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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 325: Legendary (8) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 325 Legendary (8)

During his days off, Billy decided to learn the other support skills, he also tried to use them at a long-range, but he failed. He had no idea how to do that… Hopefully, it will come to him naturally. Since he only practiced those while his kids were sleeping in the afternoon, he didn’t make them level up that much. Still, even at low levels, they should come in handy against the guardian of that dungeon. When he recalled such a creature, Billy wondered if those three parties would cooperate with him to the very end. Most likely, they won’t… four parties couldn’t become the guild that will control that dungeon, after all. He knew a better way to solve that, the one who deals the last hit, takes everything, but that might cause problems in the last minute.

“Still, what kind of guardian will we find there… for a dungeon that has ten floors and such other powerful creatures spawning all the time? It should be quite the monster…” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Until now, all the monsters had poisonous skills and spells, so Billy assumed that the guardian would be no different. He had to make his and his friends’ poison resistance level up. Otherwise, things might get messy. It was better to assume that a single wind spell won’t stop the guardian’s poison. With that in mind, Billy made some daggers with the poison attribute and told his friends to use them as much as possible.

“You want us… to cut ourselves and the poison dagger… poison us?” Alexander asked, visibly shocked by Billy’s idea.

“Just a small scratch will do, it will cause more poison damage the bigger the wound, but you don’t have to go that far,” Billy said. “I am worried about the guardian this time. So, we should make the preparations right now. If my guess is right, we will find it in one month. That should be enough for preparations.”

Billy also would use his power to raise their poison resistance, but he didn’t have to mention that. Still, considering that his magic could kill monsters in a single shot and their resistances over level one hundred, it was hard to say if that would be enough…

“I guess it is time to make more magic items…” Billy thought.

“I suppose this can work since we have that skill that lets us recover faster… it won’t be pleasant, but it will fight the poison,” Sarah said.

“I guess it is better than fighting the big boss without suffering first…” Alexander said and then sighed.

“Just remember this: one more drop of sweat in training is one less drop of blood lost in battle,” Billy said.

Billy had forgotten about that recently, but he trained hard for the last decades with that in mind. Thanks to it, he survived some crazy battles. In any case, Billy had acquired some of the fruits that restored health, and he turned them into pills, so he gave them to his friends in case they felt too bad about the training.

Billy had forgotten about it, but he could have made some rings to enhance the power of his ice magic. Half of what he could with the tunnels was thanks to the rings he used, after all. Billy also decided to add some resistance to his friends’ equipment while they weren’t looking, just to be safe.

“I didn’t use those skill points, but I suppose I should use and level up the healing skill as much as possible… I also should make some pills that restore health, just in case,” Billy thought.

Spiritual Exchange: At the cost of ten points of mana per second, it restores one point of health per second and per level.

“Better ask for forgiveness than for permission… I mean, better safe than sorry,” Billy thought.

Billy was a worrywart, so those days off passed in the blink of an eye while he was finishing his preparations. After the four days, Billy, Alexander, and Sarah returned to the dungeon, and there they found the other parties waiting for them. They were already ready to move as well.

“Any changes while we were away?” Billy asked.

“It seems the spawning rate on the whole dungeon decreased. Some people are saying that their extermination we did it on the lower floors weakened the core of the dungeon, so it is unable to act on the whole place as before,” Francis replied.

“Interesting… What do you think about this?” Billy asked.

“This is the first time that I am trying to clear a dungeon that had yet to be cleared, so I don’t know,” Francis said.

In the end, they would have to ask the first-generation guild masters of the dungeon towns. Billy decided to send a letter to Gerald and see if he still recalled something during the time he cleared his first dungeon. However, that was just for curiosity’s sake. While Billy had come to help the adventurers, it didn’t matter since he wanted to clear the dungeon at that point in time.

Regardless, the group had to walk for thirty hours to reach the entrance of the ninth floor. Billy had confirmed that the spawning rate of the monsters decreased a lot since they managed to be around thirty percent faster than before. Before proceeding to the next level, though, they stopped to rest a little, and this time Billy and his friends made sure to bring some sheets that would make things less uncomfortable while they were resting. Thanks to that, Billy had an idea, wouldn’t it be better if they took their time-fighting monsters in order to decrease the mana available to the core? While that probably would make things easier for them later, Billy decided to keep quiet and forget about it since it meant that he would have to stay away from home for longer. Even if it makes things easier for them, it was useless if Billy had to stay away from his oasis.


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