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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 676: Struggle (2) Bahasa Indonesia

When they saw the Hydras moving to the temple city, aside from Icarus, Lucyna and Meryl couldn’t help but freeze on the spot due to the surprise… They knew that the monster was going to show up sooner or later, but they didn’t think the monsters would be like that. Pretty much everyone reacted the same way as them… it was truly something hard to get used to.

“They know how to deal with them, focus on the enemy in front of you,” Icarus said.

Alexander and Natalie recovered from the shock since a shockwave happened when Zenis flew toward them, and Icarus blocked his path. That wasn’t a very good idea since his gauntlets had too many cracks already, and only Billy could repair them.

While those three were facing Zenis, the others were retreating to protect the city. The barbarians and Galatea followers showed up when they noticed that the enemy summoned the Hydras. Still, it was hard to imagine what they could do to stop enemies like…

The first one to react had been Meryl. Using her enhanced speed, she fired multiple arrows at the heads of a Hydra, but the monster made them lose a lot of power thanks to the storm sand that they used.

“Can you hit their necks as fast as possible and shock them?” Meryl asked. “It is the only way to get some openings in this situation.”

“You also said that they have a high tolerance to Electric attacks,” Lily said.

“Well, I don’t have any other idea in mind to paralyze them,” Meryl said.

“Kate, Sarah, let’s do this,” Lily said.

“It seems that only I can take the support role when Billy isn’t here,” Saran said and then sighed.

“That is because you don’t have weapons like mine,” Kate said and then enhanced her spears with mana before making them spin and fire them toward one of the Hydras.

The beasts tried to block the projectiles, but they failed because the spinning speed and mana were a lot more concentrated than the area of effect spells.

That. That was the technique that they used to defeat the poison dragon, and they improved it more than a little bit over the course of the last month… the spears hit the stomach of one of the hydras and slicked up the flesh, creating quite the hole in there, but while the beast was grunting in pain, the wound began to close.

Meryl didn’t lose that chance and then fired nine powerful arrows that destroyed half of the heads of the hydra, before the beast could fall, she used her powers on it and immediately turned the zombie into a blockade to protect the city.

The other hydras immediately turned to attack that monster, but then Sarah used her mana to enhance one of Lily’s arrows, and when she shot it, it hit and exploded six of the necks of the hydras. Lily clicked her tongue since that wouldn’t be enough to kill the beast, but Meryl quickly followed her and finished the job.

“I will cover you. Keep going,” Meryl said while she created the next zombie.

Unfortunately, they could only use so many times that combined attacks with their limited mana. So, the hydras killed the zombies pretty fast, and the group managed to decrease their numbers by half. Still, even those fifteen hydras were more than enough to kill the two armies of barbarians and soldiers. Despite that, Scan didn’t hesitate to lead the charge.

Lucyna felt shivers when she saw Billy’s parents, siblings, and his friends among them… she couldn’t let them die no matter what. They knew what Zenis could do when he got angry, but not Billy…

The moment the hydras opened their mouths to attack, the barbarians raised their shields. At the same time, Lucyna increases her speed to the limits before pointing her hands toward the monsters. Everyone waited for a massive wave of spells to come, but nothing left the monsters’ mouths.

“Ugh… my head hurts,” Lucyna said. “Meryl, don’t try to use too much mana…”

“Step back and rest for a while. We can deal with the rest,” Meryl said when she noticed that Lucyna stole all the mana of the monsters.

The barbarians threw some spears at the hydras and those who could use physical attacks from a distance using them. Still, eventually, most of them charged for attacking the hydras up close. When the hydras used their heads to smash some groups of people, Drew and Camilla stepped forward and then used Light Spear to repel their heads.

Samuel and Samara also worked together. Samara propelled her brother upward with a massive earth spear and then when he got close enough, Samuel pierced the head of the monster with Light Spear version two. Before he could fall, Samara created some ice footings for him, and he targetted other heads.

“Heh… Billy’s little brother and sister aren’t half bad,” Meryl said.

Thanks to the up-close attacks, Meryl and Lily had enough time to charge some of their attacks as well. On the next wave of arrows, five more Hydras fell. Unfortunately, the remaining monsters were starting to hit some of the soldiers here and there. Still, the galatea followers were quick to make them retreat and treat their wounds.

“It seems we can manage things here… how are the others dealing with Zenis?” Meryl asked.

“The same as usual… that guy and his attitude to hold back sure is annoying,” Lily said. “With his speed, Icarus is covering for Natalie and Alexander while they are the ones causing most of the damage. That being said…”

“His defense is solid… I also have a feeling that his armor can heal his body as well,” Meryl said. “Let’s finish things here and then help them.”

That was their plan… unfortunately, Zenis wasn’t lenient enough to let that happen. When the first group of Hydras died, he just summoned a group two times larger than the first…


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