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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 704: Clone (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Luso seemed like a complicated guy, so Billy was surprised that something didn’t snap inside him when he learned that Billy defeated him while wearing those. He was probably the strongest or one of the strongest in his state, but the world was big. Just like Svan once, he got too used to being at the top of the world he knew. In any case, if those two fight, it would be pretty interesting…

After a while, Luso joined the others in training, and since he had been watching for a while, it didn’t take long for him to learn Fierce Aura. Or perhaps he noticed something when Billy was fighting even though he didn’t use any skill… Nevertheless, he received his weights, and then he learned how to use them.

“Get used to them first, and you can increase their weight later,” Drew said.

While everyone around was veteran warriors, they never tried that kind of training. It was only possible because it was Billy’s Creation, after all. Regardless, more and more people began to train, and while everyone had to do the same thing, his parents and the others moved around often to fix the mistakes that some were making… In the blink of an eye, night came, but they continued. Billy wanted to help them, but he had his kids to look after.

“Papa, when are mamas coming back?” Christina asked.

“Soon enough, before you notice it, they will be back,” Billy replied. “Let’s train hard and surprise them when they return, alright?”

The kids were a bit restless since most of their parents weren’t around. Larah seemed relatively fine, probably because she was a bit older and she didn’t like Billy very much. Still, it couldn’t be helped. Billy only knows how to spoil his kids and not to interact with others. He tried to be nice to her, but he felt like he might undermine Lily and Alexander’s education somehow.

In any case, Billy also had to make good use of his time while he looked after the kids. So, he decided to make his clones do some training for him. He couldn’t forget how much trouble he dealt with when he was sent to another world, so he made them train Gravity Resistance. Unfortunately, he went too far, and some of his clones ended up dying. All of a sudden, their memories and remaining mana returned to him…

Although the piled-up damage made him sweat bullets, he managed to endure that… it would have been different if that damage suddenly arrived on his body. That was one of the downsides of the shadow clone technique.

In any case, for the next five days, Billy worked hard on making the weights while everyone was training. They had come prepared to help everyone learn Fierce Aura, Brute Strength, and Toughness, but after just one week, some guys had already learned that. Luso and Totaic were among them.

Teaching them other things might come in handy, but that would make others learn less than them. Still, as long as they pass the knowledge to others… While Billy was considering what to do, he felt the presence of his wives approaching, and they weren’t alone. Aside from Lily and Alexander, they had dozens of chained individuals with them but only a handful of freed slaves.

Totaic and Luso liked to see the bandits captured and half-beat to death. Still, Billy thought that something was off. The number of freed tribesmen was too small.

“What happened?” Billy asked. “Did you guys run into problems?”

“The bandits weren’t a problem, but they didn’t have many prisoners with them,” Kate replied. “They sell the prisoners quite fast, so we went to check where the prisoners are.”

“They are in a big city, and freeing them without starting a big fight is impossible…” Billy said.

“It isn’t like those who bought them are completely in the wrong, right?” Kate asked. “It isn’t like they know that the slave traders are associated with bandits.”

“But we can’t ignore this; besides, it is wrong to treat people like possessions,” Lily said.

“I know… However, being reckless here will bring problems in the long run,” Kate said. “We need to increase the strength of all the armies in the world, after all.”

“What do you think, Billy?” Alexander asked.

“Have you found a lot of money in the bandits’ hideout?” Billy asked.

“Not enough to buy back the freedom of the tribesmen,” Alexander replied. “The slave traders probably keep a good chunk of the profits.”

Billy sighed… while he had to deal with social problems when he had some others threatening the lives of the people of the entire world. Unfortunately, that was an inconvenience that he couldn’t ignore. Certain problems were better dealt with before they escalated further, and that was probably the fastest way to win the loyalty of the tribesmen.

“You are pretty famous, Billy,” Kate said. “Doing anything directly might undermine your future operations. I know that you are planning to sink the slave trader’s houses to the ground and then buy the freedom of those who lost it, but the people from those locations aren’t stupid, and they will connect the dots.”

“You know me pretty well,” Billy said. “Still, this might not be a bad idea.

“Making people fear you aren’t a bad idea?” Kate asked.

“What he means is, if people spread around that he is ruthless toward the people that bother his allies, then most people will try to avoid that,” Natalie explained. “Also, there is a small chance that they might join his side if he gives them enough reason to do so. Like more benefits than working with the likes of slave traders.”

“Exactly, it isn’t the best way to deal with the whole situation since I will be using the fear of all parties involved, but it will help stop the problem altogether,” Billy said. “What do you think of that, Totaic?”

“As long as my people return and those responsible for their suffering are forced to deal with the consequences, I won’t care about anything else,” Totaic said.


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