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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 572: Returning (3) Bahasa Indonesia

“What about your friend?” Meryl asked.

“I can’t talk for her, but I never heard any complaints,” Icarus said. “She is a lot more friendly than Billy, so I am not sure how you will handle that. I heard that people around here have a hard time keeping good relationships.”

“I suppose I am a bit like Billy, then,” Meryl said. “That is why I don’t understand his cold shoulder with you guys when he didn’t live a life harsher than mine.”

“He is cautious to a fault since he doesn’t want to risk losing the things and the people he has in his life,” Icarus said. “You will learn that eventually once you see him in action. Nevertheless, I should return, and then I will let you text Lucyna as well. It might be weird at first since you never saw her, but she is looking forward or working with you.”

After that, Icarus returned to the other side of the continent, and then Meryl went to check the area around. She found some traces of Billy on the sand, but they disappeared at some point. Meryl assumed that he ran over water since she didn’t find any other signs around. Her guess couldn’t be more wrong…

At the same time, Billy was already pretty far away from the demi-human continent. He noticed that Icarus and Meryl would talk for a short while, so he left in a hurry. He had a lot of work to do, so he had to hurry, but now Billy’s preparations would increase other things.

As soon as Billy returned home, he used his mana to help him level up faster and eventually reached the level that he wanted and now had one thousand skill points to use. Things were going to get interesting, but Billy still felt a bit complicated when he checked the system.

Billy – Lv 425 25.000/ 580.000 EXP

HP: 26846/ 2846

MP: 5331/ 5331

SP: 1291/ 1291

Strength: 479 + 430

Speed: 363 + 330

Magic: 1308 + 935

Endurance: 142 + 430

Dexterity: 119

Status Points: 495

Skills: Body Enhancement Lv 51 (+ 10 UP), Physical Disturbance Lv 41 (+ 10 UP),

Spells: Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞, Mind Control Lv ∞, Telekinesis Lv ∞, Beastly Summoning Lv ∞, Absolute Summoning Link Lv ∞,

Passive: Brute Strength Lv 86 (+ 10 UP), Toughness Lv 86 (+ 10 UP), Magic Conscience Lv 39 (+ 14 UP)

Skill Points: 1000

After that, he went to check the skill shop and confirmed what he had imagined. He didn’t find skills similar, at least in terms of power level, to the ones that the other reincarnated individuals had. Still, the list had a pretty generic version of those. One tier below perhaps the ones they had… even so, that would be a lot useful.

Experience Control: 1000 skill points.

Dream Manipulation: 1000 skill points.

Speed Mode: 1000 skill points.

Enhanced Thievery: 1000 skill points.

Contract: 1000 skill points.

Summon Skeleton: 1000 skill points.

Emotional Control: 1000 skill points.

Transmutation: 1000 skill points.

Avatar Creation: 1000 skill points.

Damage Control: 1000 skill points.

Limited Foresight: 1000 skill points.

Fear Manipulation: 1000 skill points.

Life Control: 1000 skill points.

The list was quite weird, but the powers sure sounded interesting by themselves. In any case, since it was limited, it only showed the powers that were similar to the reincarnated individuals. To think that thirteen of them had come to that world… Billy didn’t know if it was a big or small number.

In any case, experience control granted the user the ability to move experience points from one skill to another. So, it would be useful to help with some skills that are hard to level up, getting experience from others that are easy to. Dream Manipulation was a pretty weird one since the user could control the dreams of the target or for himself. Still, it couldn’t put the target to sleep, so it seemed pretty flawed. However, the user didn’t have to touch the target, and the dream could last for as long as the user wanted.

Speed Mode granted the user or a target a bonus in speed that was equal to the level of the skill. So, at level one hundred, the user would be two hundred times faster. It could be used on Billy’s armor, so it was quite something. Contract was the weaker version of the summoning skill. It could only summon creatures that decided to work for the summoner. However, the summoner could summon and make the contracted creature disappear at will…

Enhanced Thievery was Lucyna’s skill… At least a few levels below to the one she had. The user had to contact the target, but they had the chance to steal pretty much everything the target had in their possession, even internal organs… It was quite a scary skill. Summon Skeleton was a skill that could make the user summon the three basic types of skeletons, and the level of the skill determined their power as well. So, unlike Meryl’s power, the strength of the catalyst didn’t matter.

“Those skills are really something…” Billy said.

Even without reading the description of the others, Billy already could tell that it would be a massive pain to select a single one of those. While learning Experience Control probably wasn’t a good idea, Billy was also thinking about learning it since he wanted to see what happens when the skill reaches level one thousand. Maybe the skills would evolve and then reach their apex. Still, Billy never saw anyone or anything even close to that level. That was why he was considering learning that skill.

“That being said, it also would be interesting and try to max out the skill of those guys as soon as possible… The skill of the maker greatly interests me as well,” Billy thought.

Considering the fact that the maker wasn’t doing anything yet, most likely, he was busy training his skills. Billy couldn’t tell why since he probably was the strongest being in that world.


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