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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 45: Cooperation (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy didn’t know who that person was, but he knew that they could be taken lightly. His arrows wouldn’t hit no matter what, but if he focused as much as possible, he would feel the vibration in the ground and see when the attack would come… the only problem was how he could attack it.

While Billy was thinking of that, one of the members of his tribe screamed in agony when an Earth Spear suddenly appeared and pierced its stomach. He wouldn’t have time to think… he had to keep that guy busy. So, Billy threw away his bow and picked his father’s spear without hesitation.

“Billy… what are you thinking…” Drew muttered with a pale expression, unable to move his feet due to the pain.

The wound was big… that wasn’t good. He had to be treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, his father might get some lasting damage. Nevertheless, Billy began to move toward the enemy, and while he was in a hurry, he couldn’t just dash toward that guy… if he isn’t cautious enough, he won’t notice the enemy’s attacks. However, his opportunity came sooner than imagined. He felt the ground trembling below him, and instead of jumping back, he charged forward.

When the earth spear appeared, Billy was already swinging his toward the enemy. However, that Elementalist reacted fast enough to raise an earth wall and block his path when he was just five meters away from him. Billy used Light Spear, but the attack only cracked the wall. He didn’t stop there, though. He tried again and again, and after the fourth attempt, the wall began to fall.

The Elementalist jumped backward to escape from the debris, and he immediately fired some Earth Bullets toward Billy. He couldn’t understand how and why, but the enemy could predict his moves. With that in mind, he decided to fire his fastest attacks. Billy made the spear spin just like his father did a while ago, but since he wasn’t used to that kind of move, he only blocked a few Stone Bullets. Still, the ones that hit him didn’t hurt his head, only the external part of his arms and legs.

The Elementalist increased the speed of their attacks, and Billy’s HP began to drop too fast… in the end, he changed his posture. Blocking wasn’t a good idea, so he put his spear below and behind him. After getting hit in the stomach twice, Billy charged and used Steel Spear. The enemy wasn’t close enough for his attack to beat them, but it raised a curtain of dust. The enemy stepped backward and covered his eyes for a moment to prevent them from getting blinded. At the same time, he used Earth Wall to block Billy’s path. It was evident that he would attack soon after. The attack indeed came… but not from the direction the Elementalist was expecting. Using Deadly Wind and putting all his strength on his legs, Billy jumped over the three-meter-tall wall and then attacked the Elementalist, making his spear pierce their throat.

His attack made the cloak of the enemy fall, revealing the face in agony of a kid that was probably as old as Natalie. For a moment, Billy felt the strength leaving his arms… he had just killed a kid, but then he recalled that his father suffered damage that could have stopped him from walking normally. So he didn’t pull back his spear until the enemy was dead.

The remaining elementalists that were facing the light seekers turned around in shock when they noticed that one of their best had been killed. Still, that had been a bad mover… they stopped their attack and gave Natalie’s group the chance to attack. Billy finally saw her. She was one of those leading the charge. Aside from some small burn marks on her arms, she seemed fine.

While being wary of their back due to Billy and unable to face the light seekers properly due to that, the elementalists tried to resist, but once half of that group fell dead, the others had no other choice but surrender. Helping the redhead archers would be difficult since many members of the tribe were wounded in their legs and the light seekers also suffered a lot in the hand of the fire attacks. Despite that, the redhead archers appeared soon enough, and aside from a few casualties, they won… the entire group had taken over the enemy town.

The entire operation didn’t last even half an hour, and that confirmed what Billy had thought. The elementalists didn’t have many fighters on their side either, so why in the hell would they pick a fight with other tribes that were struggling as well?

In any case, the prisoners were put in the center of the town and under the Aim of dozens of bows. Most of the most experienced fighters on their side had been killed, but even the ordinary ones had the power to kill a distracted soldier.

Meanwhile, the wounded were being treated, and Billy was helping his father in dealing with the wounds on his feet. He couldn’t even stand without sweating bullets due to the pain… how would they return home like that?

“You did a good job, Billy,” Drew said. “Your battle sense is really something else. To be able to avoid so many attacks from that guy and then defeat him so fast… you really can take my…”

“Shut up… you will recover from this,” Billy said. “Granny has medicine that deals with this… no problem.”

Drew wouldn’t die from those wounds, but maybe fighting… Billy could imagine what a warrior forced to retire would feel in that kind of situation. It was a pretty deep depression since they had been doing that for many years… he couldn’t let his father become like that.

Billy checked the Elementalists one after the other with Appraisal. He only saw them with skills like Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Wind Manipulation, and Earth Manipulation. They didn’t have spells like Heal, First Aid, or anything like it.

“The preparations for this type of attack had been shit… what the hell was the leader of the town thinking sending us here with only a small supply of medicine?” Billy wondered while clenching his teeth.


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