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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 659: Zenis (3) Bahasa Indonesia

That was the first time Billy had heard something like that. While he had imagined that their innate skills had some sort of classification, he thought that only Icarus and Meryl’s skills could have any. Maybe that could help him improve his powers, but Billy wasn’t so sure if he would have time for that. Still, considering all things, they made since they were more based on concepts than in real types of attacks. It was like their powers never had that function, to begin with… to be used for combat…

In that short window of time, Icarus, Lucyna, and Meryl prepared an attack. The skill that they called instant arrow was fired, but in the end, the projectile was somehow grabbed by Zenis. Billy was starting to understand how his powers worked… while they were stupidly effective, they had logic behind it and, naturally, weakness.

“This is an interesting combination,” Zenis said. “Can I replicate it?”

Billy rushed to attack the enemy because he was the one who was going to suffer for it. He didn’t think that the other guys could resist Zenis’ attacks directly, so he had to keep Guardian’s Aura active. Once again, he dashed with his enhanced spear while targetting the enemy’s head, but his spear was blocked by the annoying armor. In the next moment, an arrow flew from the armor and hit Billy’s hand since he had tried to block the attack.

“This texture… this much magic power…” Billy said while showing a complicated smile since his hand has a hole in it now. “This is some kind of mercury enhanced by magic…you can control it at will, and since it is mercury and is highly volatile, it can repair itself and change its shape.”

“You aren’t afraid of almost dying if you have the chance to learn more, huh,” Zenis said while he recovered the mercury arrow. “No wonder you managed to show some results in this sector so soon… you are a threat to my existence.”

That was some quick decision-making, but Billy didn’t have time to worry about that. He used Full Heal to recover from the wounds, but he couldn’t count on that too often. He could steal the enemy’s mana from a distance for the same reason he couldn’t use Appraisal, which still was unknown. So, his best option was to keep things at a close range.

“Keep attacking!” Billy shouted. “I will keep him busy!”

Billy’s shout made the others wake up from the surprise. They couldn’t begin to understand the enemy’s skills yet since they weren’t calm enough. They had yet to see that combination of their powers failing, after all. Lucy couldn’t use her powers on the enemy. Icarus’ attacks didn’t hit the enemy once. It didn’t make him even more… even with their support. Meryl’s arrows didn’t land either.

After pulling away his spear, Billy increased his speed again and began to punch Zenis. His expression darkened a little when he saw the man in his armor decreasing with each punch, so Zenis decided to make his move. Billy probably had understood that mana was what made that armor do anything. Increase or decrease in size, move faster or slower, and turn into any shape…

Suddenly, the armor in his arms fired two spears at Billy’s head, and he barely had the chance to protect his head. The spears began to pierce his flesh until they crossed his arms. Still, then Zenis suddenly pulled them away when he felt something weird… he was losing a lot more mana from the armor during the attack.

“A combination of Chaos and Order, I suppose,” Zenis said while furrowing his eyebrows. They saw Billy’s spirit becoming a bit stronger. “Or perhaps it was only your power alone…”

You obtained 2000 experience points.

You obtained 2000 experience points.

You obtained 2000 experience points.

“I guess trying to obtain his powers like this would be too much,” Billy thought and then used Regen.

Weapons were useful, but against an enemy like that, Billy’s punches would be more effective since they could land faster and apply the effects of his innate skills as well… in any case, while Zenis lost his creativity alongside most of his sense of self, his analyzing skills weren’t something to laugh at.

Before attacking again, Zenis pointed his hand toward Billy, and he tried to steal the mana from Guardian’s Aura to do the same. However, the result was different because he didn’t touch him. Besides, he had far less experience than Billy when using that skill.

“He still is trying to improve…” Billy thought while he furrowed his eyebrows. “He doesn’t have total confidence in his skills, so it means that we can do this.”

Billy didn’t know why the enemy lured them in when he didn’t have confidence in his abilities. It wasn’t like they were the ones who started things, after all. Nevertheless, he had a reason, but they didn’t know it yet.

Icarus, Lucyna, and Meryl began to bombard Zenis with their instant arrows. However, the enemies still grabbed all of those with ease. He wasn’t relying on his armor, so that was another tip that Billy needed. Maybe his armor wasn’t strong enough to deal with their innate skills, at least not directly or when many of them were combined on a single strike. Either way, Billy would need more intel before he could come up with a winning strategy. The only problem was the fact that he felt that Zenis still had some leeway before he got severe…

“We need to deal with him and his troublesome skills before he decides to get serious, but as we are now, I can’t see a clear path to achieve that goal…” Billy thought.

All of a sudden, Zenis summoned ten massive swords using his magic mercury and made them move around him. Billy realized that the enemy could control a lot more if he wanted because those were essentially his mana…


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