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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 666: The end? (1) Bahasa Indonesia

“How is he still alive…” Zenis thought, unable to hide his surprise.

Even with that armor, it didn’t make any sense for Billy to survive the direct attack. Zenis was absolutely sure that it went perfectly… from his perspective, Billy just waited for it without moving. It was clear that he still had a few tricks up his sleeve, and Zenis would have to learn them before getting rid of Billy once and for all. He found some obstacles, but his path was still clear…

Zenis received a notification afterward, but it only gave him ten thousand experience points. That was the same as the hydras used to give him and while Billy’s level was lower, he was a much tougher opponent, that was how the system made the calculations to determine the experience earned.

“I see… he used the summoner abilities to link his status with the frozen hydra,” Zenis said. “That boosted his defenses and increased his health tremendously as well… that is the only explanation.”

Despite that, it was clear that. Billy was almost half dead, so finishing the job should be easy. Zenis approached the spot where Billy fell and then saw pieces of his armor around. It was pretty amazing that the armor resisted that much, and he assumed that it would break into pieces with the very moment of the strike.

Eventually, Zenis found Billy’s body at the bottom of a three kilometers deep hole. His body was a mess, but he still was recovering from the previous attack. It wasn’t a natural regenerative ability since Zenis could feel his mana working. Despite the situation, Billy’s armor wasn’t completely destroyed; it was still repairing itself, and the bodies of the legs, arms, torso, and head were still repairing themselves.

Zenis ignored that and then transformed the armor on his right arm into a sword and then went for the attack. However, when the weapon approached Billy’s neck, his glaive almost instantly moved toward Zenis’ head as well. Zenis could have let his armor do its job, but he felt a shiver run down his spine, and then he moved away from the attack. He did well because just a single scratch caused by the glaive suddenly turned into a pretty large dent on it. The armor was taking its time to repair itself as well.

“Fucking hell…” Billy said while trying to get up. “That hurt, you asshole…”

Zenis couldn’t believe it… somehow, Billy was getting up to fight. Even with Regen working, most of his bones were supposed to be broken. He was bleeding from the mouth, nose, and ears… and he still didn’t lose his will to fight.

“You… how…” Zenis asked.

“That is because of your own stupidity. If you are asking why I am still alive… am I using the sentences in the right order? My head hurts like hell…” Billy said and then sighed. “You seriously think that you would keep using the same technique over and over again, and I couldn’t figure out how to use it? Monster skills are a lot harder to learn. Still, when they belong to a human and when I have something similar… then it is clear that I will eventually understand it.”

Zenis furrowed his eyebrows… he didn’t want to believe it that Billy learned before the attack how to create a Personal Domain. Still, Zenis knew that he could use Mana Dominion, and that was just one step below the skill he was using to stop magic attacks from reaching him from a distance.

“… What your Personal Domain can do?” Zenis asked.

“Why don’t you try to discover by yourself?” Billy asked while smirking.

Zenis furrowed his eyebrows again. Personal Domain was a place where their magic energy could bend the rules of reality. Naturally, it had only a small range, but some rules created by the users were absolute there. To avoid losing his powers and innate skills, Zenis created a field that outside mana couldn’t cross. That was the rule of his Personal Domain. Even if one is crazy enough to cross his domain and use magic powers, they will have to deal with his magic mercury armor that can react to all sorts of attacks…

After thinking for a while, Zenis realized that only one thing could have damaged his armor that much… his own mana. Billy’s personal domain could drain the mana from the attacks of those inside… Zenis couldn’t believe that he had just learned the skill and could use it to nullify all of Zenis’ power from the previous attack. Still, he probably survived because he took a good chunk of the energy. He didn’t use the Hydra to survive…

“It is a pity that the system doesn’t recognize the skill… but I can guess why you developed something like that,” Billy said. “You didn’t want it to become a weapon to the final enemy. In the end, you also guessed the same as me a long time ago.”

Now Zenis knew how annoying it was to have his intentions and skills be analyzed. That had never happened in his life before since he always had been above others with skills and accomplishments. Still, the idea of feeling inferior to someone who was much weaker than him annoyed the heck out of him.

In the next moment, Zenis made his armor expand quite a bit. Before, it was just a normal-looking full plate armor, but after a while, it began to look like a fucking Gundam. Zenis was finally taking the training gloves and about to fight for real.

If using his mana would be a bad idea, then Zenis just didn’t have to use it. With that in mind, he decided to focus on strength. Zenis charged toward Billy and easily pushed him away with the swing of his blade. Billy could only block the attack with his glaive and fly to the distance…

While making Billy fly for dozens of kilometers with a single attack, Zenis started his counterattack…


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