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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 341: Invitation (7) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 341 Invitation (7)

When Billy and the others reached the Coliseum, he noticed that only fighters that looked really strong were there. However, they not only looked strong, but their statuses also confirmed that… It was kind of insane, but all of them were above the level one hundred. That state must have some crazy dungeons… or their training was really harsh from an early age. Billy couldn’t tell since they really looked strong and experienced.

In any case, it didn’t take long for Billy’s turn to come. When he entered the ring, he knew that Marie was serious about that… While he watched her fights, she ended hers too quickly, and she never showed a single style or pattern. It seemed that she was good at finding the opponent’s weaknesses in their fighting style and using those against them. Billy didn’t like to fight people like him who could react in many ways. While both of them were skilled, Billy relied on magic too much, so it was safe to say that Marie was more skilled.

In any case, when they assumed their positions, the fight started, and the first one to move had been Marie… Without the help of his buffs, Marie had the advantage in speed, so she quickly tried to hit Billy’s face while mimicking daggers with her hands. Billy moved backward while twitching his neck to dodge them. When he felt a good footing under him, he moved his hands forward to grab Marie’s, but even before he could be halfway through that movement, Marie stopped and lowered her instance while she was twisting her body to the left side. At the same time, Billy saw her right leg moving like a whip to his left side.

Billy didn’t have time to block with his knee, so he just clenched his teeth and tried to punch Marie’s left side. Her kick landed, but she also blocked the punch with her left hand before jumping backward. She really had a lot of experience with fistfights… His previous life knowledge won’t be useful against someone that much faster than him, and she wasn’t even using Fierce Aura…

His left side was starting to burn because of the kick, and Billy knew that more of those would hinder his movements. So, he had to avoid them at all costs. After taking a deep breath, Billy cleared his head, and before Marie could do anything, he used Palm Cannon. Marie sensed the danger and stepped to the side, but before he could even put her two feet on the floor again, Billy got close enough to attack her.

Marie opened her eyes widely since Billy reacted too fast to her movements. He probably imagined that she would run in the direction of her dominating side… In any case, Billy swung his body completely to punch her in the face, but Marie blocked it with both palms of her hands. The attack made her move several meters backward, but she nullified most of the damage. Still, her hands were hurting like hell…

When Marie recovered, she saw Billy making the motion for another Palm Cannon, but while she was preparing to dodge, she found that Billy was charging the attack and increasing its area of effect. When Billy twitched his right shoulder, Marie already saw the attack coming. What she didn’t see was the fact that Billy would attack the arena since hitting her wasn’t possible with her speed. The attack destroyed a part of the arenas, and some pebbles moved around, and some hit Marie. She protected her left side from the debris, and that left her right side open. Marie knew that he would target that, but at the last moment, Billy jumped and attacked her with a downward spiral kick.

Marie blocked the attack with both of her arms. The kick had been so powerful to the point that the area around her feet cracked the arena. When Billy landed, he tried to land some punches, but that whip-like kick hit his left side again, and he could tell that others would definitely crack his ribcage. Still, after the kick, Marie stepped backward while showing an annoyed expression. Her arms were red and purple in many areas, so it was a sign that she couldn’t attack with those. She was fast, but because she was fast, she wasn’t good at taking hits…

Billy assumed his Palm Cannon stance again, and Marie clicked her tongue since she knew that the same thing would happen again, and without her arms, she would get hit the next time. Trying to dodge it will only make her wide open in the next moment… Still, Marie had been learning a few things from the barbarians in the last few months as well. So, she charged with all her might and jumped to land a dropkick on all her might while Rage was active. Her speed and strength increased explosively, to the point that even Billy was surprised with the extra power she received. Still, he knew that she was going to attack instead of running away. She was that kind of person…

Billy’s stance was just a feint to lure Marie with that in mind. She only realized that when he didn’t try to attack even when she got closer. Instead of that, Billy blocked her attack with both hands, and after being pushed backward for several meters, he grabbed her leg, and when Marie tried to kick him with the other, he made her spin in the air after she threw her out of the arena.

In the end, Marie landed on her feet… she showed an annoyed expression, but then she calmed down after taking a deep breath. She had grown up as well, so she wouldn’t complain about losing like that. After all, fights weren’t solved by relying on speed and strength alone.

“You got me,” Marie said. “It won’t work next time.”

“We won’t know unless I try again,” Billy said.


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