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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 739: Not so troublesome spirit (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“I feel like I am playing pokemon. Go…” Billy thought while he was flying around.

The third spirit that he found assumed the shape of a mole, and it didn’t cause him trouble and began to work with Billy. Now thanks to it, Billy could enhance his attacks and defense. In any case, based on what he had heard, most of the tribesmen had the spirits of either fire, water, wind, or earth. Now, Billy just needed the wind to complete the basic deck. It would be nice if he could combine their abilities, but that probably would be too overpowered.

After that, there were the ultra rare. It was said that only one person every one hundred years could find a spirit of dark and light… Billy wondered why existed only six… Ice and lightning magic is a thing, so why doesn’t the spirit evolve into those elements? Finding a Thunder spirit would be hard, though. They most likely would live in Thunder clouds like Zapdos.

“I suppose it would be weird if the spirits also existed following the aspects of our powers… Like life, death, time, chaos, and order…” Billy thought.

In any case, Billy decided to focus his search on locations like the top of mountains since they were rarely visited. Even if some of them were inhabited by monsters, it would be fine since the spirits wouldn’t be attacked by them… Probably.

“Come on, where are you… Once you show up, I can become the shaman avatar,” Billy said.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like that day wasn’t Billy’s lucky day. After several hours of searching, he got nothing. So, he considered returning. However, he noticed that a massive storm was causing a lot of trouble in the northern part of the continent. He wondered if finding the wind spirit, there was a possibility…

In any case, Billy decided to check things there before returning home. He knew that the storms were stronger on that continent, but things were a lot crazier than he had expected… The sound of rain was so powerful that he could barely hear his thoughts.

Lightning bolts began to fall left and right, and that made Billy recall that he should make some lightning rods, store the energy and then try to convert it into mana… Making other machines to absorb other energy sources and convert them would also be good. Regardless, Billy forgot about that when he suddenly found the vestiges of a spirit flying between the clouds. He thought that only the spirit of lightning would do such a thing, but his guess was half right…

Billy approached, but then the spirit hid inside the clouds. Those were filled with static energy really to be unleashed, so entering usually would be suicide. However, with his armor, it would be a piece of cake. Still, the spirit kept moving away when he approached and hid inside other thunderclouds.

“It is quite fast and big…” Billy thought. “It is just running away from me because it doesn’t want to work for me… it must have some level of intelligence.”

Since Billy got the earth spirit, it was only natural that he still was worthy of their help. So, the behavior of the spirit could only be explained like that.

Billy increased his speed, but so did the spirit. It was almost like the creature could cross the thunder clouds instantly. Even with his armor at the max speed and with all those dark clouds together, Billy couldn’t do the same.

In the end, Billy stopped to think for a second… he knew that the spirit of the wind would grant him some extra mobility. So, just using raw speed wouldn’t be enough to solve the problem. Since attacking wasn’t an option, Billy had to play it smart.

He charged toward the creature as fast as he could, but while crossing the thunderclouds, Billy didn’t achieve many results. He almost could hear the spirit laughing, and after a while, Billy stopped to rest, and the spirit also stopped. However, all of a sudden, the spirit saw itself being touched by Billy’s hand.

“Eh?” The spirit said.

“You lost. Now stop causing problems and lend me your strength,” Billy said.

The spirit could cross the thunder clouds instantly, thanks to that, the creature couldn’t see what Billy could do inside, and he created a clone to surround the spirit. When the original approached, Billy saw that the spirit had the shape of a four-legged animal that was similar to a tiger. That didn’t make any sense, but Billy decided not to think too much about it.

“Well done, you got me,” the wind spirit said. “It seems you are one of those brought here by Uvish, but I can’t sense any malice coming from you.”

“So, you guys really know him…” Billy said.

“I only know him because of yours and his recent actions, but I have a feeling that we are enemies,” the wind spirit said. “Before you ask anything, you should give up, I have only been alive for a couple of decades, so I don’t know what you want to know.”

“I see… that makes sense,” Billy said. “Only an old spirit would know him, and I would guess that he killed them time and time again.”

“We cannot be killed since we are part of the planet, but we cease existing when our partners are killed and return to the planet,” the wind spirit replied. “In any case, I can feel that it has been a while since someone managed to get four of us. Moreover, a foreigner being like you… I am sure that the others will like this.”

“What are you talking about?” Billy asked while frowning.

“Now that someone that found the first four, the others will finally wake up. If you find them, you might get the answers that you need,” the wind spirit said before he entered his body. “That is all I can say…”


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