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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 5: New Life (5) Bahasa Indonesia

“What happened today?” Camilla asked.

“Two wild beasts appeared at the same time… while we managed to defeat them, we suffered some damage and got exhausted, then we were ambushed by some enemies,” Drew replied. “And then another wild beast appeared when we fend them off.”

Billy stopped his Meditation to listen to that… wild beasts and enemies. It almost looked like his father didn’t treat monsters like their real enemies. In any case, that day probably had been a rare occurrence, but Billy could tell that his father wouldn’t last for long if that happened a few other times. Billy won’t be able to strengthen his father due to his past, so he needs to find another way… Billy soon found it. He had to use his father’s spear. Hopefully, even a few level ups will make a difference…

“If I increase my mana, I should be able to make it level up a few times. The only problem is how I am going to do that without anyone noticing it?”

There was only one way. Billy had to do it in the middle of the night while his parents were asleep. Since their beds were made of straw, Billy didn’t have to jump from his bed, so things wouldn’t be that hard, but if he is caught… Well, the worst thing that will happen is him getting scolded.

Even if Billy wanted, he couldn’t stay up all night. He had yet to obtain that level of mastery over his new body, so he decided to empty his mana early in the evening to fall asleep. Even if he were a toddler, he wouldn’t sleep all night… or so he thought. His plan nearly failed since he saw the sky clearing and the sun rising when he woke up.

“I have to hurry up…”

Wooden Spear – Lv 00 – 0/10 EXP

STR + 01

SPEED + 02

Durability: 05/15

Status points: 00

Skill points: 00

Billy almost cried when he saw such a pitiful weapon. It was the first weapon he analyzed, but considering the status alone, it was incredibly weak. Unfortunately, considering the appearance of others, no one had a weapon much better. Nevertheless, Billy touched the weapon and activated his skill. Even after putting all his status into magic, Billy only managed to make the weapon level up three times. Still, at least the weapon obtained the same amount of skill and status points as him when he levels up.

Nevertheless, unlike himself, Billy could only increase three parameters of the spear, two of them would affect the wielder directly, but durability only affected the weapon itself. Billy assumed that he couldn’t ignore durability and focus on making the weapon to become faster and stronger since it would make it break faster while it delivers more powerful attacks. So, for the time being, Billy decided to divide the points equally and see how that would affect his father’s work the next day.

“Now for the skill points… can a weapon learn skills?”

HP + 10: 05 skill points.

MP + 10: 05 skill points.

SP + 10: 05 skill points.

Those were the skills the spear could learn. Billy confirmed that when his eyes focused on the number of status points. Regardless, while the effects weren’t that impressive, they sure will come in handy, even more so since they could stack.

Wooden Spear – Lv 03 – 0/40 EXP

STR + 06

SPEED + 07

Durability: 10/20

HP Lv 03

Status points: 00

Skill points: 00

Billy nodded to himself in satisfaction. It was basically a new weapon, one that couldn’t even be compared to the previous one. Still, instead of admiring his work, Billy returned to his bed since his father might wake up soon.

In the end, Drew woke up a bit later since he still was recovering from the wounds he got on the previous day. Billy grinned from ear to ear when he saw his father grabbing the weapon and then staring at it for a while. While Drew couldn’t see the status, he could feel great power coming from the weapon. He even tested it outside for a while, and once he confirmed that his spear only felt more powerful instead of cursed, he left for his work.

“Well then, I suppose I need to focus on recovering all the mana that I used.”

Although Meditation gained one point of experience each hour Billy used it, he still had to wait for two days for his mana to be full again. At that time, Billy confirmed that his father seemed less tired and hurt than usual. However, he found another problem… some villagers were looking at him suspiciously since he suddenly got stronger. Even Drew himself seemed troubled by it.

“What a pain… now I have to worry about this too? Give me a break.”

Billy couldn’t go around strengthening everyone’s weapons, and it seemed that he couldn’t make his father’s weapon stronger even more either… He wanted to intervene more, but it looked like Billy would have to wait until his father’s strength became a support for the whole tribe, instead of something to feel jealous over it.

“Time to focus on myself again…”

Since Billy already was learning how to walk, perhaps increasing his other parameters will help and won’t make him look strange. Since he used Appraisal on the other kids, it seemed that they gained two points of strength a year… his mother had over sixty, so she gained four points of strength per year, while his father gained nine. Having limitations seemed like a pain, but it would be better to measure himself considering the ordinary level of strength of the village.

To do some tests, Billy increased his strength by one point, and thanks to that, he managed to stand on his own when he was just six months old… when he put another point into endurance, crawling on the ground didn’t hurt all that much either.. While it seemed like little progress, it was truly astonishing since he made that much progress in a single instant… His power was beyond useful, but instead of excited, he got worried wondering as to why he had it.


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