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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 706: Total Control (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy thought that Lucyna had dealt with most of them, so they weren’t linked by blood. Still, Billy frowned when he asked for what reason they were using the slaves… apparently, it was because of their blood…

“… Why would you need their blood?” Billy asked.

“We don’t know, and we only get what we are asked to get…” The fake blacksmith replied.

“So, someone wants their blood…” Billy thought. “Did someone learn the method to make relics? The tribesmen are strong enough to make their blood add some effects to weapons, but I think they would need some extra mana, and that isn’t their forte since they are mainly warriors.”

Billy only told that thing to his friends. Still, what confirmed his fears was what Totaic said earlier… his people had been attacked and captured in the last year, and that was even before he learned about how he could use blood to make weapons stronger.

In any case, before assuming anything, Billy used Mind Control again and then forced the fake blacksmith to pack his things and leave the city with the enslaved tribesmen. They would hear north at night until they reached Totaic’s home. Unless Billy reaches him first… he didn’t think that they would need protection since all the others would leave tonight as well. Still, just to be sure, he summoned Blitz and made him wait outside the town.

During the rest of the day, Billy moved around and then did the same thing to those involved in the capture and commerce of the tribesmen. He also tried to get more intel, but they didn’t know more than the first. They sure were doing a bad job as middlemen in that line of work…

“I was planning to make some connections to the upper echelon of this state, but I guess that is impossible… pretty much all of them are involved in this business,” Billy thought while he was walking around the central area of the city again and saw some emblems in the residences.

While the merchants mentioned many individuals they were working with, they only mentioned three families, and each of those families had an emblem that represented them. They were a golden golem, a golden hammer, and a golden crown… they sure like that color…

Nevertheless, Billy wondered what he should do… if they were up to something nasty, killing everyone would be the best call. However… those families also had kids who probably weren’t involved in those shady businesses. Killing them would give the next generation a lot of resentment and rage. Moreover, it would also put the whole state into disarray again.

“Should I talk with Sei about this?” Billy wondered. “If I do and ignore his advice, it might make things complicated later if I decide to brainwash them. That being said… I told Lily that all those involved would pay for the crimes… It sure is annoying to have a conscience.”

In the end, Billy decided to do his own thing. While killing everyone involved would solve the problems temporarily, it would give birth to others in the future. From a neutral standpoint, Billy thought that it would be better to make those involved be forced to work for him and help to prevent more losses in the future when the next enemies show up.

When night came, Billy looked for a dark alley and then used his Earth magic to create a hole. It didn’t take long for him to find one of the underground sectors of the houses in the area. Billy felt the presence of some people in cages and only a single guard nearby. Dealing with him would be easy.

Billy opened a wall hole and saw the cages and the guard sleeping on a chair. The smell of the place was as bad as it could be… There was no ventilation there, after all, and the slaves were forced to probably to do their necessities inside the cages as well. At least that was what Billy thought at first… He found them on some tables, and they were completely unconscious. While they were alive, most of them were so weak physically due to the fact that they didn’t have much that they were skin and bones.

“They have been here for a while…” Billy thought.

Billy immediately sank the guard on the ground up to his mouth to prevent him from making any noise. That kind of goon he could kill without worrying about anything, but he had some questions to ask, so he would live for a short while.

When Billy approached the prisoners, he noticed that they had needle marks on their arms… they had been bleeding out like that for months. It was a miracle caused by their resilience that they were still alive. Most of the prisoners were in their teens, kids who ventured too far into the forest and hadn’t mastered their tribal skills to protect themselves. In any case, Billy healed them, but he couldn’t give them nourishment with magic… actually, he could do that, but only once they woke up. He had an absolute conversion, after all.

“My pills should give them enough nourishment and energy to recover faster, but making them eat anything might not be the best call…” Billy thought. “I will have to make potions, then.”

After making the potions, Billy used Mind Control on them and then made them drink. Their skin that looked so dead quickly began to recover its light… health potions sure were useful. Still, they would need some time to recover since they have been drugged as well. While Billy used Detoxify, it would be better if they didn’t wake up before he solves things up ahead.

“Hey, who are the ones above who know about this?” Billy asked the guard who was struggling in the hole.

Billy saw the guard panicking. It was a pity that he couldn’t read minds, even though he could use Telepathy. Which was a lot better than nothing.


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