looking for those three. If anything, that will annoy them, and they will try to interfere. Thus, Billy will be able to find them faster than that.

“Focus, focus… send as much mana as possible to your brain… find the answers that are already within you,” Billy thought. “I have used those skills time and time again, and I just need to use the whole process and do it by myself.”

Alongside the knowledge of his power and Lucyna’s, Billy tried to use his personal domain. However, he failed at activating that… his magic power was too weak to begin with. He couldn’t even envelop a single point in his body with that, and he couldn’t use the technique at all…

Regardless, since Billy could use Chi, that place had some life force on the environment, so he could keep going like that until he learned everything that he needed. First of all, Billy began to focus as much mana as he could on his Spiritual Core. That was the usual way someone would strengthen it without fighting or having Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞ and Exp Master Lv ∞. It was a time-consuming and inefficient process, but it was the best that Billy could do now.

Once Billy’s spiritual core got stronger, he started to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of mana around that tower. It was weird, and he couldn’t feel any mana being used to maintain that place… it was like they created a dimension that completely obeyed their rules without any cost. They probably could defeat Uvish there, but they probably couldn’t make such a dimension in the physical realm of existence.

“I guess it is weird to think like that, but this can be considered a place beyond the physical realm… technically, we don’t exist since time isn’t moving… probably,” Billy thought. “So, we are dead… I wonder how the spirits can exist and keep their sanity… it is also weird given that those two said that they were defeated time and time again… unless, Uvish killed fake copies of the order, chaos, and time spirits.”

Creating copies should be something that those three could do, and it should fall under the time spirit authority. Nevertheless, that was all besides the point. Billy had to focus on getting all that mana for himself…


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