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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 176: To The Rescue (8) Bahasa Indonesia

The watchtowers were allocated between the hills and on the sides to avoid another pincer attack aimed at the archers. The enemy army sent some battalions to take an even more roundabout way to attack from the sides. Still, then they gave up when they saw the watchtowers moving. That was just preposterous from their perspective…

“Nice… it is good to see those assholes without knowing what to do for a change,” Marie said and then laughed maniacally.

“We can’t celebrate yet. If I were them, I would use their monsters and try to knock down the watchtowers,” Billy said.

Marie was fully aware of that possibility, and that was really annoying. As if the enemies had heard them talking, the battalions on the other side began to move to the sides of their formation, and they gave room to some guys armed with whips, crossbows, and who were wearing brown and green from head to toe.

“I dare say that those are our friends from the other state… the tamers,” Billy said. “They didn’t send their soldiers until now, and the numbers of those guys aren’t that big, so they must have another force of soldiers.”

“Only the soldiers of the Toles state are being used in those small skirmishes,” Marie said. “They won’t use the other soldiers until things get serious. That is either their plan or something their allies demanded. Probably because in an all-out attack, their victory is almost assured.”

While that was obviously the case, the enemies still wanted to make sure that they would see all the small tricks prepared by Jean before the real thing began. That being said, they realized that Jean had more tricks up his sleeve than they had expected. The weird hills and the moving watchtowers were some of them.

“This time will attack from the sides of those beasts,” Marie declared. “We can’t let them run wild for even a single instant.”

“Should we inform the other guild masters to coordinate with them?” Drew asked.

“No need, that old man will do the same, and the other will stay as back up,” Marie replied. “Gustave has the strongest force among us, so he will conserve his strength until the real thing starts.”

After a couple of minutes, the beasts were released, and then they began to dash mindlessly toward the first line of defense. Two battalions that were stationed right in front of the hills. However, Billy only saw five hundred or so monsters being released. Their caution needed to be praised… They had four more monsters, yet they sent small numbers like that, imagining that the defenders would be able to pull something off.

Marie clicked her tongue… she was too impatient. While Billy wasn’t much experienced in wars, he knew that one needed to be patient and endure that kind of taunt.

“We will wait… against a force that small. We can’t mobilize the adventurers,” Marie declared.

It would be a waste since they could lose their momentum if they were to be attacked while they were killing those beasts. A non-orthodox force like adventurers would respond well to a surprise attack… even if they were aware that it might come.

“If we are going to wait, can I wait in one of those hills?” Billy asked. “I want to snipe them with my magic.”

“You used that much magic and still have more? What the heck are you?” Marie frowned.

“I train every day to be able to use it even more,” Billy replied. “Besides, my mouth is dry after eating so many of those sour fruits, so my mana is almost full again.”

There was also the issue about his rings, but Billy didn’t bring that up. While he couldn’t decimate that entire battalion of monsters, he certainly could kill a good number of them. It would be even better if they were dungeon monsters…

Marie stopped to think for a second. Billy’s magic was even stronger than those who only used magic like Sarah. Not only that, he was pretty versatile, so he could come up with something that would turn the tides of the battle to their side.

“I will give you permission to do so, but only those three will go there with you to offer you some protection if needed,” Marie said. “The rest of us will stay behind to act in case something changes in the battlefield. Also, don’t use anything too powerful. Save it for later.”

There was no time to think about that, but Billy never thought of using something big… still, while they were heading toward the central hill, a certain image came to mind. It certainly would give the enemies some nightmares… Nevertheless, when they reached at the top of the place, they saw the battalions facing the beasts. As expected, they didn’t have the upper hand…

Feral Gashag – Lv 121

HP: 956/ 956

MP: 95/ 95

SP: 721/ 721

Strength: 279

Speed: 155

Magic: 33

Endurance: 192

Dexterity: 169

Status Points: 00

Skills: Roar Lv 85, Vicious Bite Lv 56, Dash Lv 45, Body Slam Lv 65


Passive: Earth Resistance Lv 55, Fire Resistance Lv 33, Wind Resistance Lv 45, Cold Resistance Lv 52

Skill Points: 00

Billy smirked when he saw the status of the monsters. They were stronger than the aquatic beasts, but they had lower-level defensive skills, but they were stronger overall. Regardless, Billy had a good vision of the enemies. It helped that the battalions didn’t move an inch, so he only had to hit enemies one hundred meters away from him.

“Let’s see… a fire version of wind sphere,” Billy said and then cast the Fireball on his hand and made it spin wildly.

Alexander gulped since it seemed like Billy was testing something, and playing with fire was never a good thing, to begin with.. Still, he watched in amazement as his friend made the projectile fly in an arc until it landed in the middle of the monsters causing an explosion that engulfed three of those beasts on fire and killed instantly another.


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