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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 767: Trap (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“You two sure like to get on my way,” Uvish said while he was opening and closing his hands to get a good feeling of Billy’s body.

“You are the lowest of the low…” The life spirit said. “How come you once were a friend of ours? You are even worse than the enemies that you hated one day.”

“A person has to adapt as much as possible in order to survive this crazy universe,” Uvish said. “Where did you send him?”

“You grew a lot more crazy and stupid if you think that we will answer your questions,” The death spirit said.

“I should at least congratulate your spirits, or perhaps not since you aren’t even trying to escape,” Uvish said. “I will forgive you all for your insolence since I feel really good. Billy abused this body, but it is a lot better than expected. How would you have thought that someone could make such a good body relying on training and hard work alone?”

“You fell so low that you are jealous of someone much younger because he is smarter and more strong-minded than you,” The life spirit said. “You had a lot in common with him, the version of you who fought for your friends and family four thousand years ago. You are nothing now aside from a parasite.”

“All right, let’s absorb you all to make things quieter here,” Uvish said. “His family and friends will notice if I keep acting like this.”

Uvish turned around and saw that Icarus had finished the other ruler a lot faster than expected. That generation of reincarnated individuals started slow, but they made a lot of progress in the last few years. Using dungeon cores, using ethereal magic armors, they sure obtained a strength beyond all the other generations.

“Hey, Billy. What happened to the other guy?” Icarus asked.

“He ran with the tail between his legs, and he could use some space magic, apparently,” Uvish said.

“I guess you got tired since it isn’t like you to let the enemy escape,” Icarus said. “Anyway, what now? Most of the rulers and champions have been defeated, but some still are waiting outside the planet, but some of the armies are still here.”

“Let’s get rid of the small fries before the others send help,” Uvish said while he was checking his mana and making his body become ethereal.

Uvish saw the techniques that Billy used, and he wanted to test them since he didn’t have anything like it. While he became something like a spirit and his magic potential increased, he always felt weird without a body. Still, now he could feel alive more than ever. His plans finally worked like they should have, so he really was in a good mood, to the point he forgot how much trouble the others caused to him over the years.

Just to test the body and that technique, Uvish created a massive iceberg above the flying liches, and when they tried to escape, he smashed them on the ground. The impact raised a massive dust cloud and also made the entire tremble for a while.

“Hey, Billy… don’t exaggerate,” Icarus said.

“My bad, it is hard to control the amount of mana since the technique is new…” Uvish said.

Truth to be told, Uvish was only having a hard time because he couldn’t mix his own mana with the one in that body. It would look suspicious and unnatural if he suddenly obtained such a large amount.

“It seems that the transference was perfect, he left all the mana in this body, and since that one is no longer able to store mana, even his spirit left the mana behind…” Uvish thought.

It seemed that the spirit of death and life sent him away by using their powers at the same time, but he shouldn’t be able to do anything with that body. Uvish had no reason to worry, he was sealing the spirits inside him, and soon he would find the others and do the same. With all the powers he cultivated over the years, Billy Body and techniques, alongside his experience and knowledge, he would become invincible.

In the next moment, Uvish tested Billy’s second technique, the first, he decided to call a magic limit break, and the second would be a physical limit break. It suited them well since it greatly increased the potential of their users. Unfortunately, only now did Uvish realize that the technique was incomplete. Chi worked well to improve his physical parameters, health, and stamina, but the synergy with the other skills still was lacking.

“I suppose I hurried ahead since that attack surprised me… killing three rulers in a single attack was something hard to pull off, after all,” Uvish thought. “Regardless, I can improve this by myself.”

Although he knew the theory, Uvish soon came to realize that it would be a lot harder than he had imagined. Moreover, he couldn’t move while he was gathering the energy. He also would need a lot more experience to turn the technique into a part of the system. In the meantime, he decided to fight using magic.

While Billy and the others were preparing for that fight, Uvish took the body of the sick ruler and then contacted many others to attack his own planet. He did all that in order to get that chance… he knew after Zenis’ fight that Billy had tremendous potential. Still, he needed the right push to be able to reach that level… all that war was for the sake of that. Uvish’s three thousand years old plan was finally in its final stages. Not only did he get everything he needed, but he also obtained an army of hundreds of thousands that would see him as their savior once the war was over.

“I will finally be the one to attack and conquer other worlds instead of defending and hiding from powerful foes…” Uvish thought while smirking and walking toward Billy’s family and friends.


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