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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 537: Armors (4) Bahasa Indonesia

One day, Billy sneaked around in the middle of the night and left his home. It was finally time to do some test runs on the armor. Based on what he experiences and learns about it, he will have to consider all that while he projects the next one. Since he already had some experience making it, the next projects should take less time to be completed.

After finding the armor open in his workshop, Billy just entered inside and then activated the magic circuits. Once that happened, the armor began to close and cover his whole body. This time, Billy didn’t feel the weight behind it since mana was making the armor move, and they only followed the will of the wearer. Although it was a bit weird to move like that since Billy had to adjust his thought speed, he wasn’t used to the movements of the armor, after all.

In any case, once that was finished, Billy thought of making the armor levitate, and that happened almost instantly and very slowly. For the first run, everything was happening quite smoothly… It paid off that Billy put too many effects on all the parts of the armor. He added the wind effect Light Walk to make the armor lighter. He also added the earth effect, Steel Skin, to increase its durability. Those were the most basic ones for the first prototype…

With another thought, the armor began to incline horizontally, and then the leg parts began to shoot a powerful but silent wave of wind that propelled its body forward. The output was quite weak yet, so Billy got surprised that he didn’t lose altitude… Nevertheless, he decided to leave his workshop using one of the tunnels he created.

Although the tunnel was dark, Billy also enhanced the visor of his helmet to give him extra visibility even in dark places like that. Everything was working well, probably because Billy’s idea of having more cores also helped with that. As of now, the armor has four cores. One for the legs parts, another for the arms parts, another for the torso part, and another for the helmet. Not only did it increase its magic output, but it also decreased the pressure of mana on the magic circuits, so they wouldn’t overwork a single core. Eventually, Billy left the tunnel and saw himself flying upward toward the night sky. He finally had some freedom, so he used the chance to test the flying speed of the armor, and he got surprised when he crossed the clouds in the sky in the blink of an eye. When he stopped, he could see some lights in the distance, and they were from the capital…

“I guess the flying speed is a lot better than Flash…” Billy thought. “All the parts are working well despite the sudden burst of speed, but I need to push them to the limits.”

Billy increased the armor’s speed and began to fly toward the East. Usually, he would reach his first dungeon town in one hour using his magic cart and forcing five minutes using Flash. However, in just ten minutes, he reached that place with his armor. The first prototype could fly around 1800 kilometers per hour…

“Well, well, I would dare say that this is pretty good,” Billy smirked. “The circuits are still fine, and there are no signs of them or of the armor reaching an overheating stage… Let’s see, I used twenty percent of the mana the four cores accumulated over the course of a week. I suppose I need to improve this.”

The good side of that was the fact that the cores could give mana to everything that touches them… As long as their mana capacity isn’t full… So, Billy could use the mana they gathered to level up the cores. Making extra copies of them as possible, but that took some hours, and Billy could make them once he had one decent armor.

In any case, Billy confirmed that the speed of the armor was decent, so he had to confirm its power. He had to choose a good local for that. Otherwise, he might cause problems for the people around, and weird rumors would spread. With that in mind, Billy flew to the area where the elementalists once lived, and there he moved downward to attack the ground.

The impact of his landing already made a lot of noise. Still, his punch made the entire desert tremble and even opened a fifty meters wide crater.

“Not bad, not bad at all…” Billy thought.

Billy couldn’t test his armor any more than that without causing a ruckus around, so he was satisfied for the time being and decided to return to his home. Not to mention, showing the full potential of his new armor could be dangerous since there was no telling where the enemy might see him… Clairvoyance. That was one of the powers that Billy considered that the necromancer might have now that he turned the former summoner into an undead.

Still, even if Billy was being watched, he had some ideas that would surprise his enemies that he hadn’t implemented in his prototype.

“Things worked well, a lot better than I expected, so I suppose I just need to keep the pace,” Billy thought when he arrived at home.

Instead of working on it right away, Billy went to bed and fell asleep while thinking about his next steps. On the next day, Billy woke up and checked for messages in his workshop, and he quickly found one that had been sent by Icarus.

‘I had found some villages when I explored the lands around. Most of them had been destroyed by something extremely powerful. While I was investigating that, I sensed some tremors and then confirmed that several tribes were fighting against each other. While their numbers weren’t impressive, each of the fighters was powerful enough to cause some problems to us if given a chance.”


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