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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 31: Earth Manipulation (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Since Billy couldn’t use magic and he was too small to fight the enemies with a spear, he decided to train earnestly with the bow. Training Light Spear will have to be done by using it whenever possible. As for training with the bow, he would use both the traditional and use the system to improve it.

At first, when Billy carried his bow and his target to the post, the others frowned, and they frowned, even more when he stopped sparring with the others and trained with the bow whenever possible. However, his father knew what he was thinking… It was the best method for him to become useful in fights as soon as possible.

Drew watched his son for a while and confirmed that his skill and power had increased considerably. His arrows were piercing the target thirty meters away and quite deeply every single time on the same spot. Even when it comes to archery, he was on the same level as the kids two years older than him.

“Billy, if you want to participate in some hunts, I can ask the redheads to take you,” Drew said. “A few kilometers south of their post, there is a forest in which they hunt now and then.”

“Why do I have to join another group? Can’t we just do the same?” Billy asked.

“Lately, the place we usually hunt Is being targeted by the elementalists, so the number of games is small,” Drew explained. “However, things are different with others. You can also earn some extra money if you perform well.”

Billy didn’t want to deal with the redhead archers. Lily’s father was especially troublesome… Still, that was an excellent opportunity to earn some money and to train his Archery. So, Billy accepted it.

“They might be a bit hard to deal with, but you should follow their lead,” Drew said. “Even if they are unpleasant and hard to deal with, you can’t cause problems… just focus on learning as much as possible.”

Drew said that to his son the next day after telling him which direction he had to go to find their post. While he was walking, Billy realized if he should have called Alexander to come with him, it must have been a while since he met Lily. While the recruits had more free time than their adults, they spent most of their free time training aside from the night. Billy also wondered if the training that he did with Natalie for a year had been enough to boost her stamina and make her endure the foolishness of the other members of her tribe.

Nevertheless, Billy eventually found the post, and even though he arrived earlier than most of the recruits, he still was welcomed by the serious gaze of Lily’s father. She was on his right side.

“Hello, my name is Billy,” Billy said.

“I know that… my name is Leo,” the beardo said. “Do you think you can keep up with us, kid?”

“I will do my best,” Billy said.

“… Let’s see if you are as good as your father told you to be,” Leo said. “Hit those five dummies in the head.”

The redhead archers even had some dummies in the area they were supposed to protect. Billy wanted one of those, but they are hard to make. Nevertheless, he obeyed Leo’s commands and fired the arrows as fast as possible. Since the targets were only twenty meters away, he didn’t have a hard time hitting them in the head.

“Your aim and speed are decent… Let’s see how well you will fare against leaving targets,” Leo said.

After that, Leo left to scold the other recruits, even though they weren’t late. Meanwhile, Lily stayed behind while showing a wrily smile.

“Don’t mind my dad. He is always like that,” Lily said. “He says that discipline is more important than everything for an archer, so he tries to be as strict as possible to make our archers also become as disciplined.”

“Is that so,” Billy said. “I heard that your post did well on the last attack, and you guys managed to repel the enemies without waiting for help.”

“I also heard that your tribe had to deal with something crazy,” Lily said. “Well, in our case, Dad’s skill with the bow is legendary, so he made the elementalists run away. With some luck, you will have the chance to see it today.”

Billy used Appraisal since he couldn’t wait, and aside from the usual skills Double Shot, Triple Shot that all the recruits had, Leo also had Firing Speed, Hawkeye, and Critical Eye. What those skills could do, Billy could only assume, but the last two ones seemed way above the others.

In the end, Leo took only the recruits with him to hunt. It was hard to know if that was the usual or if it was different because Billy was there. Nevertheless, he could learn a few extra things as long as one adult is there.

For the first time in a very long while, Billy felt pretty free and calm when they crossed the gate and began to walk the forest in the south. Despite the fact that some enemies might be nearby, he felt a powerful sense of freedom… that was right. He was reincarnated but didn’t know much about the world. It was a fucking another world, and for the past nine years, he only worried about surviving, and not a single time he thought about exploring.. Things had to change… and Billy wanted the skills to change that.


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