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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 430: Descendent (2) Bahasa Indonesia

They finished things on the second two pretty fast, so it seemed that the first night would end perfectly. While they were heading toward the third location, Billy checked his status.

Billy – Lv 237 14.500/ 137.000 EXP

HP: 1886/ 1886

MP: 2951/ 3001

SP: 958/ 1018

Strength: 479 + 205

Speed: 363 + 75

Magic: 703 + 395

Endurance: 142 + 205

Dexterity: 119

Status Points:160


Spells:Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞, Mind Control Lv ∞, Telekinesis Lv ∞, Earth Manipulation Lv 201 (+ 43UP), Earth Transformation Lv 166(+ 77 UP) Fire Creation Lv 09, Flash Lv 73 (+43)

Passive: Sage’s Wisdom Lv 79 (+ 05UP), Spiritual Core Lv 101 (+ 15UP), Brute Strength Lv 41 (+ 05 UP), Toughness Lv 41 (+ 05 UP), Quick Steps Lv 17 (+06)

Skill Points: 660

Although he was in the middle of an important job, Billy didn’t take his weights out. He just made them a bit lighter. Thanks to that, some of his skills still were leveling up. Even if it was just a bit, it was important to keep getting stronger every day. Eventually, all that hard work would pile up and Billy wouldn’t get caught off guard by a strong opponent.

Gungnir: a power thrust attack that combines the strength of the body and spirit to cause critical damage.

Cost: 100 mana and 100 stamina.

Finishing the Golems using Gungnir would have been a lot easier, but Billy wanted to keep that skill as a secret. Even though those two could see his skill list, seeing the skill in action was also important. Also, that skill consumed a lot of stamina, and Billy didn’t find the spell that could convert mana into stamina… It was about time for him to learn that, but even though he tried many methods, none of them worked.

Regardless, the group reached the next location one hour before sunrise, so they would need to be faster than before. Although that was the case, those two apparently didn’t know that. Lucyna stepped forward and said something quite unexpected.

“I want to destroy the dungeon this time,” Lucyna declared.

“I also bored of just doing the same,” Icarus said.

Billy facepalmed. In a way, those two were even worse than his friends when they were kids. At least they knew how to follow orders and wouldn’t say such selfish things at important moments. As expected of Earthlings, they didn’t know how to behave themselves in situations like that. That was why they were weaker than Billy…

“Did you already quench your thirst for blood?” Billy asked.

“Not quite, but I feel like I should get used to dungeons from now on,” Lucyna said.

“You truly aren’t the type which is suited to clearing a dungeon alone,” Billy said. “Even more so against Golems… Tanks are usually the downfall of assassin types.”

“You can complain if I fail at destroying the place before sunrise,” Lucyna said.

“Fine… But if you two screw up, you will have to follow all my orders after this,” Billy said. “I will deal with things in the town.”

It was probably better to compromise like that, if they fail, Billy take the reins of the operation once and for all. Icarus didn’t seem like someone who would kill people in most situations, even more so when they did nothing to him. Still, apparently, he decided to make Lucyna’s pain his own for whatever reason. Although it was annoying to admit that, Billy knew that Icarus was the most suitable person to take the guards. With his speed, ordinary people couldn’t even hope to get him… one could only wonder until when he will do that job.

Regardless, the group split up again, and Billy headed to the nearby town. The first thing he looked for was the stables across the town. Only a few guards were guarding those, and Billy had an easy time knocking them out after hitting their stomachs with Earth Bullets. They didn’t seem like proper guards, more like stable boys, so Billy hesitated in killing them. Regardless, when Billy found the horses, he opened the gates and then used Mind Control. He gave the animals the orders to run as much as possible and only stop after several hours.

“Why am I being merciful… It isn’t like I am that fond of animals,” Billy thought and then sighed.

When the confusion began to spread, Billy had already dealt with three of the five stables of the town. He also had destroyed the building where the ravens stayed. With them, he couldn’t take any chances… Regardless, that job had been too easy. Finding the warehouse in which the cores were held also hadn’t been difficult.

When Billy finished his job, he noticed that the eastern sky was getting clearer. He thought that he had twenty minutes more, but Billy forgot that he was in another state and far away from home. Since it was southeastern away from bis home, it was evident that it would become day a bit earlier. Still, despite that, things around town were still calm… relatively calm since everyone that had awakened was trying to catch the horses.

In any case, Billy went to check things with the others, but he only found a sea of corpses along the way. Icarus didn’t hold back, but he didn’t waste too much energy either. All the fallen guards had only wound marks on their napes. Icarus was also the assassin type with his fearsome speed. Still, Billy had forgotten about that since he doesn’t use weapons. He found the guy standing at the entrance of the dungeon, and then the place began to collapse.

“Not half bad for a beginner, huh,” Icarus said.

“It is quite funny to any of us to be considered beginners at anything that is related to fighting with these crazy powers,” Billy said and then frowned.

Soon after, Lucyna showed up, and she wasn’t carrying anything. Although Billy couldn’t check her status, he could feel that her presence was stronger…


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