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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 241: Spiritual Core (11) Bahasa Indonesia

After Gerald’s speech, the survivors around shouted in response, they sure looked excited, but Billy still was keeping his cool, unlike his friends. They already had many reasons to win that battle, and those words only increased the fire in their hearts. However, Billy was the type that couldn’t show all his strength unless he stayed calm. The complicated situations also required someone to keep analyzing things with a cool head, after all. In his group, he was probably the only who could do that.

“Let’s fight together and do our best to reach the other side of the enemy’s army,” Billy said while looking at the guild masters. “Once we do that, we will turn to the sides and then destroy the enemies from inside.”

“All right, you take the right and we will take the left,” Gerald nodded. “We need to affect this entire battlefield if we want to win.”

“I will tell the others to stand on their ground and hold their positions no matter what.” Gustav said.

With their numbers, they could hope that some allies would be able to help them. If they show any opening, the enemies will climb the walls, after all. Nevertheless, the enemies were already upon him, so everyone readied their weapons. Billy had used some stamina before, but he didn’t hesitate in opening holes in the enemies’ chests by using Light Spear. They had to hurry, so he couldn’t waste time thinking about saving his energy.

Billy’s friends also followed his example and used their best attacks to defeat the infantrymen. They were wearing heavy armor and tower shields, so Kate, Lily, and Sarah had a hard time surpassing those defenses. It required too much mana to do so… Most likely, their strategy against magic. Nevertheless, that wasn’t the only thing they could do, so they focused on decreasing the already small mobility of those heavy infantrymen by going to their legs. Even with their heavy armor, a mere iron boot couldn’t withstand their attacks, and Natalie approached and finished off the knocked-down enemies.

Billy and Alexander opened the path ahead with Light Spears nonstop. Even the tower shields couldn’t stop them. Thanks to that, they quickly got the attention of many enemies. However, with the guild masters on their left side, they never got surrounded by enemies.

“Those kids sure are something, ha!” Gerald said, and then he swung his greatsword to cut down a shield and then another time to cut down the wielder. “Even I can’t deal with these specialized enemies in a single strike.”

“You are getting out of shape, gramps,” Marie said. “Is that a belly beer that I am seeing?”

“Give me a break, I am already 105 years old,” Gerald said. “You can’t expect me not to enjoy my free time in times like these.”

While they were talking and slashing the enemies like that, the guild masters were slowly falling behind Billy’s group. They had some close followers behind them giving their support, but even that wasn’t enough. Gerald and Gustav grit their teeth and then begin to move forward more aggressively than before. Instead of trying to block and dodge all attacks, they decided to let some hits land in order to find some openings faster. Fortunately, that showed some results pretty soon, and their moving speed increased.

The enemies had divided their forces into fifty battalions of one hundred men. They also divided those fifty into ten lines, so the defenders had to deal with five hundred men on the first wave. Despite that, Billy’s group and the guild masters managed to pierce the first line without much of a problem. However, before they could move to the sides to eliminate all the enemies of the first wave, the second was already upon them.

“It seems that your strategy isn’t going to work, Billy…” Alexander said while showing a complicated expression.

“If you have any better ideas, I am all ears,” Billy said.

In the end, Billy and his group decided to help little his allies behind while they recovered some stamina. Thanks to Vigor, Billy could use Light Spear three times every minute, which was quite an insane number given the power of the skill and the fact that he could only use it once every ten minutes in the past. However, it wasn’t nearly enough to deal with the massive number of enemies marching toward them. While not all enemies in front of them were heavy infantrymen, the first ones were, and they would tire the soldiers and the adventurers out really fast. As if things weren’t troublesome enough, the soldiers on the eastern and northern gate were facing the same problems…

“We have to help them, but we are already facing some problems here… we aren’t even close to defeating all of those guys,” Billy thought while clenching his teeth. “Regardless… I will have to harden my spirit and find strength inside me… harden, inside me… this is a dangerous combination of words, but…”

Billy had an idea… it would be a bit dangerous to try something like that in the middle of a battlefield. If he fails, he will end up wasting a lot of mana. Nevertheless, it was in his plans to improvise and try to find a way out of that mess while he fights the enemies. He had used a lot of mana the previous day and even a considerable amount that day, so he had only five hundred points… he could only hope that it would be enough.

Without touching his body, Billy tried to focus his mana into a single spot between his lungs; he didn’t want to infuse a single organ with his mana. He wanted to create a spiritual one made of mana… a magic core. Billy heard that some monsters had that, but it was only a hypothesis.. No one has confirmed that yet. Nevertheless, Billy focused all his mana in a single spot creating a sphere, and then it happened…


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