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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 503: Guardians (2) Bahasa Indonesia

In the end, Billy wasn’t fine… That kind of training was a lot harder than he thought. Giving a physical effect to his mana without using the elements was quite difficult. In the end, Billy returned to have breakfast with his family feeling a bit down. Still, he soon recovered since he didn’t want to make Christina feel guilty and force her to apologize. He was in the wrong for messing up so many times.

“Papa, I am sorry…” Christina said.

“It is okay… I deserved that one,” Billy said and then patted Christina on her head. “Just don’t say that kind of thing anymore. I will also try not to make you angry again.”

Christina nodded several times, and Billy felt satisfied. Still, he did the same thing to Hector, but he didn’t feel even a bit bothered. Although he doesn’t smile much, he looks pretty happy while being fed his soup by Natalie. In a way, he didn’t like Billy even a bit to feel bothered to get angry at him.

“Being a parent is hard…” Billy thought.

After breakfast, Billy decided to take a break in the garden, and he began to think of what he should do to make Hector like him a bit more. Just giving him gifts wouldn’t work. It wasn’t like he liked anything more than his mother. He was too small to like weapons or magic items either… Not to mention, Hector and Christina were starting to become hooked on training just like the rest of the family.

After thinking for a while, Billy recalled that kids around their age really like animals, so perhaps he should give them a summoned monster to make their personal guards. Besides, the more they live, the stronger they get. Billy just needed an excuse to tell how come he got his hands on such docile creatures.

After thinking for a while, Billy decided to head to the dungeon and get his mana to the maximum. He returned with two monsters accompanying him, one was a puppy arctic wolf, and the other was a light blue arctic Eagle.

Legendary Artic Wolf – Lv 01

HP: 50/ 50

MP: 50/ 50

SP: 50/ 50

Strength: 15

Speed: 15

Magic: 15

Endurance: 15

Dexterity: 15

Status Points: 00

Skills: Dash Lv 01, Body Slam Lv 01

Spells: Frost Breath Lv 01, Ice Arrow Lv 01,

Passive: Cold Resistance Lv 10, Fire Resistance Lv 05, Wind Resistance Lv 01, Earth Resistance Lv 01, Brute Strenght Lv 01, Toughness Lv 01, Light Steps Lv 01, Sage’s Wisdom Lv 01,

Skill Points: 00

Legendary Artic Eagle – Lv 01

HP: 40/ 40

MP: 80/ 80

SP: 40/ 40

Strength: 12

Speed: 12

Magic: 38

Endurance: 12

Dexterity: 12

Status Points: 00

Skills: Bite Lv 10, Squeal Lv 05

Spells: Fly Lv 10, Ice Arrow Lv 05

Passive: Cold Resistance Lv 10, Fire Resistance Lv 05, Wind Resistance Lv 01, Earth Resistance Lv 01, Brute Strenght Lv 01, Toughness Lv 01, Light Steps Lv 01, Sage’s Wisdom Lv 01,

Skill Points: 00

“Where did you get those?” Kate asked when Billy arrived in the garden.

Natalie and Sarah were wondering the same thing, but Christina and Hector looked pretty excited about seeing such cool creatures. He chose the right option in summoning them… Fortunately, those creatures actually existed in Meido state, and he had a good excuse for them.

“I found them when I was in the samurai state and they were right where I left them,” Billy said. “I thought that they would become good pets for the kids. They are pretty loyal, so it won’t be dangerous.”

“They sure standout if anything…” Natalie frowned. “I don’t want them leaving feathers and fur in my room.”

“You heard your mothers words, but they will say a lot more about those, keep listening to them,” Billy said. “Anyway, those are for you, treat them well and be responsible.”

“Yay, I love you, papa!” Christina said and then jumped to hug the eagle instead of Billy.

“Thank you, papa,” Hector said while he was patting the wolf.

“You are welcome,” Billy said.

Hector rarely called Billy like that, so he was certain that he had made some progress. Now, he just needed to teach them how to take care of the animals, and then things would proceed favorably… Or so goes the plan. People get closer when they have similar interests in things they have to do together.

Billy watched them play with the animals for a while, and once they got tired and went to take a nap, Billy went to his underground arena to meditate. Never-ending practicing helps sometimes, but Billy had to find his answers with his head now instead of with his body. Billy thought before that learning mana shield would be easy when he was learning Destructive Aura, but it seemed that he was dead wrong.

“I suppose I need to start from the basics of the basics… I need to learn how to attack with pure mana alone,” Billy thought.

start from the basics… I need to learn how to attack with mana alone and then proceed to the next step,” Billy thought.

Billy was quite adept at controlling his mana after this long. However, he still failed at making his mana leave his body consciously and do anything. After crossing his eyes and thinking for a while, Billy recalled pretty much all the things he could do with mana and skills. The key was when he was trying to learn Destructive Aura… He created a barrier that affected the ground around him to some extent.

“That was probably because I envisioned an actual barrier around me…” Billy thought.

Just sending his mana wasn’t good enough. Billy also had to keep his body, a line of mana, and the effect that he wanted to put into action. In the end, he imagined a line that had a tip in the shape of an arrow, and then Billy saw one semitransparent appearing in front of him and piercing the ground a bit.


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