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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 383: Dragon hunting (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 383 Dragon hunting (3)

When the dragons entered their range, Alexander used Light Spear, and Natalie used her Swift Strike. The skills hit the dragons faces and then smashed a good portion of their bones and scales. It would be too much to hope for that they already had enough strength to kill a dragon with a single hit. Still, they accomplished their goal, and the dragons fell to the ground, completely dizzy and defenseless.

Felipe swung his spear, and another cannon of light hit one of the dragons. In contrast, the others attacked the other beast with bolts and arrows since it was faster than approaching. The dragons eventually recovered from the first attacks. Still, they didn’t have the strength to fly anymore after using their flame attack and getting hit like that. Eventually, the damage caused by the soldiers, barbarians, and mercenaries piled up, and the monsters stopped moving.

You obtained 400.000 experience points.

The skill Wind Manipulation obtained 200.000 experience points.

The skill Wind Transformation obtained 200.000experience points.

You have leveled up.

The skill Wind Manipulation has leveled up.

The skill Wind Transformation has leveled up.

It took a while for them to react to that, but after realizing that they had won, everyone began to shout in excitement. Surviving a battle against a dragon wasn’t something that everyone could brag about, after all. As for Billy, he was deep in thought. That had been too easy for his taste.

“Something is wrong… With their levels, size and intelligence, they should have been able to do a lot more,” Billy thought while he rubbed his chin. “Intelligence… I didn’t do anything very complicated, but they didn’t come up with many ways to deal with me. This must be the weakness of the summoner’s power… The monsters he creates don’t have much life experience, so they can’t be as troublesome as a real dragon.”

“What is wrong, Billy?” Alexander asked. “Do you think that more will come?”

“Probably not… If the enemy had more dragons, he would have sent them at the same time,” Billy replied.

“Where did he hide and find those dragons?” Natalie asked.

It was painful to hide those things from his friends, but Billy couldn’t answer their questions. In any case, after that attack, it was hard to believe that the summoner would try anything anytime soon, so it was time to head home after a few more days.

When Billy and the others returned, they saw their friends in a complicated situation. They were being thrown in the air as if they were some birthday party, some Galatea soldiers tried to do that to Billy, but they gave up since he didn’t appear to be in a festive mood.

“I am going ahead and checking things with the kids, don’t let this celebration get to your head,” Billy said.

In the end, after hearing that, the others decided to calm down and return to the inn as well. Nothing had changed there, and the kids were toddling around like nothing had happened. Sarah looked exhausted since she used too much mana, though.

“That surprised me to think that such beasts would show up in front of us again,” Sarah said. “It seems that the enemy is more resourceful than we imagined.”

Billy didn’t want to talk about the summoner and his annoying ability. So, he just decided to play with Christina and Hector to improve his mood. During the day, Billy thought of what he should do now. At this point in time, the summoner should be aware of Billy and the weakness of his own skills, and he will find a way to deal with that.

“You guys can go and enjoy the celebration. We aren’t going to sleep any time soon with this much noise,” Billy said. “I will watch over the kids.”

Billy’s friends hesitated in accepting the offer. Still, it would be rude not to join Svan and the other barbarians that were around. Billy didn’t dislike parties, but he disliked noise, and if he had the chance, he would choose to stay with his kids over one hundred parties. The others ended up leaving, and Billy decided to use his magic to entertain the kids. Still, quite soon, he heard a knock on the door, and when he went to check it, he found Icarus standing there.

“What?” Billy asked.

“I guess I made a mistake this time since you are this angry,” Icarus said. “I thought that you could handle the dragons since you killed half of them in a moment. I forgot that your kids were here and got carried away thinking that the summoner would be an easy target after using so much mana.”

“You don’t owe me any apologies,” Billy said. “We aren’t enemies, but we aren’t friends either. We act based on what we think is better for us, that is all.”

“I guess I can’t complain if you are thinking that way, considering the way I acted. No amount of explanations will excuse my actions,” Icarus said. “So, I won’t waste your time with that. Instead of it, I decided to share something that I learned about the summoner… Most likely, he can use the skills of his summoned monsters.”

Billy frowned when he heard that… Wasn’t like a very broken combination? A summoner that could summon all types of monsters and also be able to use their skills? It wasn’t basically the same as saying that he could have all the skills he wanted as long as they stay alive? Despite thinking that, Billy realized that it was a pretty good combination, just like Jeannette’s skills. Still, it had limits… Even more, monsters couldn’t know or use all skills and spells. The problem would be if the summoner could also summon people… if that were true, then his powers would have no limits.

Thinking of countermeasures against that kind of foe would be difficult since he could cover all his bases as well. Things got very complicated.


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