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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 610: Dragon (5) Bahasa Indonesia

< Before the beast could react, Billy landed on its back and attacked with all his might the spot where Icarus had pulled the scale. The massive beast grunted in agony and then tried to turn its head. Billy used lightning magic on his glaive to shock the monster, but that only slowed it down a little bit. In the end, Billy just had enough time to make the glaive spear and increase the wound considerably before moving away. The beast suffered quite a bit and trembled all over, so he felt like he had achieved his goal.

The monster tried to chase Billy with its Mana Cannon, but then a massive explosion happened on its face and forced the beast to stop the attack. For a moment, the dragon even staggered, and then it looked at the direction the attack came from. Icarus and Lucyna used their powers to buff Meryl’s arrow, and while it destroyed a scale and opened a wound, it didn’t seem like they were much closer to killing the monsters than they were before… that was shocking because the same attack killed the manipulator instantly. Such was life. It would be weird if they could kill that easily a monster powered by a dungeon core…

“Oh, boy…” Icarus said.

While those three were surprised that they failed at killing the beast, Billy flew toward the head of the monster and began to attack the monster viciously with his glaive. The powerful impacts made the sound of powerful metal colliding against each other spread across the area. It felt like their ears would explode, but Billy never stopped, and so they recovered from the shock of failure.

The beast ended Billy’s attack by almost smashing him with one of its front paws, but Billy blocked the attack with his glaive. He was sent flying to the distance. Instead of using Mana Cannon again, the monster jumped toward him even before he could land. While using Telekinesis, Billy began to move away from the beast.

“We can’t let Billy draw all the aggro to himself,” Lucyna said.

“I guess I will need to be faster… And attack even more than before,” Icarus said.

“No, we don’t have a mana pool as large as Billy’s. If we let this fight take too long, we will eventually be unable to land any hit or cause damage,” Meryl said. “We barely can do that by ourselves, so we will have to join forces and combine our powers to deliver more powerful attacks. Billy, can you keep the beast busy by yourself?”

“What do you think I have been doing until now?” Billy asked. “You sure have a bad eyesight for an archer.”

“See… He is annoying as usual, so he will be fine,” Meryl said.

They prepared to shoot another supersonic and enhanced arrow while Billy was flying around the area since the dragon didn’t give him any chance to attack. The beast’s speed was that fearsome… it could jump and land so fast that it was hard to believe considering its size. Billy tried some long ranged elemental attacks like ice spheres on the face and even lightning bolts, but they barely annoyed the monster. The dragon was also fine in letting those hit its face, as long as they hit the scales. Billy tried to aim at the creature’s eyes, but with its beastly senses, the monster managed to avoid being hit there.

“This monster is too smart for its own good… it must have been hundred years old before the dungeon core captured it,” Billy thought.

Billy had his Light Spear Sword hidden on the back of his armor, and he could use that to surprise the beast. Unlike Icarus, he almost wasn’t bound by mana, so he could attack the same spot many times and make it look like he somehow landed a few lucky hits on the beast’s eyes, but Billy didn’t want to believe that such a thing would pass unnoticed.

All of a sudden, the dragon began to fly as well. Still, its movements resembled more a flight granted by magic than anything since the creature wasn’t flapping its wings. However, the monster moved its wings to change its aerodynamics, so its movements were pretty direct, although fast.

“Naturally, with that size, you couldn’t fly in any atmosphere insanely fast…” Billy thought.

Still, the monster used that chance to use Mana Cannon again, and this time the attack was almost pursuing Billy, thanks to the flight. Billy began to zigzag in all directions and in the air to avoid it. Still, soon he had to go down because he knew that the others had finished their preparations for the next attack. He tried not to be too obvious with the bait, but then he almost let Mana Cannon hit him. When the eyes of the monster glint and Billy is about to use Mana Shield, Meryl fires another arrow.

The shockwave caused by the impact even pushed Billy away and made him spin in the air. Despite that, he saw the monster falling a little bit, but it soon recovered from the attack. It had been pretty powerful but only opened a small wound on the other side of the monster’s face while it also cracked some scales. Unfortunately, the body of the creature began to glow, and the wounds disappeared, and the scales were repaired.

“No fucking way…” Billy muttered.

If the dragon could do that much, then it was clear that defeating it would be one hell of an ordeal. This time, even Billy couldn’t help but be shocked… While he could heal himself, it wasn’t anything that fast. The tyrants could also regenerate pretty fast, but that level was several above that.

“We either destroy its brain and heart at the same time, or we cut off its head and then burn it,” Billy thought. “Unless we do that much, we will be risking fighting this thing for who knows how long…”>


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