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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 254: A New Family (6) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy got worried and thought a lot about this new figure in the next few hours. Still, he cleared his mind when night came, and then Kate appeared in his room late at night while wearing a transparent negligee… Billy immediately forgot about this new player when he saw the extremely embarrassed Kate. Although she had her resolve, she didn’t know what to do, so Billy had to take charge, and he accepted the duty with pleasure.

Kate covered her eyes somewhat when Billy took out his clothes, but she still could see between her fingers. It was the first time she had seen a naked man, and Billy was pretty much ready for the showdown. Still, he took things slowly for her sake and to make her enjoy the whole thing as much as him. Billy had quite the hard time not running wild since she covered most part of her eyes during most of the time, and that turned him on even further.

Although Billy had more energy to spare, the first round had been too intense for Kate, so she passed out once she was finished. After he put her back in her room, Billy called Natalie, who just went straight naked to his room. She tried to put a strong front, but the beginning had been a bit difficult for her. However, once she got used to it, she took charge and managed to last for two rounds. Billy never experienced being dominated like that, but he always wished that one milf would in his past life.

In any case, thanks to all that, Billy managed to clear his mind and think clearly about things. He had no reason to fear another reincarnated person who may or may not have the same powers as him. He couldn’t say that he was at the apex of the world when it comes to strength, but he was small fry either. He trained every day and pretty often developed new skills to strengthen himself. The sender of the letter was an enemy, but it was an enemy that he could and will take down eventually.

On the next day, Kate and Natalie woke up late and almost missed breakfast. Not only that, they looked a bit embarrassed. As expected, they still were a bit shy regarding what happened on the previous night, even though it was only something natural that happened. So, Billy decided to mess with them a little bit.

“Good morning, good morning, good mooooorniiing~,” Billy said while almost singing. “Good morning, lovely wives.”

“You are tone deaf…” Kate said. “How unexpected.”

“I guess you never sang in front of your parents, otherwise, mother would have added that as one of your bad points,” Natalie said.

“I would say that it is a charming bad point,” Billy said.

Those three had their breakfast together and talked about random things. While they had two weeks off until the next group of students reunited in the capital to be trained, they couldn’t just stay at home all day spoiling each other. They had preparations to make… which was a pity, but it couldn’t be helped since Valentin and his staff was at the house all the time. They also wanted to be discreet with their shows of affection.

Speaking of discretion, Billy wanted to do something… Peek at his wives while they were bathing or changing clothes. Since they were married, that was probably fine. That was exciting, after all. Still, Billy wondered if he was being overly perverted or if it was normal… He always kept his mind cool about that kind of thing before, but now that he was married, he is having those thoughts…

“Regardless, I have to keep my dignity so I need to work as well,” Billy thought when he saw his wives leaving the house to check things about their next students.

Billy went to his workshop and immediately began to work on the prototype of his new spear. He tried to forge the two types in order to see which one would be faster to achieve. As it turns out, he got a few good results quite soon regarding the long spear that could become two short ones. The trick laid on the connection between the two. While it would make a bit weird, he could make the part below the head of the first spear to work like a screw. One that he didn’t have to rotate too many times to connect in a firm manner. The only problem was the fact that he would have to make the interior of the second spear empty, and that would decrease its durability. That was a problem for someone who had the habit of parrying projectiles and big attacks.

“I suppose I can solve that by making the spear level up,” Billy thought. “It seems like a waste to use those points for durability, but it can’t be helped. Speaking of which, now I need to level my weapons… in the last war, because I helped back on doing that, we suffered a lot, but I can’t keep doing that. As long as I keep training hard and hunting monsters, that shouldn’t hinder my growth.”

As such, Billy’s new life as a married man began. Although he wanted to spend the day training and working on making the weapons and then spending the night with his wives. He had to decrease the time with both of those because Jean began to send him some documents regarding the dungeon town. Things that he needed to be wary of and how he should organize the troops stationed there as well as the staff that was going to help him, he had to study all that, and it would take weeks. Still, after all that much work, at least his bed would be warmed by those two.. Unfortunately, they still were taking turns, but Billy was waiting expectantly for the time they would come at the same time.


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