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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 519: Exploration (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Around one month later, Billy was almost finishing the submarine. While he didn’t have all the technical knowledge to replicate one from Earth, he still managed to make most of the things that he needed by creating magic tools that would do most of the job to keep them alive. There was a magic tool to make mana create breathable air at a slow rate since too much oxygen was also a problem. He wondered if the fact that magic that improved his brain made him recall those things.

Air contains about 21% oxygen. Breathing in higher oxygen concentrations can cause oxygen toxicity. Oxygen toxicity can affect all the body’s organs but most often causes damage to the lungs, eyes, and brain. Most people recover from oxygen toxicity. But it’s still a good idea to avoid high oxygen concentrations when possible.

There was also a magic tool that made the dioxide of carbon being expelled. Another tool was a magic Radar that Billy made… Using Mana Dominion as the basis, it could show the location of enemies in a three kilometers radius. It wasn’t a large distance, but at the same time it was underwater. The submarine also had magic cannons and floodlights to make things more visible.

“I suppose we just have a test run to confirm that everything is in order…” Billy thought and then decided to leave his workshop.

Billy left just in time to see a flustered Natalie dashed toward him. It seemed that something had happened, so even without words, Billy went to check on Sarah.

When Billy arrived at her room, he saw her sweating a lot. She was fine, but it seemed that she was about to give birth… It was supposed to happen to weeks later, but that kind of thing happens now and then.

“Natalie! Go grab a doctor that has experience with deliveries!” Billy said. “Anyone will do, just bring one fast and then look for others!”

Natalie nodded and then left as fast as her legs could carry her. In the end, Billy could only try to calm Sarah down and hold her hand while telling her to take deep breaths. Everyone was surprised since the birth wasn’t supposed to happen this soon and there was no time to bring Anna. In any case, Billy applied Regen several times on Sarah and on the baby just to be sure, even though he could tell that their conditions weren’t so bad.

In the end, Natalie brought an old lady on her shoulders and she was supposed to be a doctor who specialized in delivery. While she was a bit dizzy, she checked Sarah’s condition and then took a deep breath before asking for several things from everyone.

In the end, the group split up to collect those things while the woman helped Sarah calm down. After a couple of minutes, everything was ready, and then the old lady began to instruct Sarah. Billy had already witnessed the event two other times, but he had already forgotten about it due to his nervousness. Still, things proceeded well and in no time, the cries of a newborn child echoed through the mansion. The birth happened a bit sooner because the kid had grown faster than expected, the old lady said that it wasn’t something Uncommon… Maybe it was because it was a world of magic and even new babies were born a lot stronger than ordinary kids from Earth. Nevertheless, Sarah also looked fine. Everyone just got a bit nervous because of the circumstances…

The newborn baby was a girl, so Sarah named her Helen. As usual, she got the hair of the mother and the eyes of the father… that already happened so many times that Billy wasn’t surprised. Also, the baby was as healthy as it could be, after crying for a short while, it fell asleep and soon Sarah did. Once he left the room, Billy found his other children outside.

“Is everything okay with Mama, papa?” Christina asked.

“Yes, you two have a little sister now, so you have to grow to become respectable older brother and sister,” Billy said while patting their heads.

Those two nodded. Since they have been raising together, they would treat Helen well. Usually, a kid only gets jealous of the younger siblings when they spent many years being the sole focus of the family. Not to mention, they were nice kids at heart and they looked pretty happy hearing that they were a big brother and sister now.

The family grew again, so Billy couldn’t have felt happier. Still, now that he thought about it, he couldn’t help but feel a bit troubled. It was a bit too soon for that, but eventually, Billy will have to realize that Christina and Helen will have to leave home with someone else to start their own family. That was a complicated feeling… In that sense, it was easier to wait for Hector to find a nice girl. On the other hand, the mothers were the ones troubled by that…

“Oh, well… That is not the end of the world,” Billy thought. “I just have to scare the crap out of the no good boyfriends, and only let the decent ones who have the guts to face me to approach my daughters. Still, it is really too soon to think about that… I can only prepare for it and steel my resolve.”

Billy spread the news to his friends and acquaintances in the capital, before returning home and keeping an eye on Sarah and Helen. The others were like them, but it wouldn’t be for him to stay with them as well. Moments like those were rare nowadays.

In any case, after it got dark and everyone went to sleep, Billy headed to his workshop to finish his submarine. He wouldn’t let such small problems like dungeon breaks to bother his family, but to do so, he needed the right tools and he had to work on them as well.


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