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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 296: Fear (15) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 296 Fear (15)

Jeannette had put under her wing most of the state’s leaders after killing those that caused her problems while she was becoming the sole leader of the state. However, she punished most of them when they failed at the tasks given by her by killing them. Those that survived either went into hiding, and only a small fraction still worked for her, but they didn’t have the means to rule that state.

“I suppose we will have to solve this issue by ourselves,” Billy said. “Let’s send some letters to Aura, Jean, and Edward. We will need to hear their opinions on this matter.”

“What about lady Rosalie?” Gilles asked.

“We will pick her up in the dungeon town alongside the others,” Billy replied. “The only issues are the fact that we can’t solve that on our territory, and that state needs someone to keep the order for the next few weeks.”

“We can do that,” Svan said.

“Aren’t you going home?” Billy asked.

“The trip will be long. We can stop on the way to rest,” Svan said. “My people and I aren’t very fond of politics, but we can’t just ignore this event.”

That solved things, and Svan had a point. Most likely, the Neles state will become part of other states now since they didn’t have any leaders, and naturally, the barbarians lost a lot in the recent years. They would need compensation as a territory.

In the end, after just one week, everyone was reunited in the dungeon town. Billy’s parents, Edward, Jean, Aura, Lucy… Due to the circumstances, he forgot to write to his parents and relatives about Natalie and Kate’s pregnancy. Still, they did that by themselves, and they had come to help… and then they learned that Billy had left on a mission that probably would take months. As such, when he appeared in the dungeon town, he was met with some judging eyes. Naturally, Billy also received a lecture from each one of them. Still, after that, they just ended things with a sigh since they heard what he had done.

“So… are your legs not healed yet?” Drew asked.

“They will be eventually,” Billy replied since he couldn’t hide how slowly he was walking.

Although Billy had recovered all of his health, his legs, muscles, and bones had been damaged so much that it would take at least two weeks for him to be back on his feet completely. While he had a recovery, his body would need the nutrients to heal itself properly, and he would gain those by eating.

After the lectures, Billy finally had the chance to spend some quality time with his wives. Their bellies had grown quite a bit in the last few months. Words couldn’t describe the happiness that he felt while hugging their bellies.

“I missed this smell… The smell of unwashed belly buttons,” Billy said.

“What! I wash it properly!” Kate said.

“He is joking… You know that he is like that,” Natalie said. “Putting that aside, you will never stop trying to put those kinds of stunts, huh.”

“I am Sorry, but this was something that I had to do alone,” Billy said.

“Since it is rare for you to say that, then it is fine… You are wrong if you think that it is fine,” Natalie said.

After that, Billy received his punishment. His ears were pulled, and his cheeks were pinched. That hurt a bit, but Billy couldn’t complain. After spending one day like that, he brought everyone to Neles state using his magic cart. As expected, those who didn’t know about it looked shocked that such a vehicle could exist. They wanted one for themselves, but after throwing up due to its fearsome speed and after hearing the cost of using one, they decided to forget about it for the time being.

“Hah…” Drew let out a long sigh. “How can I save face and look dignified as a father when my eldest son is always showing and doing crazy and impressive things like this?”

“You worry too much about that kind of stuff, dad,” Billy said.

“That is what I say to him all the time,” Camilla said. “But since you inherited your stubborn side from him, it is only natural that he will insist on something like this.”

“Then what he inherited from you?” Drew asked.

“My good looks, obviously,” Camilla replied.

Billy’s family changed quite a lot since the time they lived in that small village. His father was a lot less cold than before. In fact, no one could say that Drew was cold anymore. Camilla also didn’t worry endlessly about fighting anymore. The future that she wanted to fight for had already been secured, more or less. Both of them have grown a lot in the last twenty years.

“Anyway, you two will soon become grandma and grandpa. I can’t wait to see your faces when you hear that for the first time,” Billy said.

Billy still remembers that Anna looked a bit troubled when she heard that for the first time. Unfortunately, Anna had to stay behind and look after the twins since the trip now was for something far too serious and they won’t have the opportunity to sightsee anything.

In any case, the trip to the capital of the Neles state took around twelve hours. Billy assumed that they could have made it in eight if it weren’t for the roads. As expected, the tunnels were the best way for his magic cart to move… Still, instead of thinking of that, Billy was wondering about the fact that the barbarians would have to march for three more weeks to return to their homeland after the negotiations. That world was massive… the distance between Billy’s home and theirs was like, at the very least, three thousand kilometers. Once things get settled, Billy would like to visit Svan’s homeland, but that probably won’t be possible for two or three years because of his kids. Unless he improves his cart even further to make the trip completely comfortable, even at that crazy speed.


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