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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 647: Wyvern (3) Bahasa Indonesia

“I am starting to think that Snowstorm developers were the ones who made this dungeon…” Billy said.

“Oh? You played that game as well where we had to go down a dungeon with numerous floors to reach hell and defeat the devil himself?” Icarus’ asked.

“Yes… it took a while for me to buy it since my parents thought that it was game to be a friend of Satan, not kill him,” Billy said.

“Hahaha, I remember such histories,” Icarus said.

“Guys… it isn’t time for that,” Lucyna said.

“… I also played that game, Sorcerers rule,” Meryl said.

“Rogue is better,” Icarus said.

“Only weaklings and noobs face demons from a distance, real men smash their heads with clubs,” Billy said.

“Come on…” Lucyna said and then sighed.

“I suppose Lucyna doesn’t strike me as a gamer girl,” Billy said. “Nevertheless, even I am starting to feel troubled about this.”

That dungeon was way too big… even with their progress, it was hard to see them clearing it or even finding the maker at that rate. In fact, it almost looked like someone was trying to mock their efforts by designing such a stupidly large and deep dungeon.

“Let’s rest for a while before going down,” Meryl declared.

Instead of resting, Billy decided to check things with his wives. During the last two times he had a chance to take a break, he failed at absorbing the experience of the other item because his head began to hurt, so he decided to try that again in a few days. In any case, Billy using the lenses that he installed on Natalie’s armor, he managed to see just the right time she landed on a city that had some buildings falling apart. He saw her kicking a centaur to the distance…

“I suppose Meryl doesn’t know… but the maker probably captured some of her people,” Billy thought.

The centaur was equipped with a bow and a spear and tried to attack her with the spear, but Natalie grabbed him by the neck faster than he could react and smashed him agaisns the wall of the city. She kept dragging him down at a fearsome speed until they stopped on a forest after knocking down several trees.

“… She sure looks stressed,” Billy thought. “Let’s make a mental note not to piss her off in the future.”

Natalie went easy on the guy and didn’t even use her swords. She didn’t kill him either… It was a pity that they probably couldn’t be recovered. In any case, while using her swords, Billy decided to write a message on the ground. At first, Natalie was startled, but then she realized what was happening.

‘How are you holding up?’

Billy wrote that and then Natalie began to talk, but he couldn’t hear her, so he wrote that as well. In the end, she wrote on the ground as well that she was fine.

‘That is hard to believe when you trashed that guy so much… Anyway, we reached the twenty-first floor of the dungeon and there is no sign of the end.’

As one would expect, Natalie was left speechless, a dungeon with that many floors was something unheard of. Moreover, Billy was facing dragons after dragons. While she was worried, Billy didn’t give more details to spare her, and because she would feel eager to come and fight as well.

‘Anyway, things are fine around here, tell that to the others and don’t work too hard. Love you.’

Natalie felt a bit better after that. He was sending messages that way now and then, but without giving details, it was clear that his wives would get stressed. Nevertheless, it couldn’t be helped…

“You look more relaxed, are things fine on the continent?” Icarus asked.

“It seems so,” Billy replied.

“… In any case, we are going even deeper in this dungeon, the pressure, the atmosphere and everything else is really troublesome,” Icarus said. “Sorry to say this, but if the next sector isn’t the last…”

“I suppose that retreating would be the smartest thing to do,” Billy said. “Well, it doesn’t matter. It might be a good idea to retreat.”

“I thought that you would be angrier… you are really accepting this too easily,” Icarus said while frowning.

“I am someone reasonable if you didn’t realize that until now,” Billy said. “You will never hear anywhere about me forcing others to do anything, much less risk their lives.”

For one reason or the other, the monsters didn’t spawn around the hole, so the group had the chance to rest for quite a bit after Billy build the shelter. During that free time, he even took a long nap to recover mentally. He felt that he would be rather for the next round of his experiments soon enough, but for the time being, he will have to wait until he sees the enemies on the next floor.

“Let’s get going,” Meryl declared. “Prepare yourselves to help Billy if the next enemy is too troublesome than expected.”

Icarus and Lucyna nodded Until now, the power of the monsters increased by thirty percent between floors, but things might change at any time. The worst-case scenario would be to find a floor covered by dragons and while they had experience with that, things would be a lot more difficult than against the Tyrants.

Eventually, they jumped into the hole with their weapons ready to be used. Billy was ready to use everything if necessary and soon he realized that he would have to do that when he saw the floor of the next floor and he didn’t see anything aside from a lake of lava. As soon as that happened, they made them stop falling by using Telekinesis.

“Come on… this has to be a sick joke,” Icarus said.

Billy felt inclined to agree… with a floor like that, it became clear that such a dungeon was specially created to people like them. Still, such thoughts disappeared from their minds when they saw something emerging from the lava.


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